Back there! bgm PRO Vespa shock absorber

bgm Vespa shock absorber available again!
The long wait is over and further Vespa vintage chassis (10 ″ & 8 ″) can be upgraded:

BGM7776 | Front shock absorber ANODISED -BGM PRO F16- Rally, Sprint, GS 150, VNA-VBB, GL,… | € 99,00

BGM7779 | Front shock absorber CHROME -BGM PRO F16- Vespa Rally, Sprint, GS 150, VNA-VBB, GL,… | € 129,00

Our recommendation:
Order the always shiny and matching nib at the same time - Made in Germany:

7671022 | Front shock absorber spring, polished stainless steel -165mm- Vespa Rally, Sprint, TS, GT, GTR, Super - | € 59,00

Also tested in the German Scooter Forum (gsf) and found to be good: CLICK!

You come to the Lambretta shock absorbers here


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