Carburetor -BGM PRO PHBG 21- CS = 23mm

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Article no .: BGM8531
Name: Carburetor -BGM PRO PHBG 21- CS = 23mm
Price: 58,70EUR incl. 19% VAT
(Catalog price: 59,90 EUR incl. 19% VAT)
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Carburetor -BGM PRO PHBG 21- CS = 23mmCarburettor -PHBG 21- Piaggio 50ccm - connection width 23mm. The PHBG carburettors are a constant in the scooter sector. They are characterized by easy assembly and good tunability. If a DellOrto PHBG carburettor is already installed on the vehicle, changing to a larger one of the same type is possible without any problems. The 21 mm PHBG gives all 70s cylinders even more power and acceleration. Absolutely compulsory part to ride up front.
Made as a 19 carburetor to have!

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