Registration deadline Customshow SCOOTERSHOW 2010

SCOOTER SHOW Scooter Custom Show Flyer

SCOOTER SHOW Scooter Custom Show Flyer

I can hardly wait: in less than 2 months it will be time and that SCOOTER CENTER The 2010 scooter tuning season opens with a big bang.

Am March 20, 2010 starts the third major international custom show "SCOOTERSHOW ” in Cologne. From the countless emails and calls, we notice that many are already scratching their feet and can hardly wait. A lot of Customscoots are already in the starting blocks and with a lot of new projects the hot phase is only just getting started!

We already have a lot of great registrations and I can already promise that we will have many Premieres at the SCOOTERSHOW.

I can take some pressure off all hard-working tuners - the The registration deadline is 2 weeks before the show, on Sunday March 7th 2010.
Still not finished on time and still need a little longer? No problem, please just register with the photos of the current project status - we will look at it and then let you know. Please do not apply by email, use the registration form! You then have 2 weeks after the registration deadline to complete your dream on 2 wheels and in 2 cycles. Yes You can ;-)

As a reminder, here are 2 videos from last year. (Television will be back this year as well.)

[youtube]1w2PFnR9tpg[/youtube] [youtube]soiXSv_HSuQ[/youtube] [youtube]v5JbvQ3sLy0[/youtube]

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

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