2nd Vespa meeting in Upper Silesia / Poland

Vespa meeting Poland Upper Silesia

II Vespa meeting in Upper Silesia Date 15-17.05. 2015.

Full Manetas Vespa gear

The Scooter Center supports this Vespa meeting in Poland:
The organizer of the 2nd Vespa meeting in Silesia is Full Manetas Vespa gear. The Full Manetas Vespa Gang is in 2013 Upper Silesia as spontaneous Project from friends originated that the Preference for Italian scooters connects. It turned out very quickly that the idea was well received throughout Poland, so that the current range of the scooter club extends as far as the Baltic Sea.

2014 the Vespa club in Upper Silesia has that First Vespa meeting organized. In addition to the local Vespa drivers, tough meeting participants naturally appeared. So that was Party at the meeting place was a huge success which encouraged to organize a meeting again this year.

Video Vespa meeting Poland 2014

Here is a short film from the 2014 meeting:

X zlot VCP i I zlot vespy na Śląsku

Vespa meeting 2015, culture & bathing lake

Last year the Full Manetas got a Vespa gear Hard coal mine visited. There are plenty of them in the Polish coal pot. This year they want to show the visitors who have come to the meeting more interesting objects from this region. So that it doesn't get boring, the meeting has been moved to a new location, just a stone's throw from Gliwice (Gleiwitz), Zabrze (Hindenburg) and Toszek (Tost), on an artificial lake: P? Awniowice

Vespa meeting Poland Upper Silesia

About the Vespa meeting in Upper Silesia:

Date: 15-17 May 2015
Location: Niewiesze bei Gliwice (Gruenwiese bei Gleiwitz) Complex “Hotel? Agiel”
Hotele Gliwice - Hotel? Agiel
Contribution to expenses (Fri-Sun): 160pln, about 40 Eur

Framework plan:

Friday 15.05
- Official opening of the meeting
- small welcome party

Samstag 16.05
- Exit:
- Gliwice radio station
- Tost Castle (+ lunch break in Tost on the market square)
- Skill tests
- raffle
- Summary of the meeting and award ceremony
- Farewell party

Sonntag 17.05
- Exercise in the fresh air (yoga, jogging;))
- Farewell to the participants


Vespa meeting Poland Upper Silesia


The contribution towards expenses (160pln, approx. 40 euros) includes: two nights, 2 x breakfasts, 2 x BBQ DIY dinners, gifts for the participants, prizes for the best of the exams.

We invite everyone on Thursday, there should be a warmup party, overnight stay on your own (not included in the contribution towards expenses), we expect you anyway :)


You can register

On Facebook:

On the event page:

Via the VCP forum

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