Carburetor cover Crazy Monkey Development Carburetor cover "Snakehead"

Crazy Monkey Snakehead Mikuni Dellorto PWK

Tuning carburetor cover from CMD for DellOrto, PWK and Mikuni

New and exclusive to Scooter Center are the Snakehead carburetor cover or the Carburetor pulley by Crazy Monkey Development (CMD) for
- Dell Orto PHBL / PWK28
- Dell Orto PHBH
- Mikuni TMX30
- PWK35

Carburetor cover Snakehead Crazy Monkey Development

The special thing about these ingenious carburetor covers is the extremely flat design, which saves a lot of space under the hood. With the Vespa Largeframe - Models, for example, prevent the carburetor from hitting the frame. Even with the Lambretta, there is not that much space to the tank or the toolbox and in the Smallframe it's tight anyway.

Snakehead Vespa

The lids are certainly a great benefit on any moped or scooter with a correspondingly installed carburetor:

Because that is a real stroke of genius integrated throttle cable guide without stop. This means that the rotatable carburetor cover including the throttle cable can be rotated 360 ° and is always optimally positioned. The throttle cable runs much smoother as a result.

Indestructible and easy to assemble

Each carburetor cover comes with a lot Love of racing Manufactured using the most modern production methods from the finest technical nylon (PA). The lids are Almost indestructible even in extreme racing conditions. The conversion is very easy and can be done within a few minutes.




Proven in racing

Marco Abate from Pacemaker SC Deggendorf is very successful in scooter races at the European Scooter Challenge (ESC) and has already tested the Snakehead carburetor cover, here is his feedback on the covers:

... The guys really thought about it and developed something useful. The workmanship is top-notch ... First, take the old cover down: remove the slide, spring and sealing ring and put them back into the new cover. The seat of the sealing ring is nice and tight and worked deep enough. The slightly longer guide for the slide spring is also impressive. Here I see the advantage that the spring does not lose as much tension by slipping as with the Dell'Orto lid. You can feel it when you let go of the throttle, at least on my racing scooter. So, now the lid on and screwed tight, of course you take the ´crews´ from the old cover again. The throttle cable briefly readjusted and the first trial round turned…. First driving impression: Great ...Mark Abbot

Carburetor cover (slide cover) "SnakeHead"

CMD SnakeHead

Screwed, round cover. 360 ° rotatable upper part
without stop. Integrated cable guide with a bend of approx. 110 °.
Extremely resistant STURM® nylon in black, incl.
Adjustment screw M6.

Available for the following carburetor models and identical ones:

- Dell Orto PHBL / PWK28
- Dell Orto PHBH
- Mikuni TMX30
- PWK35



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