On the test bench: Smallframe Cylinder conversion 172ccm Malossi SKR


Thomas from Aachen visited us with a rather bizarre conversion concept on his Smallframe Engine.

In here comes from the Malossi program 172cc cylinder used, which is actually intended for the Piaggio automatic models TPH and SKR.
With some effort, Thomas was able to put the cylinder on a Vespa Smallframe Adjust the motor housing.

You can find more detailed information on this in the GSF

Some of these individual projects bring about rather dubious "improvements for the worse".

In the case of Thomas' engine, however, one can speak of a very suitable conversion.

In comparison, you can see an early one in the diagram VSP and a typical Smallframe Exhaust, the Franz.

All in all, these are extremely good values ​​that are sure to be easy to move on the road. It doesn't always have to be the Ü30PS, the corresponding torque also makes you fast, fast.


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