5. Cologne night trip

Yesterday we were guests on the fifth night trip in Cologne. After work, Alex, Jadran, Andreas and Stefan left Scooter Center off, on the way to Ehrenfeld. Our was also there bgm Lambretta, which was on several runs this year and now has 3.500km on the clock and has been running excellently since then. They met at Neptunplatz, where almost 75 scooter drivers had gathered by the time they left. Lots of familiar faces were there and at a mild 17 ° it was really pleasant to drive.

It started at 21 p.m. From the Neptunlatz it was first out of the city center in the direction of Brauweiler. We continued in the northwest via Pulheim, Rheinkassel and Auweiler back to Cologne where the tour ended at the brewery. Almost 60km tour through the night. It was a great ride on an exceptionally warm October night. That Scooter Center Team says thank you and is looking forward to the 6th Cologne night trip in 2013.

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