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This is our new Vespa Modern as a preview.
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Akrapovic Euro5 Vespa GTS

Now available: Akrapovic Euro 5 Vespa GTS 300

Akrapovic Euro 5 Slip-On Line (SS) S-VE3SO10-HZDFBL VESPA GTS SUPER 300 / SEI GIORNI / TECH 2021

Slip-on exhaust systems are easy to install and replace the standard silencer on your scooter. With the new Euro 5 exhaust for the 2021 GTS, Akrapovic promises more power, more torque and less weight (see below). With the Akrapovic Slip-On System, your Vespa GTS will definitely get this unmistakable one deep and rich Akrapovic sound! But the look also takes your Vespa to a completely different level. The GTS exhaust impresses with the finest Akrapovic end caps made of carbon. Of course, operation and EC type approval are only permitted or valid with a built-in catalytic converter.

The catalyst is of course included with us!


High-end look and quality with carbon & stainless steel

A completely new and original design specially tailored to the lines of your Vespa. The embossed silencer with the engraved Akrapovic logo is exactly like the link pipe high quality stainless steel manufactured and with a race-proven, handmade carbon fiber end cap and a heat shield. That gives your Vespa the sporty look!

You get the deep sound with the Akra. The exhaust not only looks great and has that unmistakable sound, it is also 1,5 kg (23,70%) easier than the series system. Of course, the system complies with the current regulations for Euro 5 EC / ECE type approval.

  • Sporty look
  • Typical Akra sound
  • 24% lighter than the original exhaust
  • Stainless steel / carbon exhaust
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • No reprogramming necessary
  • Euro 5 approval no TÜV demonstration required

Tip: Also the same bgm PRO variator for even better acceleration with ordering and mandatory: that bgm PRO test winner suspension for your GTS!

Akrapovič Vespa GTS 300 exhaust Euro 5 sound comparison - presentation and assembly

More power and more torque

AKRAPOVIC gives us the following data and also gives us a nice comparison to the original exhaust:

Maximum Performance kW 14.1 / 7150 rpm 14.6 / 7200 rpm + 0.6 / 7400 rpm
hp (m) 19.2 / 7150 rpm 19.8 / 7200 rpm + 0.8 / 7400 rpm
HP (i) 18.9 / 7150 rpm 19.5 / 7200 rpm + 0.8 / 7400 rpm
maximum torque Nm 19.7 / 7000 rpm 20.3 / 7100 rpm + 0.8 / 7400 rpm
lb-ft 14.5 / 7000 rpm 15.0 / 7100 rpm + 0.6 / 7400 rpm
volume dB 84.2 / 4125 rpm 84.2 / 4125 rpm 0


Akrapovic: Design & Quality meets Sound


Akrapovic Vespa GTS 300 2021 Euro 5

Which Euro 5 exhaust systems are there for the Vespa GTS 2021?

Here we have already presented the exhaust and with others Vespa GTS Euro 5 exhaust systems compared!

AKRAPOVIC promises more efficient near same volume but a much more robust sound.



Scooter Center CATALOG 2021 2022

Modern Vespa, Classic Vespa, Mofa Ciao and Lambretta

This is our new brochure with new parts and the highlights from our range of spare parts, tuning and accessories for

  • modern Vespa models such as GTS, Primavera Sprint
  • classic Vespa: Smallframe, Largeframe and Wideframe
  • Moped Ciao
  • Lambretta

Scooter Center Browse the catalog here
Vespa GTS 500 La Mutata in Scooter Center

Vespa GTS Tuning extreme: GTS 500

The La Mutata GTS 500 we have already presented them here: La Mutata

Björn was with us last week with the two La Mutata models and Ulf, the boss himself, insisted on testing the 500cc monster. He himself was on the road with a maximum of half the displacement on classic Lambretta and Vespa scooters Performance and driving comfort impressed!

Is the brake even more impressed than by the blatant acceleration? Ulf seemed from the braking performance BREMBO P2 to be particularly enthusiastic! But see for yourself:

Vespa GTS 500 cc test "La Mutata" GTS500 test drive Scooter Center

VESPA GTS300 vs GTS500

What is the top speed and acceleration of the 500 compared to the current Vespa GTS 300 hpe?

Marc of Scooteria and Björn compare them 500 GTS La Mutata Cruiser familiar with the GTS 300 hpe. Here the test of the Vespa Gts 500 La Mutata with a speed comparison with the Vespa Gts 300 hpe.  

