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bgm PRO Touring exhaust system for Vespa Wideframe

The new bgm Pro Touringbox is a well-camouflaged, high-performance sports exhaust that looks absolutely inconspicuous in the look of the standard exhaust.

The construction of bgm PRO Touring Box is designed for the greatest possible compatibility with the cylinder concepts on the market. A flat cone angle and a moderate resonance length are the main features of the box. Below we show three examples of completely different engines on which we tested the WF box.


with bgm150 cylinder, (Ø57mm) bgm crankshaft (stroke 57mm), Polini CP24 carburetor, bgm Pro Touring exhaust (bgm1015TR)

It's nice to see how early and linear the engine's performance is with the bgmbox sets in and rises. It harmonizes very well with the tame control angles of the bgm150 cylinders. Despite the high and early torque, the performance is maintained for a long time. This makes the engine very pleasant to drive as it immediately starts to 'pull' and can also be turned if necessary. An ideal characteristic for a powerful everyday engine.


with CC Corsa 160 cylinder (diaphragm-controlled), carburettor PHBL 25, exhaust bmg Pro Touring (bgm1015TR)

The CC Corsa 160 cylinder is a popular conversion cylinder for anyone who wants to build a solid but powerful engine based on the original housing. The bgm The touring exhaust also harmonizes very well with the diaphragm-controlled cylinder. This one compared to bgm150 already significantly higher control angles (approx. ÜS125°/AS175°) shift the peak performance by approx. 1000rpm. The harmonious, hole-free climb offers absolutely stress-free driving, which offers torque that increases to the peak, the sporty 'pulling' of the engine that is typical of two-strokes. Here, too, the engine can be turned up even further after peak performance has been reached, for example to save a gear change when overtaking quickly.


Engine GS150

with cylinder Quattrini M1XL (diaphragm-controlled for engine PX125/150), carburettor PHBL30, exhaust bgm Pro Touring (bgm1015TR)

A special engine based on a Vespa GS150 Wideframe Engine housing converted with a diaphragm-controlled Quattrini cylinder for a PX125/150 engine. Together with a 60mm king shaft the result is a displacement of 181ccm. The engine is in one Wideframe installed, which is why the BGM Pro Touring exhaust also attracted great interest. The cylinder here is unmachined and runs with control angles of 124/176. Here too, the BGM box delivers great performance. 21HP and 22Nm are quite impressive for a system that is designed purely as a touring exhaust system and does not have a large volume. If necessary, more would certainly be possible with a smaller control angle, but for this comparison purpose it is ideal to see that the system is absolutely easy to drive even on very sporty engines and still enables high performance. Here, too, the driving noise is very pleasant, which is why the vehicle owner had the exhaust installed directly on the vehicle.


DEVELOPMENT bgm Pro Touring box

Goal in developing the bgm Wideframebox was to design a robust, quiet, high-torque and powerful exhaust that can be used on as many engine concepts as possible.

In order to meet these sometimes quite contradictory requirements, a lot of time and work on the test bench was necessary. At the time the first Vespa engines were designed, there was neither the effective Schnürle reverse scavenging nor a deeper understanding of how to improve gas exchange in the cylinder using the exhaust. The original exhaust Wideframe-models was therefore in principle never much more than a silencer. He only had a marginal contribution to the engine performance, if at all. It follows that, due to the engine's low output per liter (~30 HP/l), only a small volume was planned for sound insulation (apart from the fact that in the 1950s the noise generated by a 125cc engine was not a serious problem in everyday life anyway...) .

Nowadays, the volume of an exhaust is not only relevant for sound insulation, the performance and its course are also largely determined by it. Today's designs use a suction diffuser, the exhaust itself is then the 'virtual' counter-cone. A larger volume means higher performance and a lower noise level can be achieved.

Wideframe bgm big box

There is room for a larger exhaust Wideframemodels are limited by the surrounding body and therefore not as variable as, for example, in the PX models. Anyone who previously installed a more powerful engine usually resorted to an adapted PX exhaust system. Although these have more volume, they are located across the vehicle and significantly reduce the ground clearance. Visually, they only match the beautiful line of the now very valuable ones to a limited extent Wideframe-models. Therefore the BGM was developed Wideframe Exhaust system ensured that it looks close to series production.

