100.000PS - Test and Tune on the MZA Luckau

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The “Test and Tune” weekend took place on the “Jerry Lacky Raceway” from April 25th to 27th.
A good opportunity to show what Marita, our white SCK dragster, can do on the 1/4 mile alongside top European drag drivers.
Unfortunately, the rain delayed the start of the test session on Friday. The track had to be re-glued so that the Top Fuel Dragsters could also bring their 5000PS onto the asphalt. For the first time this year “Gold Dust” was used, very similar to the track glue that is also used by the FIA ​​in all dragster races. The track sticks in such a way that you really have trouble keeping your shoes on if you come too close to the track.
On Saturday morning at 10 a.m. the time had come and the track was opened. After a few tests and adjustment runs, our Marita employee and driver, Hagen Claasen, was finally able to hunt for seconds on the 1/4 mile (402,99m) long route.
We were curious what time would appear on the ad first, as Marita could only start without NOS.
14,543sec at 139km / h, but there had to be something in it!
And really, 13,631sec and 148,739 / h was our best time at the end of the first session.
With the determination to get a better time, we started again on Sunday morning. As if on the announcement, Hagen then promptly drove a 13,573sec at 150,704km / h.

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At this point we would like to thank Wilfried Daffner and Gerd Habermann very much.
Thanks to them it was possible for us to get a real insight into the dragster scene and to have some experiences. We were particularly pleased with the positive response and sincere recognition from all participants. Maybe the scooter scene will be noticed a little more and find a place in the dragster sport….

More impressions in our Album


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