bgm Lambretta crankshafts

bgm11059-04In the bgm Lambretta cure waves it is the best HPC (high primary compression) racing shafts.

This shaft has the standard stroke of 58 mm and the standard connecting rod length of 107 mm. This makes the shaft a direct replacement for all Lambretta series 1-3 shafts (with the exception of the TV 175 series 1, 2 and 3).

The balancing of this crankshaft is specially designed for the piston weight of the pistons used on the small engine blocks (up to 64 mm bore).

All bgm Shafts are forged. Both the crank webs and the connecting rod are forged. The connecting rod is also polished.

The lower connecting rod bearing is lubricated via two large lubrication slots and additional lubrication slots on the side. The racing bearing and the side thrust washers can cope with the highest continuous loads and speed orgies. The upper connecting rod bearing is lubricated via two lubrication holes. The racing connecting rod bearing is included in the delivery of the shaft.

The generously dimensioned crank pin with a diameter of 22 mm in connection with a suitable crimp size ensures optimal protection against rotation.

The bgm shafts are offered with two balancing factors. The balancing of the shaft for the small engine block (displacement class 125-186 ccm) is perfectly matched to the piston weight of the available tuning cylinders. These are Mugello, Imola, Casa, GT and other 186 cc cylinders. The piston weight there is around 250 grams, but it can also be used with the common Lambretta pistons for 125-175 ccm with low vibrations.

The bottom line is that the BGM crankshaft offers top quality in all respects. Selection of components, manufacturing accuracy, materials used and, above all, precise balancing leave nothing to be desired.


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