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Patrick tells us a little about what this great event was: "From Gourlizon we go to Douarnenez in the rain, to a member of our scooter club's restaurant for lunch, where we have 38 bikes due to the bad weather forecast, and then to the sea at Penhors in the afternoon driving. On Sunday morning we drive 80 km by the sea ...

Vespa meeting in Wolfenbüttel on the Exer

The companion meeting is in the 2nd round! This year's Vespa meeting in Wolfenbüttel starts on July 02.07.2022nd, XNUMX. Countless Vespas and other tin companions meet again on the former barracks site of the "Exers" in Wolfenbüttel. This year there is a decent program:

The participants can bring their Vespa scooters to the show! Moderated by the owner and YouTuber Timo Brenneke, the most beautiful ...