BMC / RH-Scooter Cup 2011 double victory

BMC / RH Scooter Cup 2011
Harzring 9/10.11.2011/XNUMX/XNUMX
Double victory in the Harz!
After a long break due to the cancellation of the race at Easter, Scooter Racing was finally back in fashion.

Unfortunately, the second event had to be moved from Embsen to the Harzring at short notice, as there are currently major problems with noise pollution. Thanks again to Wolfgang vom Resin ring that this was possible at such short notice!

There was a lot of free training time on Saturday, which I could really use. I had built a new engine for this race that I still had to run in and set up.
The engine ran surprisingly well and so I was able to secure a place on the front row as the second fastest in qualifying in the afternoon.

In the warm-up on race Sunday, I actually wanted to break in a new set of Sava MC31 tires for the two races. But that was literally "into the water" because the track was still wet from a rain shower during the night. So I had to try to break in the tires in the first race.
The start of the 1st race was quite successful with 3rd place. In the first few laps I didn't want to risk a fall because of the new tires. After the tires started to really stick, I was able to push Arne Paulsen out of 2nd place and set out to pursue Oktawian Jezierski, who was in the lead. Oktawian didn't make it easy for me to overtake him by skilfully driving tight corners. I already thought that I wouldn't get past him, so he made a little mistake and I was able to slip through. (See picture) Then I was able to pull out a small lead and the 1st place to the finish.
The second race was almost the same for me. After starting in third place, however, I was able to overtake Arne and Oktawian in the first third of the race and then pull out a good lead to the finish. 1st place again !!!
After the not so great start to the season in Jüterborg, this event went really well for me. In the overall standings of the BMC / RH Scooter Cup championship, I am now up with 72 points behind Arne Paulsen (73 points) Place 2 advanced.

The next races will be held in Templin and on the Sachsenring in August, maybe we'll see you there.

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