2nd race weekend in SPA (Belgium)

The 2nd race weekend in Spa did not go well at all for our driver in the IDSM.

During training on Saturday, Thomas was still unable to get on with the new Sawa front tires.
Unfortunately only starting position 15 of 21 participants!

On race Sunday it rained again, so put on rain tires and off to the first race.

The first laps went pretty well for Thomas, until he got his cooling water 2 laps before the end completely lost due to a defective hose. Since Stefan drove on anyway is, he was able to finish in 11th place with really hot races without cooling water! Unfortunately not the cylinder ...

A repair was unfortunately no longer possible due to lack of time. So Thomas had to go with the badly battered one Cylinder still drive the 2nd race. Respect for a top performance in this run, because despite the extreme Loss of performance he was able to finish the race in 10th place.

As the saying goes: "It can only get better"

Fortunately, there are a few weeks until the next race. Thomas can run his engine with one rebuild new cylinder.

Next run:
Polski Zwišzek Motorowy in Zilona Gora (Poland) on May 17.5.2008th, XNUMX

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