A special Vespa V50S

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Vespa 50 special

The special Vespa in our offer

The containers with Vespsthat the Scooter Center imported from Japan have already given us a lot Collectible and also some Oddities brought to Bergheim-Glessen.

This special scooter is a cross between the two - when do you have an aold Vespa 50S with real 334km (three hundred and thirty-four!) on the speedometer in front of you?

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Super general condition

The general condition of the scooter corresponds to the mileage ... - and then, when you look a second time, you get an incredulous: "That can't be true !!"

If you look at the left side view, you can immediately see what happened here: The scooter was apparently under water with the stern for a loooong time. So long that even the waterline can be seen on the side panel.

That wouldn't be the worst, but unfortunately the running board and parts of the frame tunnel were also under water. There the rotten struck badly. Unfortunately, the engine is also solid.

So here we have two in one:

  • Great Collectible and nevertheless
  • blatant Restoration object.

If you are not afraid to use sheet metal here with precision, you can original optics received - or simply put aside as a collector's item.

The Vespa V50S is for sale

The good piece can be viewed here in the Scooter CenterWhoever puts 1.600 € on the counter for us can take it away ;-)

The following repair sheets would be required for a restoration:

  1. Frame tunnel: http://www.scooter-center.com/de/product/218450
  2. Footboard: http://www.scooter-center.com/de/product/5320073

Vespas for sale

This particular scooter is not to your taste? We have a large selection of used scooters, the range is updated regularly:

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