The available exhaust volume is required for both power development and sound insulation. The more volume is used to develop power, the more power/torque can usually be generated at the expense of noise. In order not to be seen as a potential disruptive factor in today's sometimes somewhat hysterical environment, low noise was an important factor in the development phase. It has been possible to combine high performance with a pleasant sound that also suits older vehicles. Even with engines with almost four times the liter output of the original engine, the exhaust is very pleasant to drive on long journeys.

The bgm Pro Touring Box is mechanically very solidly constructed and is manufactured in Europe (Spain) to a very high quality level.

CONCLUSION: The development goals have all been implemented and result in an exhaust that is excellent for everyday use. It offers superior power delivery with a pleasant driving noise combined with high manufacturing quality.

New bgm sports exhaust system for #Wideframe #bgm #BigboxTouring

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The new lighter Vespa GTS/GTV rims from bgm

For all Vespa GTS & GTV models!

The German brand bgm brings a new one with its PRO line sports rim for the popular Vespa GTS and GTV models. With a diameter of 13 inches and approved tire sizes up to 140mm wide, the bgm PRO SPORT rim an optical and technical upgrade for all Vespa GTS/GTV models. 


Lightest rim on the market

Despite the larger 13-inch dimensions compared to the standard 12-inch rim, the bgm PRO SPORT rim with only approx. 2900 grams a lightweight.

The lower undamped masses of the bgm PRO alloy wheels lead to significantly more agile handling and a greatly improved response of the chassis components. The low weight of the rims improves handling, i.e. the ability to react to driving situations with quick changes of direction. This significantly improves the overall handling.

special design!

An attractive design with elegant spokes

The light and open design gives a clear view of the brake system. Modified brake components are thus clearly highlighted and the cooling of the brake system is optimized. 

Black rims

Rims matt glossy

black Matt

With 13 inches and tires of 130/60-13 on the front wheel and 140/60-13 on the rear wheel, the handling is much more confident. The direct response to steering inputs convey agile handling with the greatest possible directional stability when cornering.

Powder coated not painted!!!
  • WEIGHT: 2900 grams
  • SIZE: 13×3,00 inch (12×3,00 inch series)
  • ABE: all Vespa GTS models
  • TIRE APPROVAL: no tire manufacturer approval required
  • SURFACE: resistant powder coating
  • COLOURS: matt black and glossy black
  • DESIGN: discreetly sporty
  • ASSEMBLY: Optional assembly kit available
  • NON-AUTHORIZATION: KBA test mark, no demonstration at TÜV/DEKRA necessary

shiny black 

Mounting set for GTS rims 

Unlike the rims used ex works, these are bgm PRO identical for front and rear. They therefore have different depth dimensions for the holes for the fastening screws. For this reason, shorter screws (M8x35mm) are used on the front axle. On the rear wheel, the ABS tone wheel is not screwed directly to the rim, but (as with older GTS models ex works) to the special wheel bolts. We have put together a complete mounting kit that includes all the specific mounting hardware.

Mounting set for rims

Operating manual


The rim passed and exceeded all the strict test standards required for approval in Germany with flying colours. So that's the high-strength bgm PRO SPORT rims are the ideal basis for optically successful conversions. Thanks to the ABE and the KBA test mark, the rim is not subject to approval and does not have to be presented separately to a test center.

The ABE is supplied with the purchase of the rims, which is only valid in printed form, but can be downloaded here for all information on assembly.

Operating manual


The new extendable Moto Nostra luggage rack

New extendable luggage racks

One of the main challenges we face at Vespa meetings is getting our drinks on the Vespa properly.
Moto Nostra brings the solution with a discreet luggage rack. It features a spring-loaded, extendable luggage carriage. Even a crate of drinks can be transported without any problems.

Everyone's dream Real Scooterist!