The acceleration from 0-100 km / h and the pulling behavior from 80-120 km / h were also tested.

The result of the speed test was quite clear. Have fun with the video!

VESPA GTS 300 vs. VESPA GTS 500 – Speed ​​Test

New Vespa helmets 2021 2022

Vespa Piaggio helmets 2021/2022

We now have the brand new ones in our helmet shop Vespa helmets, original from Piaggio on offer.

The new Vespa helmets in the 21/22 collection are also Made in Italy. We have super nice full face helmets and a large selection of open face helmets available. You can get the Piaggio helmets with and without visor, in different shapes, designs and colors.

In addition to the most modern and safest security features, there is a classic Italian design and very high quality workmanship. Functionally, there are practical features such as the inside that can be removed for washing and, of course, Piaggio has also made sure that the open face helmets also fit perfectly into the Vespa helmet compartments.

There are also cheek pads, visors and umbrellas as spare parts if the worst comes to the worst!

New Vespa helmets Piaggio 2021/2022 jet helmet & full face helmet Vespa


VESPA open face helmet 75th Anniversary

This is my personal highlight of the new helmet collection: Zum 75 birthday from Piaggio there is not only the GTS as a special model, there is also a noble helmet in limited edition75th Anniversary".

The classic jet helmet with three press studs is an absolute eye-catcher. The helmet shell is made of thermoplastic, the helmet has a ratchet lock. Chrome-plated borders, the lining with the Vespa logo, the smoky gray paintwork and the yellow graphic with the Vespa logo characterize this helmet. The scope of delivery includes an exclusive helmet bag with the anniversary logo, which is stylish and practical at the same time. The quality and comfort of the helmet is guaranteed by “Made in Italy”. Homologation ECE 22.05. That could be something too for collectors be!

Piaggio helmet VESPA jet helmet 75th Anniversary black

Racing Sixties 60s Vespa full face helmet

NEW: Vespa full face helmet! To match the Vespa, there is now a Racing Sixties 60s full-face helmet as a special edition after the jet helmet! The two-tone graphics of this special model are coordinated with the design of the Vespa Racing 60s. Available in RED WHITE and in GREEN YELLOW


Vespa full face helmet 60s Racing


  • Outer shell made of fiberglass, double shell
  • Scratch-resistant visor
  • UV-resistant coating
  • Removable and washable inner lining
  • DOUBLE-D closure


Vespa P-Xential 2.0

This is the new Vespa P-Xential 2.0 Open face helmet without visor, the popular jet helmet is also named after the successful Vespa PX: “PX helmet”


Vespa PX open face helmet


The new edition of the classic helmet Vespa P-Xential is based on the style of the bandit helmets. The available colors are coordinated with the color variants of the currently available Vespa models.

The inner lining has been significantly upgraded compared to the previous model and noticeably increases wearing comfort. In addition, the anti-allergic cheek pads can be easily removed and washed, which significantly increases the suitability for everyday use.
The subject of safety is also very important with this helmet. The ABS helmet shell made of thermoplastic meets the strict ECE 22.05 safety standard.

  • classic open face helmet made in Italy
  • Homologation: Safety standard ECE 22.05
  • ABS thermoplastic outer shell
  • Vespa logo in the forehead and neck area
  • 5 press studs for attaching a visor or parasol (available as an accessory)
  • Leather loop in the neck area for attaching motorcycle goggles
  • Anti-allergic velor lining
  • comfortable chin strap with ratchet fastener
  • Weight approx. 1.150g

Visor 3.0 jet helmet with visor

Attractive helmet in beautiful colors and a large classic engraved 3D Vespa logo on the back. The helmet is trimmed with leather and the neat seam underlines the high-quality workmanship.

Vespa VISOR 3.0 jet helmet with visor



The big visor has a recess in the nose area, which makes it very comfortable to wear and prevents the visor from fogging up so quickly.

  • Vespa jet helmet, made of ABS plastic
  • With a clear, scratch-resistant visor
  • Engraved Vespa logo on the back
  • Innovative, breathable interior made of 3D fabric
  • Inner lining removable and washable
  • ECE 22.05 approval
  • made in Italy


Visor jet helmet BT Super Tech jet helmet with sound module

As a basis, the same top equipment as the Visor 3.0, but also an approved one Bluetooth sound module.

