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Vespa 177ccm cylinder for Vespa PX available again: bgm PRO 177

Our Vespa 177cc cylinder is available again Today we received a large shipment of bgm Vespa 177cc cylinders. Information and data sheet ASSEMBLY BGM 177 VESPA CYLINDER Before installation, all components must be cleaned thoroughly. By selecting the cylinder seals, a squeeze dimension must be established in the specified area. The use of the cylinder head gasket is not absolutely necessary. Recommendation […]


177ccm cylinder bgm PRO for Vespa PX, Sprint and Co

BGM177 - the new cylinder from bgm PRO cylinder -bgm PRO 177 ccm- Vespa PX125, PX150, Sprint150, GTR125, TS125, Cosa125, Cosa150 Here we want to introduce you to the new BGM177 cylinder, which will be available from April 2016. First video BGM177 - the 177 cylinder for Vespa At the Scooterists Meltdown we have the cylinder for [...]


Lambretta cylinder bgm Racetour available

Finally available again: the bgm PRO 195 cc Racetour cylinder The Lambretta cylinder in the video: THE Lambretta cylinder for the small block: Mark Broadhurst has incorporated his experience from several decades of Lambretta tuning and over 1.700 tuned two-stroke cylinders into the development of the RaceTour cylinder. The cylinders are available with a 65 mm bore for [...]


Lambretta TS1 cylinder kit SCK powered by bgm PRO

Lambretta TS1 We have now significantly upgraded the TS1 cylinder with our optimally fitting components from bgm PRO. The result is a complete TS1 cylinder kit with: bgm PRO forged piston bgm PRO membrane type RD350 bgm PRO CNC head and the small parts required for assembly. The TS1 cylinder from AF Rayspeed is a legend and a [...]


Cylinder head Lambretta TS1 bgm PRO

Lambretta CNC cylinder head made in Germany High-end tuning product from the noble company bgm: massive, completely CNC-manufactured cylinder head for Lambretta TS1 & Racetour. The heads are made right on our doorstep: Made in Germany, German quality craft! See video: [youtube] qtDrX9PXhY0 [/ youtube] The Lambretta cylinder head is available for the 225 TS1 and for the bgm PRO Racetour cylinder. Here […]


Exhaust BGM PRO Big Box Touring – “BBT V2”

The BBT V2 is a further development of the well-known Big Box Touring exhaust system. During the revision, we attached great importance to depicting the widest possible spectrum of usable engine concepts. Our prototype was driven more than 3000km to ensure that the final product delivers what it promises. It was driven on an original (unmodified) Rally200 […]


Vespa Wideframe+Largeframe BGM PRO fork/swingarm revision

HQ suspension components made in Germany by BGM PRO for Vespa Wideframe / Largeframe Piaggio is known to many 'only' as the world's largest scooter manufacturer. The Vespa, Piaggio's most outstanding brand, has had a lasting impact on the image of the Pontedera-based company. Originally, however, Piaggio also built railway wagons, ships and very successful aircraft engines (around […]


Air filter element bgm PRO for Motovespa Vespa models from Spain

Air filter insert bgm for Motovespa air filter For many Motovespa Largeframe The identical air filter inserts are installed in the models. Often the important component to protect the engine is missing or is no longer in a usable condition. That is why we have the Vespa for the Spanish license builds Largeframe Models manufactured a high-quality air filter insert. bgm Vespa air filter fleece Vespa Smallframe & Motovespa [...]


Proven synthetic oil bgm 2-stroke oil in special edition bgm PRO OLDIE EDITION

Vintage 2-stroke oil for oldies Our bestseller – bgm PRO 2-stroke oil as a special “Oldie Edition” with a retro look. In the cool vintage oil can with a patina look, this oil is perfect for classic vehicles such as Vespa and Lambretta, but of course also for Schwalbe, Simson, Heinkel Tourist, NSU Prima, NSU Lambretta etc. 2-stroke oil bgm PRO in Oldie Edition with [...]


Our bgm PRO 2-stroke oil gets a new bottle with EasyFill

bgm PRO oil with a new bottle design Our bgm two-stroke oils now come with #EasyFill. The classification in the highest test categories is impressive proof of the high resilience and quality of the bgm synthetic oil. So we didn't need to optimize our oil, that's great. Of course we drive our bgm PRO oil ourselves in our scooters [...]


Platonika – Proyecto Vespa PX 177 de bgm

+xDuplicate element Platónika Vespa by bgm How to build a new Vespa Platónika Vespa by bgm How to build a new Vespa Platònika is actually the story of a Vespa, but also the story of Maryzabel. But is it also the story of Maryzabel, or is it both? In the summer of 2019, Maryzabel […]


Platonika - Vespa PX 177 project by bgm

Platónika Vespa by bgm How to build a new Vespa Platónika is actually the history of a Vespa. But then again the story of Maryzabel. Or is it both? Maryzabel stayed with us in the summer of 2019 Scooter Center begun. She came to us from Colombia, about 9.000 km from her beloved […]


Chapter 2 - The heart - VESPA PLATÓNIKA BGM 177

Deep insights I am in the rather lucky situation that I have direct access to the bgm development team. The guys who brought the BGM 177 from the first prototype to the production-ready product are at my side with help and advice. A good base for Platónika's heart. The entire SC team is enthusiastic about scooters [...]