bgm PRO SC shock absorber for Vespa PK

Our bgm PRO SC shock absorber are the reference on the road and on the racetrack. In many European racing series and especially the ESC the dampers are “state of the art”.

They are brand new front and rear bgm PRO SC damper for the Vespa PK models. The Vespa PK damper comes with it two adapters of different lengths. With the long adapter, the damper has the standard PK length of 205mm. With the short adapter, 195mm, the damper fits for the conversion of V50 / PV / Et3 with shortened PK fork or PK fork with disc brake.

All dampers are completely in-house developed by us. In contrast to most of the so-called sport shock absorbers, the bgm PRO SC are not just made as hard as a board. On the contrary, the bgm dampers meet all requirements from the street to the racetrack. The setting options also enable perfect coordination.


Short facts:

-Massive CNC body, anodized

-Made of high-strength aluminum for low weight

-Large expansion tank directly on the housing

-Train and compression levels can be set separately

- 12-way adjustable rear rebound damping

-Compression damping at the rear 12-fold adjustable

-Massive 13,5mm piston rod

- Infinitely variable adjustment of the spring preload

-bgm quality


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