A sprint day: Scooter STS at the Nürburgring

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Scooter Dragster Race Scooter STS Nürburgring

Am Saturday June 14th has the SCOOTER CENTER the organization of Scootersprints taken at the Nürburgring. The 100m short track sprint takes place as part of the Fans and Family Festival for the Superbike World Championship at the Nürburgring.

STS Dragster Race scooter

The interesting thing is that attendance and participation are free. The event starts with the packing of the van on Friday afternoon, which is always a sweaty affair. A lot of concentration is required here - nothing should be forgotten and the highly sensitive measuring technology of the traffic light system must be securely packaged.

Saturday morning. The alarm goes off 5:00.
Quickly 2 coffees, take the scooter to the meeting point and take the SCOOTER CENTER Team off to the Nürburgring. First on the A61 then on the A1. It rains while driving. Great, it can be cheerful, I think to myself, sprinting in the rain ...

Um 7:00 am at the Nürbrurgring When we arrived it wasn't raining anymore - but it seemed to have rained heavily overnight, as we were surprised by two huge puddles in the middle of the track. Sprinting impossible. So get on the brooms and shake water with everyone for an hour. The effort was worth it, now everyone is really awake and with the help of the rising sun, the track is quickly dry (and clean). So perfect conditions for a great sprint day.

The construction of the system, 500 meters of cable, several computers, monitors, start lights, displays, barriers, banners and flags is routine and professional. The whole team lends a hand, everyone knows what to do.

At 10:30 the first drivers arrive. After a short start-up time, the sprint system runs perfectly. It's really fun to send pair after pair out on the track.

In between it rains briefly from time to time. There are about 100 drivers and spectators SCOOTER CENTER STS scooter at the Nürburgring. A lot of fun, no waiting times, no pushing, but great track conditions.

We have trophies for the best 3 in each group. The winners shine.

Um 17:00 we dismantle. The dismantling goes smoothly and thanks to the nice help of some participants we are already sitting around 18:45 in the car. Just in time for the descent, heavy rain showers poured over the Nürburgring. Lucky for us that we got all the equipment dry in the van, otherwise there would have been a night shift.

20:30 p.m. back home. Another exhausting day, but I'm already looking forward to next weekend.
mzH08 Scooter - Sprint - Race with official NRW Sprint 2008 in Meinerzhagen.



See you in Meinerzhagen!

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  1. Philip
    Philip says:


    Saturday was really great… ..was fun …… the organization was great and I think the people had all their fun …….

    I would just like to know who else took pictures at the start of the STS ……… was a younger man in a black sweater ……… ..

    Greetings Philipp

    (the one with the white Speedfight)

  2. Pascal Hoffman
    Pascal Hoffman says:

    So we found the meeting very good, we were lucky with the weather and sprinted well, the distances between the sprint start and the trailer with tools were not far and luckily you were allowed to drive. Unfortunately relatively little going on, I had hoped for more, but it's the people's own fault. The shortened 100m sprint was interesting and I and my colleague really enjoyed it.


  3. Christian Freudenrei
    Christian Freudenrei says:

    I'm the one from MTB middle old SR.
    It's a shame that you didn't record I ran the sprint: D
    or maybe better like that ...
    It's just a shame that Luckau DSSC was at the same time, otherwise there would have been a lot more scooter presence .. but it was also quite funny ...
    well see yourself Meinerzhagen ...

    MTB chriZ

  4. Heiko
    Heiko says:

    Hi Christian,

    yes, cool action - unfortunately I didn't have the camera at the start as quickly as you walked the route :-)

    Looking forward to the mzH08 sprint
    See you!

  5. Christian Zech
    Christian Zech says:

    Hey there!

    It was a really great day!
    And sprinting the 100 meters was probably a very cool experience too!

    I'm always happy to be there :-)


    Christian (TWA) [White Zip “My Other Ride is Your Mother”] :-D

  6. Torsten
    Torsten says:

    We were definitely lucky with the weather ... again ... we remember the MZH weekend ... and I really hope that tomorrow will be good too .... c ya… greetz 2 christian (Twa) and phillip and all the other Torsten (SCK Zip Pilot) ;-))

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