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Adjusting screws and clamping nipple / screw nipple set -BGM PRO- for Vespa and Lambretta

Adjusting screws and clamping nipple / screw nipple set -BGM PRO- Vespa and Lambretta

New clamping nipples, screw nipples and adjusting screws (clutch cable, brake cable, accelerator cable) for Vespa & Lambretta in a practical set
We have optimized the clamping nipples and adjusting screws for Vespa and Lambretta, making them much easier and more reliable to use!

Now new: also available in a cheaper set.
The adjusting screw and clamping nipple sets belong in every glove compartment in addition to a selection of replacement cables. Suitable for many ...

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Flasher conversion kit -BGM PRO, LED daytime running lights- Vespa GTS

Daytime LED conversion Vespa GTS with instructions
The newer Vespa GTS models from the year of construction 2014 have an additional daytime running light in the indicator lights. That looks great and offers additional security.
Update for daytime running indicators for Vespa GTS models built before 2014!

The Vespa GTS models from 2014 already have an LED daytime running light ex works that ...

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Vespa Wideframe, Faro Basso, ACMA cylinder Pinasco 160ccm

Cylinder -PINASCO 160 cc Wideframe, Faro Basso,? = 60mm, stroke = 57mm- Vespa 1953-1959, VM, VN, ACMA, VB1T, VGL1T, VL1T Article no. PN26031000

Vespa classic car tuning
Vespa Wideframe Pinasco cylinder
In the meantime, the cylinder has turned from an insider tip to a long-running hit in Wideframe-Circles blossomed.


We have already reported here once about the power injection for the oldest Vespa models:


Together with the matching intake manifold and carburetor, the 160 cylinder can develop its full potential and push older Vespa ladies powerfully.
Other suitable tuning options for the old Vespa scooters:


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New engine housing T5 from Pinasco


Motor housing Vespa T5 from Pinasco
We have just received the message from Pinasco that the long-announced engine housings for the Vespa T5 are due to arrive next Thursday.

The engine housings of the rare Vespa PX125T5 have always been few and far between. We are all the more pleased that the products for the T5 are again ...

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Clutch puller and clutch compressor BGM PRO Vespa Largeframe, Smallframe

The clutch tool for Vespa
Our new clutch tool is also a clutch puller for the Vespa Largeframe and a clutch compressor for large and Smallframe. This super small and practical helper in workshop quality should not be missing in any on-board tool or workshop!
Fast, safe and gentle dismantling even of stuck couplings!

The so-called 6- and 7-spring clutches of the Vespa Largeframe Models are still ...

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Vespa Wideframe Pinasco 160ccm V2 - On the Scooter Center test

Test Pinasco cylinder Vespa Wideframe

Vespa Wideframe Tuning
The Vespa Wideframe-Models are enjoying increasing popularity.

In addition to more and more replacement parts, there is also vigorous development in the area of ​​increasing performance.
So far, existing cast iron cylinders have been rebuilt in order to wrest a little more performance from them with a lot of effort.
New Pinasco Faro Basso cylinder
Pinasco will soon be offering an aluminum cylinder with 160ccm for the old Vespa engines with 3 stud bolts ...

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BGM Superstrong clutch Vespa Largeframe back in stock

Our best Vespa clutch is back in stock
Our bgm Superstrong clutch for the Vespa is just in time for the summer season Largeframe Models available again. The robust and reliable coupling is so popular that we were unfortunately sold out at times.
New generation of friction disks for the Vespa clutch
From now on we deliver the bgm Superstrong and the Superstrong CR ...

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Rear shock absorber PINASCO Vespa Wideframe 1953-57, Vespa VM1, VM2, VN1, VN2, VB1, VL1, VL2, VL3, GS150

Vespa Wideframe shock absorber
In the Vespa area, Pinasco is also increasingly taking care of the older Vesps such as Faro Basso, Struzzo, GS3, etc.

The latest addition is the rear shock absorber for the Vespa Wideframe Models.

Rear shock absorber -PINASCO- Vespa Wideframe 1953-57, Vespa VM1, VM2, VN1, VN2, VB1, VL1, VL2, VL3, GS150

The damper fits without the usual modifications of the lower ...

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Crankshaft bearing dummies -BGM PRO- for Vespa and Lambretta

Our tip for working on Vespa and Lambretta engines
Working closely when building a new engine is essential for a good result.
Inlet angle in rotary valve or piston-controlled engines, as well as the overcurrent and outlet angle of the cylinder are important key data that must be taken into account when creating an engine.

