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Lambretta exhaust test Reso VS BigBox

Lambretta resonance exhaust and Big Box prototype test A Lambretta exhaust test: the new and upcoming Lambretta Big Box is currently in production. A delivery date is unfortunately still unknown. The Lambretta exhaust systems in the test Before we sent the final sample to Spain, the new box was put to the heart and [...]


Vespa exhaust BigBox Sport available again!

Now available again: bgm BigBox Sport exhaust Vespa PX200 Performance like a racing exhaust - optics and acoustics like a standard exhaust The BGM BigBox Sport is a thoroughbred Vespa racing exhaust with the unsuspecting design of an original exhaust. Just like the original Vespa exhaust, the BigBox is of course double-walled and provided with insulating wool. It positions itself as a clear [...]


Lambretta exhaust BigBox V3.0 bgm PRO

Exhaust -BGM PRO Clubman V3.0- Lambretta series 1-3 - unpainted Item no. BGM2105U3 This is the V3.0 version of our bgm PRO Lambretta Big Box. The extensively revised version of the Lambretta exhaust system, in addition to the well-known mechanical damper of the V2 version, now has an overall better insulation. As a result, the exhaust is now even quieter. All plug connections on the exhaust [...]


Vespa touring exhaust BGM PRO BigBox TOURING Vespa 200ccm

New Vespa touring exhaust Today we received the first production sample of the BigBox Touring for the 200 Vespa PX engines. In addition to evaluating the appearance and fit, the normal process of a sample test also includes runs on ours Scooter Center P4 dynamometer. As we have already noted in an earlier article on this Vespa exhaust, [...]


bgm BigBox Sport is now available again

bgm BigBox Sport just new and already sold out - We were amazed: the new Vespa racing exhaust (BGM1010SP) was sold out within a very short time. With the positive feedback and the tests that were carried out by various parties, it was actually clear that we are very happy about the great success of this exhaust system - many [...]


Vespa exhaust bgm PRO BigBox SPORT Vespa PX200 Vespa Rally200

The Vespa exhaust bgm PRO BigBox SPORT now also available for Vespa PX200 The version for 80cc - 150cc engines can be found here: Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox SPORT- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, Sprint, GT, GTR Performance like a Vespa racing exhaust - optics & Acoustics almost like a series exhaust Purebred Vespa racing exhaust The BGM BigBox Sport [...]


Vespa exhaust bgm PRO BigBox SPORT

bgm PRO Bigbox, the legendary exhaust for Vespa classics, is now available as a sport version. The bgm BigBox Sport - the wolf in sheep's clothing Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox SPORT- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, Sprint, GT, GTR You can find the version for 200 engines here: Vespa exhaust bgm PRO BigBox SPORT PX200 Performance like a […]


bgm PRO BigBox, exhaust Vespa PX 125, Vespa T5

New exhaust Vespa PX 125 NEW: Sports exhaust Vespa BigBox Sports Vespa exhaust for Vespa PX 80, PX 125, PX 150 and Vespa T5 The big BigBox - the Vespa exhaust for the 200 engines - we now have an extremely strong, little sister at our side posed: the BigBox suitable for the PX125 and T5 engines. [...]


Cool Things November!

Discover the tips we recommend this month ;) Main stand -bgm PRO Soft Stop V2 System Nameplate - ACMA 125cc Bj.1954 Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox TOURING V2 (BBT2) White - 0,3 ltr. Variator set bgm PRO for Vespa Primaverabgm PRO Multitool V3.0 cable set -bgm ORIGINAL PE inner sleeve- Piaggio Bravo T-shirt, men At half […]


Platónika all parts - the ultimate wishlist

Platónika Vespa bgm project All the adventures of the complete rebuilding of a Vespa PX (LML) are told here by Maryzabel with all the secrets in photos and videos. Of course, Maryzabel uses the Scooter Center High-bay warehouse with over 40.000 parts and installed everything that Scooter Center especially to offer with his brands bgm & MOTO NOSTRA [...]