Vespa PX, Rally, Sprint, TS125, GT/GTR, SS180, Motovespa DN, Iris, LML Star, Deluxe, Stella

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Our NOS (New old stock) section continues to grow

We've salvaged some NOS* treasures for you again! Including extremely rare parts such as the ignition lock on the shifter of German Vespa Sprint models with a key. Also there are great style-defining legends of the 80's, such as the rear light grille and colorful plastic levers from Utah.
Just browse around and see if there might be something for you.

*Here we present you so-called NOS goods, which we were able to secure for you, for example, from stock purchases or business closures.
These are new items from the original manufacturer, which are often better than replicas produced today.
As a rule, the goods always show traces of long storage, be it due to corrosion, scratches or simply dust.
If you are willing to refurbish such a product, you will receive a high product quality for little money. Please note that this product is only available in small quantities and is often sold out quickly. Only while stocks last.



headlights -SIEM 'Torino' Ø=115/120mm (glass/outside)


Vespa GS150 / GS3, GS160 / GS4 (VSB1T), VB1T, also suitable for VBB1T (71001-), VNB3-6T, GL150 (VGLB1T 37269-) 

headlights-TRIOM (NOS) Ø=146mm yellow lens


Headlight -TRIOM (NOS) Ø=146mm yellow lens 

Blinker – REAR RIGHT TRIOM – Orange


Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, PX200, T5 125cc

headlight connector (round) -PIAGGIO


Vespa PK XL/XL2 – Ba20d Bilux 35/35W

headlight connector -PIAGGIO (trioma)


Vespa PX Lusso


 7674543B Headlight trim ring -BIEMME (NOS) Ø=105/115mm (glass/outside)

Vespa VL1 to VL2 (No. 48300)

Rear light lens -SIEM


Vespa V50 S, V50 N, V50 L

Taillight -SIEM 


Vespa V50 Elestart (V5A3T), V50 N Special (V5A1T, V5A2T)

light switch Battery models – without kill switch


Vespa VBA1T (-76050), GL150 (VGLA1T, -15860), VBB1T, VNB4T, GL150 (VLA1T), Super125 (VNC1T), Super150 (VBC1T), GT125/GTR125 (VNL2T), Sprint150 Veloce (VLB1T), PV125 (VMA2T ) 


Ignition lock – Turn signal switch -SIEM/GRABOR


Vespa Sprint, GL150 (VLA1T, German models 1963-1964)

turn signal switch


Vespa V50 S, SR50, V50 R, V90, SS90, Nuova 125, PV125, ET3, Super, GS150 / GS3, GS160 / GS4 (VSB1T), Sprint, Rally180 (VSD1T), Rally200 (VSE1T) - also suitable for USA models

Brake Light Switch -BIEMME angled sheet metal closer


Wasp Wideframe/Largeframe (1946-1958) V98, V1T-V15T-V30-33T, VM1T, VM2T, VN1T, VN2T, VU1T, VL1-3T, GS150 (VS1-3T), VB1T, GL150 (VGL1T), VNA1T, VNA2T


ignition PIAGGIO/DUCATI base plate (contact ignition, 5 cables, 12V, AC)



 Vespa PX - P125X, P150X, with voltage regulator, with battery, with 4-fold indicator system, 2x yellow cable

Ignition lock -SIEM


Gilera Giubileo 98-125-175-200

clutch linings -FDM


Vespa GS150 / GS3 VS1T

Brake lever + clutch lever (set)



Vespa Sport, PX -1997, T5, TX, T5 Classic, PK S, XL
666SM180 black

UTAH  - Plastic 
VESPA Sport -Vespa PX -1997, T5, TX, T5 Classic, PK S, XL

666UF117 white
666UF118 Red
666VP123 Yellow

Cable box Engine -PIAGGIO


Vespa 125 VNB6T, Super, GT125 (VNL2T), GTR125 (VNL2T), TS125 (VNL3T), Sprint150 (VLB1T), Sprint Veloce, Rally180 (VSD1T)

Motor cable box -GPM Italy (NOS) – black


Vespa VNB6T, VBB2T (from 216489), GL150 (VLA1T) (VLA1T from 070722), Super, GT125 (VNL2T), GTR125 (VNL2T), Sprint150 (VLB1T), Sprint Veloce, Rally180 (VSD1T)

