bgm SPORT 3.50-10 tubular tires available - REINFORCED 180 km / h

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bgm SPORT tires 3.50-10 tubular tires available

bgm SPORT 3.50-10 now also available as tubular tire!

The bgm SPORT tires is actually a sports tire and is the right choice for all ambitious drivers. thanks to the superior rubber compound and the sophisticated profile design is he up to all situations.

The Approval up to 180 km / h definitely makes it the first choice for all powerful engine concepts.

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New scooter tires for Vespa, Lambretta & Co. from bgm - Made in Germany


  • Approvals up to 180 km / h (Sport) and up to 150 km / h (Classic) are ideal for powerful engines and corresponding entries
  • Additional REINFORCED marking.
  • Extremely strong carcass for perfect straight-line stability and excellent line accuracy when cornering quickly.
  • V-shape instead of U-shape. This means that the tire steers much better into the curve and offers more contact surface when leaning.
  • Specially coordinated material mixture (silica compound) for excellent grip in dry and wet conditions.
  • 100% Made in Germany.

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