Best scooter shop 2013/2014

Best Scooter Shop Vespa Lambretta

We got the triple!

The Scooter Center is for the 3rd time in a row:

Best scooter shop

According to you, the users of the GSF German Scooter Forum (According to the company, “the oldest and largest forum for classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters with over 40.000 members worldwide”) - we are again - and that since the award was made - the best scooter shop for Vespa and Lambretta: “GSF Dealer of the Year Award 2013”

Thank you - we are proud and happy that our Efforts so well received by you!
That is of course an incentive and we are not resting on our laurels - there is always a lot to do. We are constantly working on optimizing our Webshops and the expansion of customer service.

As Ulf already posted in the forum:

We thank YOU and wish everyone a happy new year !!! Thank you to everyone who voted for us. We are very happy to get the title for the third year in a row and promise to give you everything to defend the title again this year. We look forward to the celebration at Scooterist Meltdown in Kalkar : cheers:

We are already looking forward to the trophy - then there will be a new team photo.

Best Scooter Shop Vespa Lambretta


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