Colleagues to be ashamed of - a former policeman for tuning scooters

Find from the Motorcycle magazine MO, in which - a former police officer writes on the subject of scooter tuning:

Colleagues to be ashamed of

PolizistI recently watched TV. “Adventure life” on cable one. On the way with the traffic police from ...? I forgot the state. The scene looks familiar to me from my previous occupation as a traffic policeman: A discreetly obese and with the apparently obligatory cliché mustache equipped with a very, very bad mood stands on the roadside next to an intimidated youth whose scooter is currently being tested on a mobile roller dynamometer . Screeching loudly, the 50s two-stroke engine cranks up to around 100 km / h according to the test stand display. The subsequent verbal derailments of my colleague are so disproportionate that I would hardly be surprised if he immediately pulled out his weapon and held it to the trembling boy's head. What a haughty, arrogant asshole! Almost everyone who sees something like this on television probably thinks that way. Which is nothing new in itself. As a responsible motorist, one has meanwhile got used to being verbally flogged for not buckling up.

Nevertheless it annoys you again and again, even me - or better: especially me. The character deficits of the “friends and helpers” are shown openly and in front of the camera, apparently over-motivated, in the most pathetic way. Great advertisement for the police. The fact that the police officer is acting lawfully does not excuse such behavior. You're not a bad person if you do your scooter hairdressing. At most you are a disorderly person. And I think that is an essential difference. And anyway - what a cool scooter is that! I really want to do a lap with something like that. The boy apparently has great screwdriver talent. Or his buddies. Or his uncle. Or his papa. Or all of them. To make a vehicle faster, better, that should actually be recognized. This potential is valuable, our society, our country and our economy are based on it. Instead, there is anger and reprisals, administrative offense laws and a reduction in the frustration of individual officials. Of course the boy drives faster than allowed. Most of us did that when we were young. We just have to dig deeper or deeper into our memory boxes. Where would the Rossis, Capirossis or Simoncellis of this world be if embittered Carabinieri had confiscated their boxes?

To cut a long story short: I would like to take this opportunity to support young screwdrivers and young tuners. Guys, don't be intimidated. You don't have to sneak through the area at bike speed, the honorable gentlemen of our society don't do that in their two-ton premium bodies either. You have to think, of course, because you are responsible for your behavior. But don't let the enthusiasm, the passion and the moments of happiness associated with it be stolen from you by jaded double-moralists in uniform. Stay tuned!

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  1. Thomas
    Thomas sagte:

    I'm 40, driving a 16 year old Bali 50. have nothing original except pott and carburetor and when the bike is in a good mood it runs easily 87 km / h
    (downhill, tail wind and pub in sight 95). I drive with my brain and understanding, as everyone I think should do. ne fuffi think it is a good thing to optimize because I do not play the traffic calming for the legislator, for example: with 50 (45) km / h and without a suit in the city to make a fool and get fingered, throw garbage and so on to put the brakes on.
    however, children at the age of 15 piss me off who, with no experience whatsoever, are going through the area at 70-90 km / h and endanger themselves and others.
    the little ones should be allowed to drive 30 - 40 and the mopeds at least 70 km / h.
    There are more accidents when overtaking slow mopeds than rear-end collisions with mopeds.
    oh yes: i drive to work every day, 24 km there and back, it costs me 7eur a week in fuel. by bus, i would be at 21eur a week, and by car…. let's drive more bikes, more km / h and more power (the good (not china) scooters are designed for more speed anyway).
    my screwdriver has a 100 cc bali which is SAME as mine, so what's the nonsense with the mobile roller dynamometer? is anyway unrealistic without headwind and rolling resistance. I have a plexiglass pane and the performance is right.
    Fart-zit: roller demo to Berlin ???

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