Air filter element for Vespa Smallframe SHB carburetor bgm PRO air filter

Air filter fleece insert Vespa

bgm PRO air filter fleece insert for air filter box Vespa Smallframe V50, 50N, PV, ET3

For the Vespa SmallframeModels with DellOrto SHB carburetor we have a high quality Filter fleece from bgm PRO developed. Made in Italia by Marchald.

The new bgm PRO air filter element replaces on all Vespa Smallframe-Motors with sheet metal air filter box use the original wire mesh and can be exchanged 1: 1 easily, quickly and safely.

bgm Vespa air filter fleece Vespa Smallframe & Motovespa - without wires!


  • Significantly better and finer filtering
  • Protects the engine as no fragments of the old wire mesh can be sucked in
  • Also ideal for performance-enhanced engines with increased air requirements
  • washable
  • Easy installation



1. The air filter box

The sheet metal air filter box of the Vespa is held together with two split pins. On the back of the air filter box, the ends of the split pins are bent over as a safety device.

Vespa sheet metal air filter box

2. Remove the split pins and collect the washers

Use suitable pliers to straighten the ends of the two split pins and pull out the split pins. Pay attention to the location of the washers.

Vespa air filter box fuse with cotter pin and washer

3. Remove the cover

The lid can now be easily removed and the original wire mesh, the air filter, becomes visible.

Vespa air filter box wire

4. W-Lan air filter? Our wireless solution

Simply pull the old wire mesh out of its compartment and clean the air filter box.

Due to aging and vibrations, the original wire air filter has a tendency to break the individual wires. These fragments are then loosely in the air filter box and can be sucked in by the engine.

Wireless air filter

5. Insert new bgm PRO fleece

After you have cleaned the box well and freed it from the dangerous wire residues, you can now insert the bgm air filter insert into the compartment of the air filter box. Position the fleece in such a way that there is sufficient protrusion for sealing in the direction of the air filter box cover.

When inserting the air filter insert, make sure that the black, coarse part of the filter mat points in the suction direction, i.e. downwards.

Air filter fleece insert Vespa

6. Close and mount the air filter

Then put the air filter cover back on and secure with the split pins.

When installing the split pins, make sure that a washer is positioned under the head and one under the ends.

Vespa air filter Smallframe

Wasp Smallframe Vehicles with sheet metal air filter box