Vespa jet helmet with Bluetooth stereo headphones and microphone


The name alone makes it the perfect helmet for yours Vespa GTS Super Tech, of course also portable to all other models. The technical top model is equipped with two integrated headphones with stereo sound and a microphone with modern noise canceling.

The Sound module with bluetooth connectivity tB enables you to pair your phone and transmit the sound to and from the helmet, e.g.

  • Navi
  • Phone
  • Music
  • With additional equipment as an absolute hands-free communication center with intercom

Be Gironi's helmet

Visor 3.0 special edition for the special model Sei giorni

NEW: Vespa VJ jet helmet

The new Original open face helmet from Vespa - now New with double visor: a large clear and an additional sun visor. Great colors, also available with carbon applications and as a Sean Wotherspoon special model! The visor mechanism is available individually as a spare part and in many colors for customization as an accessory.

  • Double visor
    • Retractable sun visor (dark tinted)
    • Continuous, large clear visor
  • The helmet colors are based on the new vehicle colors of the Vespa Primavera and Vespa GTS.
  • ABS thermoplastic helmet shell
  • Removable, washable and hypoallergenic inner lining
  • Chin strap with ratchet fastener / micrometric holding system
  • Homologation: ECE 22.05 approved
  • Engraved Vespa lettering
  • Logo on the back “Vespa”
  • Made in Italy

Why does Piaggio / Vespa also make helmets?

The helmets go perfectly with the respective vehicle colors and can be stowed away in the helmet compartments of the scooter. This ensures that you get a stylish helmet on the beautiful scooter. A Vespa helmet from Piaggio rounds off the Vespa feeling, either as an airy jet helmet or as a sporty classic as a full-face helmet: adapt the look to your personal style!

You can find all helmets in many colors and sizes in our Helmet finder.

You can also get helmets and tips on ours Scooter helmet Special page!

Frando brake Vespa GTS 300

Frando Vespa GTS brake available in new colors


Frando Vespa GTS brake for the front and back in different colors - now available in Scooter Center Frando shop !

FRANDO Vespa GTS brake | Brake caliper Vespa GTS from FRANDO 2/4 pistons

Frando high-end brake caliper for Vespa GT / GTS / GTV / GTL

Advantages and characteristics of the brake

  • CNC manufactured from high-strength aluminum
  • fits without modifications
  • no additional adapter required
  • available for front and rear
  • Rear brake caliper with 12 and 13 inch rims suitable
  • Brake pad material Dupont Super Alloy


What is FRANDO?

Frando was founded in 2007 and is a Taiwanese manufacturer of high quality brake components and very active and successful in international racing. The high-end brakes are used and offered on superbikes, among other things highest performance and quality.

The covering material used comes from Dupont and offers a massive but easy to dose Braking effect.

The optimum temperature range of the covering material is between 0 ° and + 350 ° C.
The Frando brake calipers fit without modifications on Vespa GT / GTS / GTV / GTL with or without ABS.



Vespa GTS 500 tuning

Vespa GTS 500 test

The Vespa GTS 500 “La Mutata” We have already introduced you to Björn here.

In the second video, Marc and Björn present the “La Mutata” during a test drive on country roads and motorways. As you can quickly see in the video: Marc is totally enthusiastic about the outstanding driving characteristics of the Vespa GTS with 500cc engine on 13 ″ rims and a longer wheelbase. Only the chassis, that will still come with one Test winner bgm shock absorber for the Vespa GTS optimized.

How fast is the GTS with a 500cc engine?

Marc accelerates and tests the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h and of course also the top speed.

Vespa GTS 500 tuning

In this you can see how the Vespa Gts 500 behaves in terms of chassis, performance and brakes Scooteria video:

Vespa GTS 500 test drive 🔥

A driving test comparison between the Vespa Gts 300 hpe and the 500 Gts will follow soon.
Viel Spaß!




Vespa GTS Euro5 exhaust Akrapovic, Arrow or LeoVince

Vespa GTS Euro 5 exhaust

Update: Akrapovic Euro 5 Vespa GTS 300 exhaust now available!

The new Euro 5 standard has put the accessory manufacturers in a tight spot. The new Vespa GTS models will only be available with Euro 2021 from 5. We'll show you some now Exhaust is already available for the new models.

Marc from Scooteria will tell you the changes to the new models, together with our partner in Berlin Cafe Racer 69, in this video above.