Exhaust -SITO Sport B goods

2010001 SPB

Vespa V50, 50N, 50S, 50L, 50R, 50 Special, V50 Elestart, PV125

Horn cover VIGANO NOS (New old stock)

Rare Vespa chrome accessories original from the 60's

Individualizing your Vespa and giving it a personal touch is a seemingly everlasting zeitgeist that surrounds every Vespa like an aura. Italian companies began developing special accessories early on and marketing them very successfully.
A particularly popular, but also expensive, special accessory was the chromed aluminum horn cover. The look of Vespa VBB and Co., which was already looking a bit old-fashioned in the late sixties, could be given a much more modern look with the help of these add-on parts. The world was in a spirit of optimism, the first flight to the moon, rocket technology, nothing seemed out of reach. Style icons like the Chevrolet Impalla inspired many designers and playful chrome tail fins were more than en vogue.

Vigano picked up on this trend and offered a particularly nice piece of individuality for retrofitting with the horn cascade shown here. Formally replicating a mini-format radiator grille, the horn could be concealed, similar to the contemporary Lambretta models. Translucent plastic may not be anything out of the ordinary today, but on the Vigano Kasakde it resulted in the desired very modern, almost futuristic style, which fully met the taste of the time aka 'Thunderbirds are Go'.


We were able to get hold of the cascades in small numbers from a warehouse clearance. These are well-preserved, new/unused horn covers that show signs of ageing/storage. The chrome has some scratches or is slightly tarnished. We offer the cascades in an A and B grade.
The A-ware is in good condition but also has minor flaws
The B-stock has some traces of oxidation or heavier scratches:

Scope of delivery and fastening

The cascade is delivered with a retaining plate and colored rubber profile.
The retaining plate is screwed to the original attachment points of the horn.
The plastic parts are also screwed to the cascade and can therefore be removed for cleaning.

These goods are sold by us as so-called NOS (New old stock = new item that has been stored for a long time) marked. While stocks last.

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Exhaust BGM PRO Big Box Touring – “BBT V2”

The BBT V2 is a further development of the well-known Big Box Touring exhaust system. During the revision, we attached great importance to depicting the widest possible spectrum of usable engine concepts.

Our prototype was driven more than 3000km to ensure that the final product delivers what it promises.

It was driven on an original (unprocessed) Rally200 Femsatronic block with standard shaft and Malossi 210 Sport as it comes out of the box.

In our tests, the engine developed just over 17 hp. Due to the higher performance and the higher torque, a straight-toothed 23/63 BGM primary is installed (3% longer than standard). The base plate of the Femsatronic was reworked to a long hole in order to be able to adjust the pre-ignition from a fixed 24° before TDC to 18° before TDC. The squish edge as specified by Malossi with 0.9mm and the air filter without drilling / processing.

Sitting upright on the Autobahn, the scooter runs at a reproducible speed of 120 km/h (according to GPS), corresponding to 7000 rpm with an additional 16 hp on the wheel.

In this graph we show the BBT2 (blue) compared to a Polini Box (red), measured in third gear:

The manifold, the contour of the exhaust shells, the damper chamber and the selectable diameter of the tailpipe are the changes made in detail.

The manifold itself has been modified in the course and to increase performance and the new exhaust shells have been optimized for more ground clearance.

In the damper chamber we have added components to achieve further turning and an increase in torque. The tailpipe can be adapted to the displacement and the speed of the respective engine by removing a plug-in part.

The tailpipe with plug-in part (d=18mm) is suitable for touring-oriented engines such as e.g Malossi Sports, Polini 210/211 and Quattrini 232

After removing the plug-in part, the new BBT has a tailpipe diameter of 20mm Quattrini 244-252 and Malossi MHR very good and also offers significantly more power and speed without thermally influencing the engines too much.

In summary, the BBT V2 achieves more across the entire speed range than the previous version on current engine concepts.

In addition to my everyday driving device, Maryzabel's Platonika also had to be used for experiments.

You can read about the exact equipment of the Platonika with our bgm177 cylinder here in the blog link to blog

Here is the comparison on the engine of the Platonika:

My daily ride, equipped with a Malossi Sport 210, Set primary incl. clutch, Clutch pinion
+ primary + repki
 and via a membrane with a YSN30 carburettor link to blog: carburetor YSN30 https://blog.scooter-center.com/fast-30-mm/   )
ventilated, this engine represents a drive machine of the current generation.

