bgm PRO hose 3.00 x 10 butyl hose Vespa & Lambretta Smallframe

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Hose 3.00 10

Vespa & Lambretta Smallframe Tube 3.00 x 10 bgm PRO

With the new bgm PRO hoses, we decided in favor of one better quality and higher security for a very high buty content and therefore for a own tube size for tires up to 3.00-10 and 90 / 90-10 = Vespa & Lambretta Smallframe .

Other hoses with a lower butyl content have more flexibility due to a higher rubber content. This allows you to serve a larger range of possible tire sizes (up to 130 / 90-10), but the major disadvantage is poorer airtightness and puncture resistance.


Our bgm PRO hoses are made according to our specifications especially for the needs of Vespa and Lambretta scooters manufactured. Of the Butyl content is over 55%, that makes them extremely airtight and absolutely reliable. The high butyl content makes the hose more expensive to produce, but the result justifies the effort! Nevertheless, we offer this high-quality hose at a great price:

Assembly instructions assembly Assemble tube and tire

TIP: Our bgm PRO scooter tubes can be used in many vehicles with 10-inch tubular tires. When assembling, insert the tire on the bead with assembly paste and dust the inside of the tire with talcum powder. The assembly paste ensures the correct end position of the tire while the talcum minimizes the friction of the tube.
This maximizes the safety and service life of the hose. Instructions for installing Vespa tires

Tutorial How to assemble the bgm CLASSIC tires for Vespa