Report of the 2nd Vespa meeting in Silesia

Vespa meeting Poland

II Vespa meeting in Silesia

That took place on 15-17.05 II Vespa meeting in Silesia instead of. The meeting was in Niewiesze (Grünwiese) near Gliwice (Gleiwitz). That Scooter Center supported the organizers with sponsorship. Scooter enthusiasts from all over Poland came to this meeting, organized by “Full Manetas Vespa Gang”. At the same time it was XII Vespa Club Polska meeting. Full Manetas are part of the VCP (Vespa Club Polska). The increasing popularity of classic Italian scooters had resulted in the formation of several small local groups in addition to the VCP. Vespa clubs like

  • ? ód? Vespa Riders,
  • Sailor Vespa gear,
  • Vespa Club Lower Silesia,
  • Vespowanie w Kraków,
  • or Full Maneta's Vespa Gang.

The majority of Terff participants have known each other for a long time and are active in the structures of the VCP, but there are always new faces, which we are very happy about.

The visit of our friends from Vespa Club Praga as well as Vespa Club Morava, (CZ). The friendship was formed by Full Manetas at Pragovespa 2014. Overall were over 70 participants on over 60 scooters present.

Full program

On the first day of the scooter meeting, after all participants had arrived, there was a welcome party SKA, Reggae and Northern Soul instead of. The toughest partied until 4 a.m.

The program on the second day of the second meeting was very tight. Hence stood morning gymnastics at 8 o'clock on. The organizers tried to get the participants to exercise with marching music. The idea was partly successful, as the majority of the Vespisti watched the Full Manetas show with great amusement. Unfortunately none of the spectators could be induced to join the gymnastics troupe. Considering last night, these sudden movements weren't good for every participant either ...

After the gymnastics and after the invigorating breakfast it was time for the competitions. The main discipline was turning the throttle (full maneta means full throttle). In addition to physical exertion, this contest also required a great deal of perseverance. Some throttle drivers were surprised at the forces they were able to release thanks to the cheers of the puflikum.

Roller corso

The next point of the day was the traditional joint exit on. The route was about 55 km long and to simplify the corso, the scooters were divided into 4 groups according to their cubic capacity. The first stop was at the Gliwice radio station, where a photo session took place. The station's visitors who could be there at the same time as us 58 scooters, including 34 classic Vespa as well as 24 newer (Modern Vespa) Admire models. The pallet width was amazing:

  • Vespa GS,
  • Vespa GL,
  • vespa rally,
  • Vespa Sportique,
  • Vespa V50, special,
  • Vespa PX,
  • Vespa PK,
  • Vespa ET,
  • Vespa LX,
  • Vespa S,
  • Vespa GTS - there was a lot to marvel at.

There were two too Lambrettas GP and Jet to see.

From the radio station, the group drove to Toszek (Tost) for lunch, where we could also visit the castle. During the time when some were lounging in the sun, which had shone to us since dawn, others gave interviews for TVN Turbo, and a short report was made about the meeting.

First aid when riding a scooter

On the way back to our meeting place as a closed group, we witnessed a dangerous accident involving a bicycle and motorcyclist. The drivers in the lead immediately provided first aid to the three accident victims. After a few minutes of the rescue operation, it turned out that the meeting organizers had faked the accident to make the scooter drivers aware of the dangers lurking on us in traffic.

After the whole action, the Vespisti already took part in a training course at the meeting place, which dealt with what to do in traffic accidents. The training was carried out by the MotoRat rescue group. Such a fictitious accident showed the witnesses and helpers that not only the style is important but rather the correct equipment of the scooter or a first aid kit etc.

Evening Event

In the evening the time came for the official summary of the meeting and the award ceremony took place. In addition to the winners of the morning competitions, the longest journey was also rewarded. The undisputed winner was Ola who conquered the lonely over 400 km on her Vespa LX50. She had only relied on the traditional paper map, which unfortunately led to a number of detours. But she stayed tough and reached the meeting on time. On the way back she visited Kraków (Krakow), the speedometer then showed back in Warszawa (Warsaw) 940 km in three (!) Days on 50ccm.

The The highlight of the raffle was the raffle of a ... Washing machine! 18 year old Kasia was lucky. When the organizers dragged the washing machine in its original packaging onto the stage, the atmosphere was very tense. When Kasia received the packed washing machine, she promised all participants free laundry in her brand new washing machine. But the disenchantment came very quickly when it turned out that instead of the expected washing machine, there was only a washboard and a bottle of champagne as consolation.

On Sunday morning it was time to say goodbye. According to our information, they all made it home safely!

Thank you again for the support from Scooter Center, The giveaways were very well received by the participants.


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