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3rd round of the EST Championship 2022 at the Harz-Ring

From July 02-03.07.2022, 2022, the European Scooter Trophy and European Pit Bike Trophy racing series were guests at the Harz Ring. The third run was about significantly influencing the previous championship standings with a view to the second half of the XNUMX season. The starting fields were also well filled at the Harz Ring and the conditions for an exciting weekend were perfect.

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Clutch cover bgm PRO Superstrong for Vespa Largeframe (PX & Co.) – CNC machined

Available soon.

Maybe you've already found an Easter egg in one of our videos ;-)

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It is questionable how long the supply of spare parts from Piaggio will be secured for some components. Unfortunately, the quality of the clutch cover from the original manufacturer has also fluctuated in recent years.

The …

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YSN PHBH 30 against Dellorto PHBH 30 in the test - the big comparison

YSN PHBH 30 against Dellorto PHBH 30 in the test - the big comparison
With us scooter drivers, the tried and tested is popular. Mainly because there is often a wealth of experience with established components that can be drawn on. This also includes the Dellorto carburettors in the PHBH design, which have been known for decades. Hundreds of empirical values ​​are circulating for this carburettor ...

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Polini Original Banana 2022

Polini has redeveloped the proven Polini banana and given it a new look. What the new banana or, according to the new Polini nomenclature, the "original" exhaust can do; I took a look for you.

From a purely visual point of view, the new original banana differs significantly from the design of the older vintages. The body is thicker in terms of material...

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Alex builds a Quattrini 252ccm Vespa engine 3 - stage 2 with exhaust test

M244 Quattrini cylinder Vesoa on the test bench

Quattrini M244 king shaft - the super tourer in the second expansion stage "outlet" M244_2
M244 - part 3

In the second part of this series, we simply adapted the cylinder and the engine housing to each other and put the cylinder on the engine without further processing "Plug & Play".

This resulted in very moderate control angles:

with 124 ° transfer angle
and 177 ° outlet angle

Some exhaust systems come with ...

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Alex builds a Quattrini 252ccm Vespa Motor 2 - Quattrini M244 Kingwelle - the super tourer

Quattrini M244 Kingwelle - the super tourer

Quattrini M244 king shaft - the super tourer in the first expansion stage "Plug & Play" M244_1
This is part 2 of this Quattrini M244 series. In this first construction stage, M244_1, we set up the M244 on our engine without any further changes, only with spacers on the cylinder head and on the cylinder base.

We have included the resulting control angles in the list for ...

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Alex builds a Quattrini 252ccm Vespa engine 1 - Quattrini M244

Alex builds a Quattrini engine

Vespa Quattrini M244 engine 252ccm - from super tourers to top racers
The story of the Quattrini cylinder
Towards the end of 2015, rumors were growing that Max Quattrini would bring a potent cylinder for the PX200 onto the market.

The time has come at the beginning of 2016. The M232 and the big brother M244 are available on the market.

The construction seemed to take some getting used to at first...

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Vespa front shock absorber BGM PRO SC COMPETITION

Vespa front shock absorber -BGM PRO SC COMPETITION- Vespa

BGM PRO SC COMPETITION - the new Vespa front shock absorber from bgm PRO
The BGM PRO SC Competition Vespa front shock absorber is a further development of the successful BGM PRO F16 Sport series.

The competition series differs optically through the external expansion tank. The new Vespa front shock absorber is available in black and silver and also in an affordable set.
shock absorber...

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Vespa gear claw bgm PRO ROUND, 4 gear, H = 50mm

Shifting claw Vespa BGM6550

New Vespa gear shift claw from bgm PRO for Vespa 4-speed gearboxes
Vespa gear claw -BGM PRO- ROUND, 4 gear, H = 50mm

Vespa gear shift claw bgm PRO precision work from high quality material
The bgm PRO Vespa shift claw BGM6550 is made of 15CrMo5 (SCM415) chrome-molybdenum steel and the additional treatment of the high-quality material gives the flanks of the shift claw a very high resistance to wear. The flanks...

