6. Challenge Scootentole Vespa and Lambretta races in Magny Cours


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The 6. Challenge Scootentole Vespa and Lambretta - races in Magny Cours was a huge success.
The Cahllenge Scootentole is the largest racing event for scooters in France and therefore involves a lot of organizational effort - but our friends from the Scootentole team did a great job!
This year 100 drivers took part in the race for classic scooters (Vespa & Lambretta), which is an increase of 20% compared to the previous year. The starting field was well filled internationally. There were even participants from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium!

The open class 1 in particular was in great demand, in the so-called tourist class, newcomers could get a taste of racing or scrape the tight curves of the kart track in Magny Cours with their vintage cars under racing conditions.

A highlight was the visit to the local Vespa Club “Vespa Club de Fourchambault”. They enriched the meeting with a great selection of beautiful Vespa scooters.

On a great late summer's day there was no boredom, one race followed another and the battles on the racetrack were very exciting.

Despite spectacular accidents and stunts by some pilots, there were no notable injuries thanks to the respectful and sporty behavior of the drivers.

Here are the results and some impressions from Magni Cours. You can find many more photos here: http://www.michel-lemarie.fr or in the Scootentole forum: http://www.scootentole.org

6th Challenge Scootentole, rankings

C2-class 2-street class
N ° 259-Benjamin Lauby-F-Vespa Cosa 177Pinasco
N ° 233-Benjamin Robillard-F-Vespa PK 133Polini
N ° 203-Patrick Vengeon-F-Vespa PK 125Quattrini
N ° 288-Jérôme Satragno-F-Vespa PX 200 stock
N ° 205-Jean-Luc Nobleaux-F-Vespa PX 213Pinasco
N ° 222-Aurélien Grosmaire-F-Vespa T5 152Polini
N ° 277-Stéphane Barbot-F-Vespa PK 133Polini
N ° 231-Grégoire Fallay-F-Vespa PX200 stock
N ° 202-Philippe Boyer-F-Vespa PK 133Polini
N ° 218-Lionel Mahous-F-Vespa PX 177DR
N ° 257-Stéphane Keckeis-CH-Vespa PX 210Malossi
N ° 255-Minh Bettolo-F-Vespa PX 213Pinasco
N ° 200-Benjamin Arneguy-F-Vespa PX177Polini
N ° 278-Samuel Carrette-F-Vespa PX 166Malossi
N ° 220-Marc Lacombre-F-Vespa PK 133Polini
N ° 272-Jean-Marc Couilleau-F-Vespa PX 166Malossi
N ° 217-Stéphane Garcia-Flores-F-Vespa PX 177DR
N ° 269-Frédéric Deluy-F-Vespa Rally PX210 Malossi
N ° 274-Jean-Michel Excoffier-F-Vespa PX 166Malossi
N ° 239-Harold Guérin-F-Vespa PX 200 stock
N ° 207-Alice Renault-F-Vespa PK50-75Malossi
N ° 210-Jo Contrino-F-Vespa PK 136Malossi
N ° 213-Jordane Vacher-F-Vespa PX 177DR
N ° 201-Clémence Desmercières-F-Primavera 133Polini
N ° 264-Jean-Luc Finantz-F-Vespa PK 125 stock
N ° 209-Laurent Joffre-F-Vespa PK 133Polini
N ° 208-Vincent Birolleau-F-LML 125 stock
N ° 204-Frédérique Desmercières-F-Vespa V5A 130Parmakit
N ° 215-Jean-Paul Wenger-CH-Vespa GS 172Malossi T5
N ° 219-Georges Luthy-CH-Vespa PX 177DR
N ° 206-Laurent Schektman-F-Vespa PX 213Pinasco
N ° 221-Philippe Bardon-F-Vespa PX 125 stock
N ° 285-Alexandre Grolleau-F-Vespa PX 125 stock (NP)

C3-Class 3-Doped small frames
N ° 375-Maik Persch-D-Vespa V5A 125Quattrini
N ° 306-Mickaël Betz-D-Vespa PK 133Polini
N ° 318-Xavier Labarère-F-Vespa PK 125Quattrini
N ° 326-John Friedrich-NL-Vespa 50 Spe 152Falc
N ° 302-Lucien Jules-F-Vespa Primavera 125Quattrini
N ° 310-David Palloume-F-Vespa PK 144Fabrizzi
N ° 367-Antoine Fleury-F-Vespa 133Polini
N ° 386-Ottmar Hornung-D-Vespa PK 136Malossi
N ° 204-Max Di Palma-F-Vespa V5A 130Parmakit
N ° 232-Merinj Van Raaphorsf-NL-Vespa 125Quattrini
N ° 312-Felice La Rizza-B-Vespa Prim 125Quattrini
N ° 399-Luc Penfold-F-Vespa 50 Spe 125Quattrini
N ° 304-Eric Bazard-F-Vespa 50Spe 125Quattrini
N ° 340-Mickaël Fritz-F-Vespa ET3 133Polini
N ° 315-Nicolas Di Palma-F-Vespa PK 125Quattrini
N ° 359-FX.Bres-F-Vespa Primavera 133Polini
N ° 361-Germain Dugas-F-Vespa PK 125Quattrini
N ° 335-Antoine Jalabert-F-Vespa V5A 135Polini
N ° 356-Jérôme Satragno-F-Vespa PK 125 origine
N ° 389-Julien Desnuelle-F-Vespa Primavera 125Quattrini

C4-Class 4-Doped big frames
N ° 407-Max Di Palma-F-Vespa PX 210Malossi
N ° 495-Andreas Putz-D-Vespa PX 166Malossi
N ° 468-François Di Palma-F-Vespa PX 172Quattrini
N ° 458-Jens Fischer-D-Vespa GL 172Malossi
N ° 403-Lucien Jules-F-Vespa T5 172Malossi
N ° 429-Eric Daca-F-Vespa PX "home made"
N ° 401-Guillaume Bordas-F-Vespa PX 166Malossi
N ° 420-Gilles Fraval-F-Lambretta TS1 230
N ° 411-David Palloume-F-Vespa PX 210Malossi
N ° 488-Eric Lauzet-F-Vespa PX 177Polini
N ° 427-Romain Gerbier-F-Vespa PX 177Polini
N ° 400-David Grand-F-Vespa PX 172Quattrini
N ° 418-Jérôme Bradier-F-Vespa PX 166Malossi
N ° 412-Jean-Marc Halitim-F-Vespa PX210Malossi
N ° 415-Richard Beaudet-F-Vespa PX 172Quattrini
N ° 472-Arnaud Bouland-F-Vespa PX 172Malossi
N ° 417-Benjamin Arneguy-F-Lambretta SX 225
N ° 428-Ulysse Blanc-F-Vespa PX 177Polini
N ° 469-Guillaume Bradier-F-Vespa PX 166Malossi
N ° 404-Eric Bazard-F-Vespa T5 172Malossi
N ° 499-Patrick Vengeon-F-Vespa PX 210Malossi

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