bgm PRO suction hose Lambretta- over 1PS more power for less than 20 euros

More power, better starting behavior, original look with the bgm PRO suction rubber Lambretta

The bgm PRO suction hose offers you a clearly increased volume in front of the carburetor opposite the original Lambretta intake hose. The bgm suction hose is available with two different connection sizes on the carburettor:

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Air intake hose / intake hose bgm PRO Lambretta Keihin & DellOrto


Air filter box or foam air filter

The connection width on the air filter is 42 mm. This means that the hose can either be driven with the original air filter box or with a foam air filter.

1,3 HP more power


In our test, a direct comparison between the Lambretta dl / GP standard intake hose and the bgm showed significantly more performance. The comparison was made with

Buy the Lambretta intake hose here

Better start behavior

Another big advantage of the bgm PRO suction hose is the lower drain. Here the spitback from the carburetor is not collected in the hose and the idling system cannot clog.




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