Nowadays it is not uncommon, depending on the choice of ...

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Tip: Set of rubber plugs for cable entry and blind plugs on the scooter

Cable entry and blind plugs for Vespa & Co.
Often it is just little things that are missing when converting or overhauling a scooter and thus sometimes gnaw on the nerves of the screwdriver.

If a small rubber ring, also known as a cable gland, is missing to connect the battery, mount the turn signals or a blind plug to close holes that are no longer required, ...

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Footrest adapter pillion CNC -SCOOTER CENTER- Vespa GT, GTL, GTS, GTV 125-300

Footrest adapter Vespa GTs3331666

Passenger footrest adapter for Vespa GTS & Co
As beautiful as the Vespa GTS is, driving pleasure for two is often marred by a lack of space in the footwell.

So that you and your passenger can enjoy the driving experience undisturbed, we have included beautiful footrest adapters in our range.

By installing the adapter, you as the driver have more space in the footwell and ...

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Silent block set engine -BGM PRO- Vespa Small- and Largeframe

Vespa silent block
Hand on heart - have you ever swapped the silent blocks on your Vespa? Unfortunately, this is usually neglected even with complete restorations.

After many, faithfully completed kilometers, it sometimes happens that when you look at the most beautiful rear part in the world you notice that something is wrong here.

When the rear wheel is viewed from behind in the direction of travel, slightly to the side ...

Engine gasket set -BGM Pro silicone- Vespa

Silicone seal kits for Vespa
Available from now on:
High-quality bgm PRO engine gasket sets for Vespa with silicone coating for

Vespa Largeframe (Sprint Veloce, Rally, PX, Cosa) and
Smallframe (e.g. V50, PV125, ET3, PK).

The new BGM sealing kits are manufactured by a well-known manufacturer in Italy.
They are characterized by the high-quality sealing material (in 0,5mm on a fiber composite basis) and the additionally applied silicone sealant.

The ...

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Clutch bgm PRO Superstrong CR for Vespa

bgm pro superstrong honda cr vespa

NEW: clutch bgm PRO Superstrong "CR" for Vespa
Our 1000 times proven bgm PRO Superstrong clutch for the Vespa Largeframe-Motoren has received an update.
In the "Superstrong CR" version, the CR clutch linings can be mounted without machining.


Pre-assembled coupling available
Only the upper surface is specially processed and offers space for the reinforcement of the cover plate.
The mere assembly ...

Clutch linings -BGM Pro Ø = 108mm- type Honda CR80 modified for clutch type Vespa Cosa2 / FL (1992-), PX (1995-), Superstrong, Scooter & Service, MMW - 4 discs

Upgrade for the Vespa Cosa2 clutch types!
More power, more torque, more everything ... This is what the new Malossi MHR221, Quattrini M232 & Co.
The concentrated torque of these units has to reach the road somehow.
One of the most important interfaces between the steam hammer and the road is also the coupling.


She has one of the toughest jobs in ...

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Vespa tool check: BGM7913TL - face spanner rear wheel bearing-BGM PRO Ø37mm / 43mm, 4-pin- Vespa VL, VN, VM, ACMA

Face wrench - Crown nut wrench - Rear wheel bearing-BGM PRO? I = 28mm / 35mm,? Hole stitch = 37mm / 43mm, 4-pin- Vespa Wideframe 98/125 / 150ccm V98, V1T-15T, V30T-33T, Hoffmann HA / HB, VM, VN, VL, VB, VGL, VD, GS150, Piaggio APE A1T-15T, AB1T-4T, AC, APA, article no. BGM7913TL

Vespa special tools for oldies
For lovers of the older Vespa models up to the GS series or even Wideframes, we have added a nice Vespa special tool from bgm PRO to our range.

Main shaft bearing stuck?
Many screw connections on the older Vespa ladies have rotted tight due to aging, lack of maintenance and standing around forever and sometimes only with a few deep handles into the bag of tricks ...

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177ccm cylinder bgm PRO for Vespa PX, Sprint and Co

BGM177 the cylinder for Vespa PX

BGM177 - the new cylinder from bgm PRO
Cylinder -bgm PRO 177 cc- Vespa PX125, PX150, Sprint150, GTR125, TS125, Cosa125, Cosa150

Here we want to introduce you to the new BGM177 cylinder, which will be available from April 2016.

First video BGM177 - the 177 cylinder for Vespa
We showed the cylinder for the first time at the Scooterists Meltdown. That ...