New Vespa Gts 300 Presentation of models 2021 Vespa GTS Euro 5

Vespa GTS Euro 5 tuning

It used to be the case that we were the first to swap the exhaust on the Vespa, and that is still the case today and that is not entirely unjustified!
Personally, I believe that Piaggio has a deal with the tuning manufacturers and therefore always makes the exhaust as ugly as possible. But that's just a personal guess ...

With a new Euro5 GTS, up until now there was no way to get an approved exhaust. But now something is happening: we have 3 exhaust systems on offer for you.

First of all, I have to say what basically applies to approved exhaust systems: it is essentially about optics and sound tuning. Of course, a big change in performance cannot be achieved with these exhaust systems. So you have the choice: just buy the exhaust that you like best - or is currently available or fits your budget ...

To make your choice easier for you, we have pictures in the videos with built-in exhaust systems and the exhaust sound these were provided to us by the manufacturer.

Arrow - already available

Vespa GTS Euro 5 Arrow

The new Arrow GTS Euro 5 exhaust is already available. Unfortunately we don't have a soundcheck from Arrow, but there are pictures in the shop.
The Arrow systems are also among the favorites of the Cafe Racer 69, for example, and are also one of our top sellers. You can find all Arrow exhaust systems here ARROWSHOP

Sport exhaust complete system Arrow URBAN Alu BLACK Vespa GTS 300 HPE Bj. 2021 + Kat / e-approved / EURO-5
Exhaust -ARROW- Urban Dark Aluminum- Vespa GTS Super HPE 300 (Euro 5, ZAPMD3100, ZAPMD3101, ZAPMD3101) - with catalystArrow Item no .: AW536EXC

Arrow exhaust Euro5 Vespa GTS 300

LeoVince - already available

Vespa GTS Euro 5 LeoVince


Exhaust sound LeoVince Euro 5 VESPA GTS 300 / SEI GIORNI / HPE 2021 sound

Akrapovic - now available for pre-order - from the end of August Available NOW!

Vespa GTS Euro 5 Akrapovic

AK128679 - Exhaust -AKRAPOVIC Black Slip-On Line (SS) - Vespa GTS Super HPE 300 (Euro 5, ZAPMD3100, ZAPMD3101, ZAPMD3101) - black stainless steel

Tip: use the reminder function

The exhaust will only be available in a limited number. You can use the exhaust e-mail or pre-order by phone and make a binding reservation or let the shop inform you as soon as the exhaust is available. Use the Reminder function in the shop. Of course, this works for all products that should not be available at the moment:

reminders Scooter Center Shop

AKRAPOVIC promises more efficient near same volume but a much more robust sound.

Akrapovič Vespa GTS 300 exhaust Euro 5 sound comparison - presentation and assembly


AKRAPOVIC gives us the following data and also gives us a nice comparison to the original exhaust:

Maximum Performance kW 14.1 / 7150 rpm 14.6 / 7200 rpm + 0.6 / 7400 rpm
hp (m) 19.2 / 7150 rpm 19.8 / 7200 rpm + 0.8 / 7400 rpm
HP (i) 18.9 / 7150 rpm 19.5 / 7200 rpm + 0.8 / 7400 rpm
maximum torque Nm 19.7 / 7000 rpm 20.3 / 7100 rpm + 0.8 / 7400 rpm
lb-ft 14.5 / 7000 rpm 15.0 / 7100 rpm + 0.6 / 7400 rpm
volume dB 84.2 / 4125 rpm 84.2 / 4125 rpm 0
Vespa GTS 500

Vespa GTS 500

A Vespa GTS 500, that's what many GTS drivers dream of. An Italian engineer has given serious thought to this and visualized a 500 model of the GTS that Youtube Video is very successful. Every year there is speculation in the scene whether Piaggio will bring it this year.

Björn Dressler from Berlin Piaggio has now come first. Björn brings his conversions with his project “La Mutata” up to 44HP and 492ccm legally on the road.

Before you even pull out your wallet: this conversion is not even done!
It takes about 4 months and costs a little more than most people carry around in their wallet: it starts at 15.000 euros.

Marc from Scooteria introduces you to the “La Mutata” project, a converted Vespa GTS 500, in his latest video .

La Mutata Vespa GTS

Converting a Vespa Gts to one 500cc Piaggio engine with German road approval and at least 39 PS!

Italian for “The Mutated” - enables driving performance with a Vespa GTS that is beyond those of a 300 series.
All built-in components such as the chassis and brakes are tailored to the higher torque and the significantly increased peak performance.
An absolute highlight for all Vespa tuning fans!
Soon there will also be a driving test with the Vespa Gts 500 - preferably the one Scooteria Channel subscribe and don't miss a thing!

