# 24 DuPont Racer Kawaski Lambretta Scooter Customshow 2018

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Lambretta meets Kawasaki - the # 24, DuPont Racer

Marek from the Hamburg playroom is known in our house for his blatant conversions. At the Scooter Customshow he also presented his Vespa 10 Inch Terror. If you haven't seen them live, here are a few pictures:

# 24, DuPont Racer

The previous Vespa project, now Lambretta:
Lambretta meets Kawasaki - style meets reliability and the two-stroke world collides and harmonizes like never before with four strokes.
DuPont Lambretta
Starting point is a Lambretta LI3 Frame that with the frame of a Kawasaki GPZ500S was connected. We asked Marek for a few words about his latest project from Hamburg. Now read here what he says about his latest project:
“After doing my last renovation 10 inch terror Having successfully got rid of the teething troubles, it was time for something new. I came across them more or less by accident Kawasaki GPZ 500. The engine has a reputation for being very solid and 60 PS are not very much for a motorcycle, but with a short reduction they should pull the wrists a lot. And the project has to be put down briefly, because 200 km/h I didn't want to ride on 10 "tires.
Another LI3 frame hung under the ceiling of the playroom, which my friend Andre quickly talked about. The donor moped was bought at the auction house for little money. "

Huge engine with 60hp

“It quickly became apparent that the rear frame of the Lambretta had been widened by 4 cm and by 13 cm extended had to be to get everything under the disguises. The original GPZ swing arm was shortened to the maximum, but the motor itself is so big that despite the conversion work, space under the frame loop is a problem.

Vespa glove box as a tank

Aerocatch fasteners from automobile racing hold the hoods. A Vespa glove box was adapted, converted into a tank and provided with a Newton fuel cap.
The electrics, the ignition lock, the speedometer and the indicators come from Motogadget.

bgm PRO shock absorber & Casa Perfomance brake

Lambretta dupont Racer with bgm Pro chassis and Casa Lambretta brake
Bgm is our own brand and Casa Performance Germany is happy about that Scooter Center Of course, also that Marek has installed a Casa Performance brake and also relies on a bgm PRO Lambretta suspension for the fork with this weight under an output of 60PS: “The front brake is from Casa Performance, a Honda CB400 hub is installed at the rear.
The fuel supply is ensured with a Hardi pump, which is mounted under the fender at the front. The cooling water tubing was realized with flexible steel hoses and AN fittings, the cooler is located under the floor panel and has to be placed a little higher because in its current position it limits the angle of the curve too much.
The gearshift takes place via a Powershifter from Translogic, the clutch is only required for starting. The # 24 from the Nascar / Winston Cup racing series served as a template for the paintwork. The construction time was only 18 months. "
I am impressed and happy with Marek Custom Lambretta welcome to Cologne!
You too can experience the # 24 DuPont Racer live: on May 5th at the Scooter Customshow in Cologne.
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