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News from Benelli: BULL-6 Benelli gearbox for Vespa Smallframe

Benelli gearbox for Vespa Smallframe

New BULL-6 Benelli gearbox for Vespa Smallframe
Announced for the start of the 2018 season: a new Benelli gearbox for Vespa Smallframe: We have already presented Stefano Benelli's Italian gearbox manufacturer here: Benelli gearbox Vespa

At the beginning of the 2018 season, Stefan will have a reinforced Benelli transmission for Vespa Smallframe Bring engines to market.
Shift claw with 6 arms and new gear wheels
In which …

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Vespa exhaust MALOSSI banana for Vespa PV125 ET3

Comparison of Malossi ROAD BGM

What does the MALOSSI banana bring?
With the Vespa Largeframe Powerful exhaust systems, so-called box exhaust systems, have established themselves in an almost original look. With the bgm PRO BigBox Touring and the BigBox Sport, we have two optimized BigBoxes in our range.
Scooter Center - home of bgm
This development also applies to the Vespa Smallframe Indent.

Since we are using the bgm PRO...

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Benelli gearbox Vespa

Gearbox -BENELLI type Bull- Vespa V50, V90, 50N, PV125, ET3, SS50, SS90, PK S, PK XL1, PK XL2, ETS - (12/58, 13/42, 15/38, 17/37 teeth)

New Vespa tuning gearbox - Benelli gearbox Vespa
New Benelli gearbox Vespa?

Well, to be honest, the Benelli gearboxes are not that new: STEFANO BENELLI has been infected with the Vespa virus since the 80s. In the motherland of the Vespa, there has always been Vespa tuning and motor sports such as drag racing, circuit racing and Vespa Cross. As a passionate tuner, Stefano is in the Vespa racing scene...

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Crankshaft -BGM- (rotary valve) 48mm stroke and 51mm stroke, 105mm connecting rod- Vespa P80X, PX80

Crankshaft Vespa PX80 BGM031080G (3)

Crankshaft Vespa PX80
Many of you still know and may have discovered your love for the Vespa on this scooter:

The Vespa PX80, which was built by Piaggio only for the German market.

80cc - the German way
With the fall of the old regulation that was valid in Germany until February 14.02.1996th, 80, 80ccm up to a maximum of 80km/h, the sale of the PXXNUMX in Germany ...


BGM7915 ball bearing -BGM PRO- rear wheel Lambretta series 1-3

BGM7915 Lambretta rear wheel bearing

Lambretta rear wheel bearings
We have had the special rear wheel bearings of the Lambretta motors of series 1 to 3 reproduced in high quality.

Lambretta bearings with integrated shaft seal
It is characteristic of the special drawing stock that a shaft sealing ring must be installed between the inner and outer ring for sealing.

We take care of the somewhat complex assembly of the shaft seal ring for you and already deliver the bearing with ...

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Air filter bgm PRO for Polini CP carburettors Vespa / Lambretta

-BGM RPO by Marchald- for Polini CP carburettors

New super compact bgm PRO air filter for CP carburettors

The Polini CP carburettors
The compact CP carburettors from Polini are very popular.


Whether as a replacement for the original carburetor one of the Smallframemodels or if you are looking for more power on the Vespa and Lambretta engines: The CP carburettor convinces with its compact design and significantly better adjustment options than the comparable ...


BGM8011TL2 Centering aid for clutch springs for clutch BGM PRO Superstrong- Lambretta

Clutch centering aid -BGM PRO, Lambretta Superstrong- LI, LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3) - can only be used with BGM8011 article no. BGM8011TL2

Assembly aid for Lambretta Superstrong clutch
For our BGM Superstrong Lambretta clutch, we can now also offer the right centering aid for inserting the springs.

With the centering aid BGM8011TL2 it is very easy to position all springs at their place of use during assembly.

The clutch with built-in clutch compressor system
The BGM Superstrong for Lambretta already has a “built-in” clutch compressor system.

The clutch is for this ...

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Adjusting screws and clamping nipple / screw nipple set -BGM PRO- for Vespa and Lambretta

Adjusting screws and clamping nipple / screw nipple set -BGM PRO- Vespa and Lambretta

New clamping nipples, screw nipples and adjusting screws (clutch cable, brake cable, accelerator cable) for Vespa & Lambretta in a practical set
We have optimized the clamping nipples and adjusting screws for Vespa and Lambretta, making them much easier and more reliable to use!

Now new: also available in a cheaper set.
The adjusting screw and clamp nipple sets belong in every glove compartment along with a selection of replacement cables. Suitable for many...