Technical data GTS Tuning conversion

  • Motor variants:
    459cm³ with 29kw / 39PS at 7250rpm and 43Nm at 5500rpm
    493cm³ with 30kw / 41PS at 7250 rpm and 46Nm at 5250 rpm
    493cm³ with 32kw ​​/ 44PS at 7750 rpm and 47,5 Nm at 5500 rpm
  • maximum speed:
    148 km / h (decelerated)
  • Landing gear:
    120 / 70-13 front and 130 / 70-13 rear
    Front suspension by arrangement, e.g. to match Vespa GTS shock absorber bgm PRO with TÜV
    Rear suspension La Mutata adjustable
  • Brake:
    Front Brembo P2 on 255 brake disc
    Rear Brembo P2 on 240 brake disc


VESPA GTS 500 cc tuning




Vespa GTS oil pan with sight glass GTS up to 2019 socket fox


These are the Jack fox Oil pans with sight glass for the older Vespa GTS models until around 2019, recognizable by the filler neck directly on the oil pan.

For the newer GTS models we also have oil pans with sight glass: Vespa GTS 300 HPE oil pans with sight glass

Vespa GTS oil pan with sight glass GTS up to 2019 socket fox

Never run out of oil again

If you follow the forums, you have probably already noticed one or the other engine failure as a result of a lack of oil.

This practical oil pan is a must for every GTS because it has several advantages. In addition to the spectacular look, the oil pan with sight glass is above all very functional:

  • It enables the oil level to be read off quickly through the oil window
  • With the level of the oil you also have the control whether the engine is horizontal when reading the dipstick, 6mm inclination already make a big difference between MAXIMUM and MINIMAL oil level!
  • In addition to these features, which give you a significant plus in safety, the oil pan is a visual highlight and a bit more individualization on your Vespa GTS!

We get the oil pans directly from Jack foxwho only original Piaggio oil pans used for the renovation. Quality craftsmanship made in Germany!

We can offer you the oil pans in 3 colors:

  • Silver / unpainted like original
  • Black MATT powder-coated
  • GLOSSY black powder coated


Compare the oil level on the oil sight glass with the oil level on the dipstick, then you will have a feeling for it and can quickly and reliably read off whether you should refill some more oil.

Optical engine oil check through a sight glass instead of the dipstick!

This eliminates the annoying and sometimes complicated and imprecise checking of the oil level using the dipstick. A simple look at the oil sight glass before every trip and you know whether you can start or, better still, add a sip of oil.
It is also noticeable here how important it is that the Vespa is absolutely horizontal when checking the oil level - 6mm inclination make the difference between MAX and MIN.
With this oil pan you are on the safe side!
Only NEW ORIGINAL PIAGGIO oil pans are used for the production, which are laboriously reworked on the CNC milling machine for the installation of the oil sight glass.


Classic Castrol collection

Castrol Classic Merchandise

We offer a high quality range of classic items, from oil cans to magnets and wall signs, all with the iconic 1946 Castrol Classic Branding. Whether in the workshop or at home, our nostalgic range combines both retro style and functionality. Including workshop accessories, clothing and more, there is something for every classic car owner or lover.

Castrol Classic Merchandise not only for Vespa & Lambretta fans

Whether as a gift for an enthusiastic scooterist or as a gift for yourself, you will find the perfect something in our range!

The idea with the castor oil

Castrol was founded by Charles "Cheers" Wakefield under the name "CC Wakefield & Company". In 1899, Wakefield left his job at Vacuum Oil to start his own business selling lubricants for railways and heavy machinery.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Charles developed an interest in two new motorized vehicles: the automobile and the airplane. His company started developing oils for the new engines. These oils had to be thin enough for a cold start and at the same time thick enough to work at high temperatures. The company's researchers found that the addition of Castor oil a vegetable oil made from castor seeds. They called the new product " Castrol ". 1919 used John Alcock and Arthur Brown Castrol oil on the first non-stop transatlantic flight in history.

Heiko's idea with the Castrol sponsorship & fast too slow

CC Wakefield not only invented a new type of motor oil, but also a new way of attracting potential customers to its product: the sponsorship. The name Castrol appeared in flight competitions, car races, and speed record attempts Banners and flags.

