bgm Vespa PX 200 shafts are here

The crankshaft is considered to be the heart of the engine.
You should definitely not make compromises here. We were dissatisfied with the available shafts in close cooperation with bgm reinvented the Vespa PX 200 shaft.

The wave is in two versions.With the Standard tax time und mit Racing timing.

  • Drop-forged crank webs for the highest demands
  • Kawasaki type forged connecting rods with two generously dimensioned lubrication slots and four additional lubrication pockets on the lower connecting rod bearing
  • FAG Racing bearings with silver cage
  • Extra thick thrust washers (1 mm each!)
  • 22 mm crank pin with 0.05 mm press size
  • Big end bearing play of 15-20 / 1000 mm
  • Two 3 mm lubrication holes for the upper piston pin bearing
  • Optimized balance factor for Malossi, Polini and Gran Sport pistons
  • Extended shaft seal seat on the generator side, so the Piaggio Maxi shaft seal can be driven with an additional dust lip (Art. No. 1434582)
  • Polished connecting rod on the racing shaft
  • Flow-optimized inlet area in the Race version

With the bgm waves we have realized our dream of the high-end PX wave. The bgm shaft with standard timing is the higher quality replacement product for the original Piaggio PX shaft. We even went one step further in the manufacturing process and had the crank webs forged. This gives the shaft incredible strength values ​​with an optimal material structure.

Racing timing!
With the bgm PRO Racing Wave there is finally a racing wave with reasonable timing. The times are 110 ° opening before top dead center and 70 ° closing after top dead center. This finally puts an end to the annoying blowback and the better filling can also be converted into performance. The inlet area of ​​the rotary valve cheek is flow-optimized and polished.

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  1. largeframejunk
    largeframejunk sagte:

    it sounds good and I ordered it right away and the package was there promptly - COOL - really fat wave hope it holds up my malle but think that shouldn't be a prb. his… merry x-mas sck team

    • Heiko
      Heiko sagte:

      I can understand that you're hot for the 200 bgm waves. The bgm crankshafts Vespa PX 200 are really great and were sold out quickly. Our manufacturer delivers great quality, unfortunately it is currently busy and our “small orders” can not be put in between.

      But you can find out about it here in the blog or directly in the Shopwhen the waves are available again.

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