Changed course - the manifold runs closer to the exhaust body and is additionally supported with a strut

Depending on the engine concept, the plug-in part can be pulled out

The BBTV2 is available now for the PX80, PX125, PX150 and the like, as well as the PX200 and Rally200: https://www.scooter-center.com/de/search?sSearch=bbt2

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Novelties EICMA 2022

It's always nice to meet friends and that was when Scooter Center-Team on the EICMA 2022 the case. Here is some news that caught our attention:

New Vespa models EICMA 2022

Piaggio proudly presented the new 2023 model years, which will win many new fans with some new, visible and invisible features. 
The most prominent model is of course the GTS300.
We can already say in advance: It drives better than ever! Piaggio has finally dedicated itself to the subject of chassis and has now made it much more stable and active. This is accompanied by a new front wheel suspension including a new supplier for the brake components. Nissin from Japan is now on board here and is responsible for a befitting delay. The front shock absorber of the GTS models differs again from the previous models, which brings us to the third stage of evolution. Interestingly, Piaggio has retained the previous fork/brake type for the new GTV models (recognizable by the headlight on the fender). In line with the spirit of the times, a keyless go system has now been rolled out on the GTS/GTV platforms. With that, the conventional key is history. It was replaced by a pure transponder (key fob) that can be used to start and unlock the vehicle when approaching via a rotary knob in the position of the former mechanical steering lock. The engine corresponds to the Euro5 engine which is already known from the previous model years. The models generally known as HPE, which brought a decent increase in performance compared to the Euro4 models, are used unchanged, i.e. with full power (23,8 hp at 8.250 rpm), in the 2023 models. 

Externally, the new GTS models can only be distinguished from last year's models with a trained eye. However, Piaggio has hardly left a part untouched, so that the term facelift at this point would not do justice to Piaggio's effort. The clear identification feature of the GTS300 Bj.2023 are the switch units separated from the handlebars and the slightly exposed license plate light. The well-known division into GTS, GTS Super, GTS SuperSport and GTS SuperTech has been retained. While the first three versions are more to be understood as color variants, the SuperTech models also stand out technically with a large TFT display instead of the classic instrument landscape. In order not to lose touch in times of mandatory constant communication, Piaggio offers its new connectivity system MIA as an option. A concession to activate new target groups and to give the vehicle class further features, away from the purpose of a pure means of transport. Certainly a good idea to be able to place the GTS models even more fully and comprehensively on the market. 

Vespa 946 10° Anniversary

The famous 946 models were also presented in a new guise. Always designed less as a technology and more as an image bearer, the 946 is both extroverted and a homage to the company's own history. The fact that with the 946 models Piaggio has strayed very far from the original idea of ​​the simple but robust everyday vehicle is not at all an issue here. On the contrary, the 946 embodies that archetype scooter that any child would paint. This is more than any marketing department of other manufacturers even dares to dream of. Appropriately, Piaggio has dipped the 946 in a beautiful shade of green that is distantly related to the first paintwork of the models from over 70 years ago. In contrast to the GTS models, the 946 models therefore appeal more to artistic finesse, to whom an individual vehicle concept means more than explicitly good driving performance. For this reason, Piaggio has not yet given the 946 models a keyless go, but still relies on the good old key technology. To compensate, it has a modern LCD display and an LED headlight. The 946 models are offered with 125cc and 150cc.

 Vespa GTV

The new GTV models have undergone major visual changes than their GTS brothers. The handlebar fairing as well as the handlebar itself have been completely redesigned. Together with the sports seat including the new cover made of plastic (screwed/removable) and the decorative stripes, a beautiful nostalgic race look is offered, almost retro sport from the factory. With the front wheel fork, Piaggio stayed with the previously produced type so that the retrofit parts (shock absorbers) already available for these models also fit. However, keyless go is also already on board here and makes the GTV a reliable and easy-to-use commuter with a touch of avant-garde. The USB connection, LED headlights and the digital speedometer round off the picture of the modern oldie perfectly.

