Brake pump for Vespa PX125 / PX200 from year of construction 1998 available again!

Shortly after the bankruptcy of Piaggio's brakes and rim supplier Grimeca (Italy), there were already the first delivery problems with the corresponding spare parts.
Piaggio began years ago to prefer to use brake products from the Far East (Heng Tong) than to support local suppliers. The master cylinder / brake pumps used on the Vespa PX models, however, still came from the traditional manufacturer Grimeca.

Due to the bankruptcy of Grimecas, Piaggio is now in the precarious position that it cannot supply an important spare part for a new vehicle. How a lawyer sees it in the event of a case is an open question, but we already have the solution in stock ...
The brake pump of the LML * Star models is completely identical to that of the master brake cylinder manufactured by Grimeca and can therefore also be used on the Vespa models without any problems. It would not be surprising if these would soon also be found on the official Vespa models ...

This pump is also ideal for converting a Vespa PX with drum brake to a disc brake. We offer all the necessary parts in our online shop. The LML complete forks are also particularly recommended here. These are delivered ready for installation and are also available in the look of the old model years with a closed brake drum:

Fork LML with disc brake NT type

Fork LML with disc brake Classic Typ

Handlebar lower part PX from 1998

Vespa brake line




* LML (India) has been reproducing the PX models under license with great success for many years and sells them under the name Star. However, the Indians are a lot more innovative and now also offer the PX with a 4-stroke engine. The quality of the parts is very good and corresponds to the standard of the Italian parts. Interestingly enough, a lot of Indian parts are already being used on the Italian Vesps ... The world is just a village ...


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