BGM8011TL2 Centering aid for clutch springs for clutch BGM PRO Superstrong- Lambretta

Clutch centering aid -BGM PRO, Lambretta Superstrong- LI, LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3) - can only be used with BGM8011 article no. BGM8011TL2

Assembly aid for Lambretta Superstrong clutch

For our BGM Superstrong Lambretta clutch, we can now also offer the right centering aid for inserting the springs.

With the centering aid BGM8011TL2 it is very easy to position all springs in their place of use during assembly.

The clutch with built-in clutch compressor system

The BGM Superstrong for Lambretta already has a "built-in" clutch compressor system.

The coupling comes with two screws and long nuts for this purpose.
On the face of the coupling spider, two of the legs are marked with a point, at the bottom of which is the threaded hole for the screw.

Fully practical - and very easy to use:

The screws for pre-tensioning the base plate are threaded in here.

The cut-out in the centering aid exposes areas for the tall nuts, which are used to preload the coupling for assembly.


Very simple: as soon as the coupling is pre-tensioned, the centering aid can simply be pulled out.




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