GTS Supersport 300 HPE ABS ASR

New SpecialModel: Primavera Color Vibe 

The color vibe special models of the Primavera models impress with a modern appearance that Piaggio has created with a simple but very effective trick. A completely different vehicle line is implied by a horizontally applied decorative color tone, which deliberately contrasts strongly with the rest of the vehicle paintwork. This makes the Primavera models appear much sportier and more pleasing. Attached to the side, the engine displacement is also a nice gimmick. The color vibe models are available in 50cc, 125cc and 150cc versions.

Vespa Primavera Color Vibe 125 i-get ABS 


Pinasco is still busy and always inspires with new products. The latest hit is the 244/252cc cylinder which was designed for a standard engine housing. Undoubtedly, the already legendary Quattrini M244 was the inspiration here, with its huge success in 2015 no one expected would have; Too expensive, too exclusive. Pinasco has now also dared to interpret the topic of maximum cubic capacity for the series housing. Here, too, a cylinder is used that no longer has a cylinder base that has to dip into the motor housing. This allows the size of the cylinder bore to be increased to a whopping 72mm (series 66.5mm) without having to rework the engine housing. However, a crankshaft with a significantly longer connecting rod (130mm vs. 110mm series) is absolutely necessary for this, as the channels are located significantly further up in the cylinder. A big difference to the Quattrini M244 cylinder is the intake control. The Pinasco cylinder has a large cylinder inlet which is fired by an intake manifold with a membrane. This makes you completely independent of an intake control via the engine housing. Pinasco will offer matching crankshafts with 60 and 62mm stroke. The connecting rod length is 130mm. According to Pinasco, if a Pinasco engine housing is used, there is no need to spin the crankcase for the crankshafts. This step would only be necessary for original Piaggio motor housings.

New PX200 cylinder kit 252cc 

The cylinder with side outlets is also shown here. These are probably omitted in series production.

Piston 72mm diameter

Clutch bell for Ciao/SI

Cylinder kit for Honda SH300

Motor housing Pinasco Smallframe

Now with a multi-drilling pattern suitable for many cylinders 'out of the box'

Pinasco Eureka

A special feature at the Pinasco stand was the E-conversion kit for the Vespa, dubbed Eureka Smallframemodels.
The solution patented by Pinasco envisages replacing only the crankshaft and the cylinder. The cylinder is replaced by an electric motor with a vertical output shaft. The replacement for the crankshaft, on the other hand, absorbs the power of the engine via spur gearing and transmits it conventionally to the clutch. The scooter can be operated as usual (coupling, shifting, accelerating, uhh, giving electricity).


New ECU for GTS 300 Euro 5

Polini offers a new cylinder kit including ECU unit for the GTS300 Euro5 models. With this, the injection quantity/time can be adjusted within a certain framework to the installation situation (modified exhaust, air filter, etc.) by simply adjusting a potentiometer.

New exhaust Vespa Sprint

Polini now also offers their popular 'original box' exhaust system for older engine generations such as the Vespa Sprint. With these models, the exhaust is only fixed to a screw on the engine block. Polini has therefore modified and strengthened the bracket. The end tube was also lengthened. This appears to be smaller than in conventional systems. As soon as we have the new systems in the program, we will mention this detail in the shop. It is also unclear whether the main stand of the Sprint models can fold in unhindered. An often voiced point of criticism of the previous Polini systems which were used on the Sprint/Rally models. Apparently Polini only offers the modified exhaust for the small engine blocks (125-150cc).



New Lambrettas

Lambretta celebrates its 75th anniversary at EICMA 2022. It is presented with a modern range in different shifts and trendy colors.

Lambretta G350 Special

Lambretta X125

Lambretta V Special


Sport Scooter Dragster 500 GP

Italjet presented its new GP500 model to the public for the first time at the EICMA 2022 and shows that motorcycles and scooters are getting closer and closer. A full 450ccm with 43 hp and a six-speed foot switch were paired with a squat and very attractive-looking raw frame including scooter-typical fairing and, for the range of services, rather small tires. According to Italjet, the GP500 should be fast at a whopping 185km/h. For us a real cracker that could certainly take on the legacy of the Gilera Runner 180.

 and some more italjet beauties

The next date for the  EICMA 2023 is here, we're excited to see what next year brings.

