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20 years Scooter Center Part 6: That Scooter Center Team

The company was founded two decades ago. The growing team makes a decisive contribution to success. Today is the SCOOTER CENTER GmbH is a company with around 30 employees and yet as passionately and closely connected to the scooter scene as it was 20 years ago.
The team includes trained two-wheel mechanics, engineers and career changers - they all have one thing in common: ...

20 years Scooter Center Part 5: The Logos

At first SCOOTER CENTER COLOGNE in the classic Lambretta lettering above SCOOTER CENTER in Lambretta Special Design up to SCOOTER CENTER COLOGNE in surfer style inspired by Gordon & Smith.

Since the end of the nineties, the serif block design has only been gently modeled. This logo also accompanies the SCK in the company anniversary 2012 - 20 years of SCOOTER ...

20 years Scooter Center - Part 4: New building and catalogs

1997: The move to the Glessen industrial estate is due. The 1000 square meters in Ludwig Erhard Strasse appear huge. At first the upper floor is full of various scooters, later with parts and two offices. An external warehouse is rented in the village. Daily trips and double storage are no longer a condition.

Simultaneously with the move to the industrial park, ...

20 years Scooter Center - Part 3: The garage and the expansion

1992: Ulf and Oli discovered the business of importing scooters independently of each other. With Italy and England they complement each other perfectly. That's how they found it in the middle of the year SCOOTER CENTER COLOGNE. The main business is still on the import of used Vespas and Lambrettas as well as special and tuning parts.

1993: The business structures have consolidated. From a garage are ...

bgm PRO SC shock absorber for Vespa PK

Our bgm PRO SC shock absorbers are the reference on the road and on the racetrack. In many European racing series and especially in the ESC, the dampers are "state of the art".

The front and rear bgm PRO SC dampers for the Vespa PK models are brand new. The Vespa PK damper comes with two adapters of different lengths. ...

20 years Scooter Center Part 2: EVERYONE STARTS SMALL

1990: MB Developments, Taffspeed, Kegra, AF Rayspeed sounding names that make every scooter driver watery eyes at the beginning of the nineties. An exhaust or a tuned cylinder from one of the famous tuning companies is the greatest. Ulf is increasingly combining his visits to English meetings with shopping trips for friends. The first contacts via the channel have been made.

In ...

20 years Scooter Center - Part 1: In the beginning there was Quadrophenia

Scooter Center Cologne logo 1984

1984: Oliver Kluger cruises with the Ciao clique through Bergisch-Gladbach. Ulf Schröder is already infected with the scooter virus. With his first scooter, a Zündapp RS50, and his colleagues from Düsseldorf and Gelsenkirchen, Ulf lives the mod lifestyle. Accelerated from the movie Quadrophenia, it is spilling across Europe.

1986: Ulf replaced his Zündapp with a Rally 200. ...


2012 - the long distance year

2012 was a special year because this year the ESC Endurance started for the first time. In this endurance championship, in contrast to the regular ESC championship, there are no sprint races against each other, but teams drive up to 6 hours at a time to win. That Scooter Center Cologne sent the GSF SCK Endurance Team (Andreas Putz, ...

Step board sets -MAURO PASCOLI- premium quality for your Vespa

Perfectly fitting and properly riveted skirting boards are the i-point for every restoration. There's nothing worse than a freshly painted scooter with crooked and mismatched treads.

That is why we offer you various sets of steps in absolute top quality. Only high-quality materials are used for this in order to be able to offer you sets in OEM quality. The rubber step strips and the end pieces ...


Motor Jam Meinerzhagen

On Saturday we were guests with our P4 test bench at the Motor Jam at Meinerzhagen Airport. The runway was divided into 1/8 mile for 2- and 4-wheelers and a free-run zone for scooters where you had the whole day to test your engine set-ups properly. We also had our twin with ...

PARMAKIT Smallframe Cylinder special offer

We currently have a special offer for selected Parmakit LC Smallframe Tuning cylinder. Parmakit, the legendary tuning company from Italy, is known for its racing cylinders. Convince yourself:

Cylinder -PARMAKIT 130ccm LC, 25mm direct intake- Vespa PV125, ET3 125, PK125

Cylinder -PARMAKIT 130ccm LC, 30mm direct intake- Vespa PV125, ET3 125, PK125

Cylinder -PARMAKIT 130ccm central, 30mm direct intake- Vespa PV125, ET3 125, ...


Ludwig & Scherer exhaust "magic fire"

Ludwig & Scherer are THE two-stroke exhaust gurus! Especially with the Smallframeengine, one big hit chases the next. The official debut, the Hammmerzombie, is our long-running favorite Smallframe to fire. The "Big Bertha" has been specially developed for the Parmakit SP09 cylinders. With a nice wide speed range, the engine turns off freely and the 20 HP + are ...

Sceed clothing now in our shop

The summer is drawing to a close, willy-nilly. Autumn with cold and wet weather is coming closer and closer. That's why we now have appropriate clothing available in our shop so that nothing stands in the way of your journey in autumn.

Jacket -SCEED 42 Downtown Race- textile with membrane, black

Available in sizes S - 4XL

Rain jacket -SCEED 42- ...

Vespa PX & PK speedometer up to 160km / h

New to our range: speedometer with display up to 160km / h

Originally made for the Vespa GTV models, this classic Vespa design speedometer also fits into the PX Lusso and PK XL1 models. With a display of up to 160 km / h, it should also be sufficient for the tuning friends among us. The color scheme is nostalgic anthracite / cream with chrome ...

20 years Scooter Center - Classic Day & season end

Scooter Center since 1992
At the end of the season and our 20th anniversary, we want to celebrate and toast with you again. After our Classic Day literally fell into the water in spring, we ordered better weather this time to let the season end with you. Our season finale will take place on Saturday, September 29th. ...

Large selection of 2-stroke t-shirts

We have a couple of really cool Vespa and Lambretta T-shirts for men and women in sizes S to XXL in our range. Convince yourself:

16 = 2Stroke + 4 Gears + 10 inches

T-shirt for men

T-shirt for women

1024 - 10 Inch 2 Stroke 4 Gears as Vespa and Lambretta Edition

Vespa 1024 T-shirt for men

T-shirt ...

Scootering magazine

Every month there is a new Scootering in our shop. Scootering magazine has been around since 1985 and appears monthly in English. The content covers classic motor scooters, especially Vespa and Lambrettta, and also reports on the people who drive them. You can also find reports of interesting products in Scootering.

Back from the Isle of Wight and Mersea Island Rally

After a good 2 weeks it is Scooter Center Transporter back in Glessen. The last stop on the UK tour was the rally on Mersea Island, which this year celebrated its 20th anniversary. We took the opportunity there to test our new bgm products, as well as our Generation XI and our bgm testbike ...

Düsselvespen exit

Yesterday we were guests of the Düsselvesps. They met under the Theodor-Heuss-Brücke where the Golzheim Festival had taken place at the same time. Around 15 p.m. there were already more than 150 scooters that had come to the corso.

A short time later they made their way across the city center to ...

Seat -CORSA Evolution Plus- Vespa PX

New to our range is the Corsa Evolution plus seat. The benches in the Corsa Evolution series are made in Italy from plastic and reinforced with metal. In addition to their slim racing look, they offer five rubberized support points for a secure hold.
Conclusion: beautiful, sporty bench in 2 different designs. Variant 1 and variant 2. At the first ...