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7 Platónika project - On the road


As we would say in Colombia: “I'm in my salsa *” (that is, I'm fully in my element). I received Platónika with 18 km and exactly 15 days later, she had a thousand km more.

Completely excited because spring is already coming, I started driving. And even got me a touring ...


CHAPTER 6 Project Platónika - Let's get started

I'm so excited I can't wait when the end result is a “small” step away ... a bureaucratic step.

Although I have had a Colombian driver's license for more than 10 years, a theoretical and practical test is required in Germany, so: As soon as the project started, I started learning all 800 questions. ...

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Platónika all parts - the ultimate wishlist

Platónika - How to build a complete new Vespa

Platónika Vespa bgm project
All the adventures of completely rebuilding a Vespa PX (LML) are told here by Maryzabel with all the secrets in photos and videos.

Of course, Maryzabel uses the Scooter Center High-bay warehouse with over 40.000 parts and installed everything that Scooter Center especially with its brands bgm & MOTO NOSTRA. You ...

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CHAPTER 5 Project Platónika - DOWN TO EARTH

Platonica 5
Putting your feet on the ground is a statement in itself!

A confirmation of our identity; Scooter boys & girls, mods, racers and travelers know that their ideologies and beliefs end up in accessories that become symbols of their very own qualities.

So, too, Platónika takes this big step after being in the air for months and ...

10% off everything from the crazy monkey!


That is impossible! You see a nifty tool for adjusting the ignition and you have to build it because you don't know where to find it!


With the custom scooter parts from the crazy monkey from the Forbidden City, it's very easy. ALL YOU NEED you can easily get the hot stuff here ...


Mofarocker on tour!

Altötting - Cuxhaven and back. Almost.

Three men, three mopeds and a mission. Take a short drive from Mühldorf (near Altötting) to Cuxhaven.
The approximate course of the route looks like this and can no longer be exactly reconstructed due to the many small roads and dirt roads.

From the start there are five stages to Cuxhaven and the daily stages were always ...

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Run of the EST championship 2020 at the Harz-Ring

On July 11.07th and 12.07th, after a long wait, the time had finally come and the start of the EST championship 2020 could take place at the Harzring. The event was entirely under the sign of Corona and despite the conditions for the race, the encouragement on the part of the drivers was in no way interrupted. But on the contrary. It was noticeable to many drivers that ...

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Interview with Alex Stroh Scooter Center

Alex on the couch at Scooter Center
Alex Stroh, Technical Product Manager Scooter Center, bgm, Moto Nostra

In the Platónika project, I got to know my accomplice pretty well over time and the plan to rebuild a Vespa from individual parts. And I'm overjoyed to learn every day from one of the best Vespa mechanics I've probably ever met ...

Chapter 3 - She's alive! - Vespa Platónika PX bgm 177

As in Mary Shelley's famous story (Frankenstein), Maryzabel also throws pieces of different origins together to - hopefully - bring a legend to life.

A central component of Platónika is the LML frame set. A set consisting of all sheet metal parts of the Vespa PX and directly painted. Sets that are unfortunately only available in limited numbers, because ...

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Milling overflow channels Motor Vespa PX

The Vespa engine - the heart of Platónika - received the desired control angle of the crankshaft in the last post
Adjust cylinder overcurrent channels in the motor to optimize performance
Vespa Tuning: Before the complete assembly of the engine can be done, all the work that generates chips has to be done. Only then can the housing be cleaned.

These include here in the next ...


What and above all who is behind the Platónika project?

Who, what, how PLATONIKA?
We know that our Platónika project is now taking a little longer than expected.

But we continue to work hard behind the scenes. And used the project to do a few SC tutorials for you.

Due to various inquiries about who Maryzabel is and how she came to us, Alex Lanz asked for an interview on ...

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BGM Classic tire assembly

How do I mount the tires on a Vespa / Lambretta?
Using our bgm Classic tires as an example, we show the correct assembly of the tire (split rim).
1. Reduce friction 
The inner tube is subjected to flexing when the tire rolls off, so it makes sense to use talc to reduce friction on the inside.
The white powder reduces the friction between ...

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TUTORIAL - Measuring the entry time Vespa PX

Our video and blog today is about measuring the inlet angle, also known as the inlet timing.
The inlet angle should move in a certain range which is given in degrees crankshaft. As a fixed point, the measurements always start from the top dead center, or TDC for short.
The inlet area is therefore divided into the values ​​"before TDC" and "after TDC" ...