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Wasp Wideframe+Largeframe BGM PRO fork/swingarm revision

HQ suspension components made in Germany by BGM PRO for Vespa Wideframe / Largeframe Piaggio is known to many 'only' as the world's largest scooter manufacturer. The Vespa, Piaggio's most outstanding brand, has had a lasting impact on the image of the Pontedera-based company. Originally, however, Piaggio also built railway wagons, ships and very successful aircraft engines (around […]

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Scooter Center meets Kingwelle - a visit to friends

Kingwelle - A visit to friends Powerful Vespa engine tuning without a Kingwelle crankshaft? Difficult to imagine today, quite normal over ten years ago. When the SC team sat together in the regular meeting to evaluate new product ideas, the topic of crankshafts and their durability boiled again. From a technical point of view, a very critical component that today [...]

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Bags and cases as an alternative to the top case -MOTO NOSTRA Classic 'waxed canvas' e.g. for Vespa, Lambretta, GTS, GTV, LX / LXV, ET4, S50-150, Sprint, Primavera

New Moto Nostra Vintage Bags and Cases in the Delivery Program Moto Nostra has revised its line of popular Moto Nostra case bags and expanded them to include more practical bags. From now on, all bags and cases have a waxed surface. The products available in the three basic colors beige, brown or black are now available as: Case bag [...]

Corona levering information

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Corona delivery information

Daily worldwide shipping under Corona conditions You can find our CORONA UPDATE here. Download PDF: corona-shipping-info Here you will find an overview of the best and fastest way to get your parts at the moment. Unfortunately, there are restrictions due to the restricted movement of goods and people. Here you will find a daily updated […]

Information sobre la entrega, en time of the corona.

Envío diario a todo el mundo en conditions del Corona ¡Puedes encontrar nuestra ACTUALIZACIÓN DE LA CORONA aquí! Download PDF: corona-shipping-info Aquí encontrarás una visión general de la mejor y más rápida manera de conseguir tus piezas en este momento. Lamentablemente, hay restricciones debido a la regulation del movimiento de bienes y personas. Aquí encontrarás […]

Information on the consegna della Corona

Spedizione giornaliera in tutto il mondo all condizioni Corona Potete trovare il nostro CORONA UPDATE qui! Download PDF: corona-shipping-info Qui troverete una panoramica del modo migliore e più veloce per ottenere i vostri pezzi al momento. Purtroppo, ci sono restrizioni dovute alla limitata circolazione di merci e persone. Qui troverete un elenco aggiornato quotidianamente delle […]

Informations on the livraisons Corona

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Corona delivery information

Daily worldwide shipping under Corona conditions YOU CAN FIND OUR CORONA UPDATE HERE Download PDF: corona-shipping-info Here you will find an overview of the best and fastest way to get your parts at the moment. Unfortunately, there are restrictions due to the restricted movement of goods and people. Here you will find a daily updated list of conditions that may have changed. (The full […]

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CMD Mighty Kong - CNC milled aluminum plate to reinforce the engine housing (auxiliary shaft mount) - for Vespa Largeframe (PX, T5, Cosa, Sprint, Rally ...)

CMD Mighty Kong - CNC milled aluminum plate Crazy Monkey Development has landed a new coup ... The 'Mighty Kong' replaces the boring tinny splash guard for the brake pads on the rear wheel with a beautiful milled part. This is made from a solid block of high-strength aluminum (EN AW-7075) using CNC technology 'Made in Germany'. Well, CMD wouldn't be literally crazy if [...]

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BGM PRO tubeless rim for Vespa Klassik

bgm PRO tubeless aluminum rims for Vespa classic shift scooters The solid aluminum rims from BGM PRO allow tubeless tires (tubeless) to be fitted, as are common in the motorcycle sector. It replaces the standard rim without any further changes. The resulting advantages are: 40% weight saving Safety plus through double-hump Better response of the chassis Good concentricity Stainless WEIGHT REDUCTION […]