7 Platónika project - On the road

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7 On the Road - Vespa bgm Platónika project by Scooter Center

As we would say in Colombia: “I'm in my salsa * " (it means that I am fully in my element).  I received Platónika with 18 km and exactly 15 days later, she had a thousand km more.

Completely excited because spring is already there colors I started to drive. And even put together a Motonostra accessory set for touring:



Foldable rear rack


But with this German weather you never know! And sure enough, a week later it starts snowing ... that shouldn't stop me, so I'll protect myself from the harsh cold and keep going.

Pictures and videos come and go, but I still think I'm missing something. The reason I fell in love with this scene: Indeed, their Vespisti.

No meetings in sight, "then I'll go with my colleagues" I thought, but who could go with me? in the marketing office where i'm sitting i only have the two of them Lambretistas found…

And now ... why not?


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