bgm PRO BigBox, exhaust Vespa PX 125, Vespa T5

BGM1010_bgm BigBox PX125 T5

New exhaust Vespa PX 125

NEW: Vespa sports exhaust Big Box Sports

Vespa exhaust for Vespa PX 80, PX 125, PX 150 and Vespa T5

The big BigBox - the Vespa exhaust for the 200 engines - we have now also put an extremely strong, little sister at our side: the BigBox suitable for the PX125 and T5 engines. Exhaust Vespa PX 125 BGM1010_ bgm BigBox PX125 T5

Exhaust also available for Vespa T5

The Vespa T5 exhaust is mounted with a special CNC adapter MADE IN GERMANY. You can find the version for the Vespa T5 here:

Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox- Vespa T5 125cc (VMA1T)

Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox- Vespa T5 125cc (VMA1T)

Easy assembly of the Vespa exhaust

For assembly, you should lightly grease the O-ring so that it is not damaged on the edge of the outlet connection. Fig.11 002 With the PX125 cylinders, the top, rectangular cooling rib is ideal to take on the role of the spring holder. Provided with a hole of 4-5mm, you can easily hang the springs here. Fig.11 004 By positioning the springs in this way, you can ensure that the connector is always pulled towards the cylinder and thus seals perfectly. With the T5 variant, assembly is even easier: You can simply hang the springs into the loose flange plate and ... Fig.10 006 then simply screw it together with the socket. Fig.10 009

Vespa exhaust with full power!

With the T5 variant, we have also done a few runs on our test bench for you. Our engine is with one Polini 152cc cylinder equipped. All other components correspond to the series. Here is the direct comparison between a Piaggio T5 exhaust and the BigBox versus power / speed. Fig.12 004 The BigBox also gets on the T5 engines a little more gently and then increases significantly at higher speeds when power and torque are required to overcome the increasing driving resistance. To make things clearer, here is a gear overlap against km / h Fig.12 003 Piaggio exhaust black, aisle 3; green gear 4 BigBox blue, aisle 3; red gear4 It is easy to see that when accelerating in gear 3 from approx. 60km / h more torque and power is available. At the switching point to gear 4, between 80 and 85 km / h, the Bigbox is 2PS and 1,4Nm more available. At 100km / h, 2PS and 2Nm more are available to overcome the driving resistance.

Vespa Big Box with M1X

We saw a very impressive diagram from Moritz for the PX engines. On one Cylinder QUATTRINI M1X 172 cc With significantly higher control angles, the BigBox delivers very good values ​​compared to a real resonance exhaust. Here is the blue curve. Pots

Egg-laying woolly milk pig exhaust?

All in all, the BigBox can cover the spectrum from slightly tuned to really powerful engines. The bgm PRO exhaust Big Box is here, in Classic Scootershop available

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