Over time, the brand name of the motor oil has become far better known than that of the company's founder / company. This fact led to the renaming of "CC Wakefield & Company" in 1960 castrol ltd

I have been driving Vespa and Lambretta for over 32 years. It all started with a red Vespa PK50S that, bought used, was waiting for my driver's license in my parents' garage. But that was me fast too slow.  The first tuning measure was to mount an expensive 50km / h exhaust. But it didn't do that much, the moped boys were still flying past me to the right and left. So it was sold and I was interested in a black PX 80 Lusso, which was very expensive in insurance at the time. During the test drive, the gears have always been blown out. But I was happy to have my mother ready to buy me this scooter ... also, my father was on a business trip and didn't know anything about the new “80s”. So: now or never! So the scooter was bought with this “little hidden flaw”.

Scootershop, Scootering & Mods, Scooterboys and Scooter Scene

We all know what was wrong with the engine: the reason for the uncontrolled gear changes was the worn “round” gearshift cross. The next Vespa dealer wanted 700 DM for the change, but that was no longer in the budget when I sent my scooter update. I got in contact with other scooter riders.

One of them was still on the skateboard as a skater last week and now suddenly motorized on a brand new Vespa PX 80 Lusso. A month later I met him again, there he was sitting in a suit and polished leather shoes on his Vespa, which was now plastered with mirrors and chrome parts. The next time I met him, half was missing on his scooter and on his head too. Instead of fine leather shoes and a suit, he now wore red boots up to his knees, camouflage pants and a bomber jacket. All that was left of his “popper mane” on his head was a small curl of hair that fluttered listlessly in his face after he took off his helmet. Somewhat irritated, I asked him if he had an accident with the scooter and why he looks so strange. He said he was now a Scooterboy and the scooter was a CutDown!

He had probably discovered her before, she was new to me at the time: the MOTORETTA, the Scootermag and still in black and white. And so the evil took its course. Now the 80s became somehow for me too fast too slow, Schoolmates with DT, RD, MBX & Co and even some mopeds, were faster than me. So if I change the gearshift cross anyway and remove and dismantle the engine, I could make the box a little faster ... In the meantime, I had that too ROLLERSHOP catalog and the SCOOTERING discovered.

The custom paintwork from the glossy magazines fascinated me so much that I sat down in my 80s “children's room” and dreamed of great paintwork and scribbled a few of them on paper. Yes, laugh, these are my collected works:

Castrol sponsorship with the “Castrol Vespa Racer”

Somehow my dreams about custom paintwork didn't come true, so I later took the initiative and asked Castrol to sponsor it. To be honest, I'm a bit uncomfortable right now: I was quite sure that I did it at the age of 16. According to the date of the letter to Castrol, which I found in my “Scooter Scene box”, I was a bit older and already doing community service at the time.

Unfortunately I have the drafts of my "Castrol Racer”With 20 HP and targeted 130-140km / h no longer. I had enclosed the drawings with the letter to Castrol, Motorsport Department. From the letter I found this test print with corrections. But I definitely didn't write to UHU and NUTELLA, MÜHLEN KÖLSCH? Perhaps! I do not know anymore…

But the man from Castrol was very nice, invited me to the IFMA in Cologne and after a short chat in the Castrol truck gave me a few Castrol stickers.

If anyone from Castrol reads this: my offer is still available! This is, for example, my Augsburg Vespa T4:

Classic Castrol Store

You don't need to write any sponsorship requests for our Classic Castrol merchandise, you can now get the cool retro Castrol Racing products from us at cheap prices Classic Castrol Store:

Classic Castrol products

Classic Castrol products


Vespa GTS Porco Nero Power brakes mirror

Porco Nero Power Brakes Vespa GTS - Super Power Braking

If you drive fast, you also have to be able to decelerate quickly. No problem, because with us you get them Porco Nero Power four-piston brake calipers from Spiegler. Together with the bgm PRO chassis for Vespa GTS with TÜV these brakes offer you a unique chassis comfort and safety advantage for your Vespa GTS.

The two colors silver & blue are new!

Brake Vespa GTS Porco Nero Power / SPIEGLER with TÜV - SuperPower Braking

GTS rear brake:

Article no.: Color
PRN002BL2 blue
PRN002GD2 gold
PRN002RD2 red
PRN002BK2 black
PRN002SL2 silver

GTS front brake:

Article no.: Color
PRN001BL2 blue
PRN001GD2 gold
PRN001RD2 red
PRN001BK2 black
PRN001SL2 silver

Convert the Vespa GTS brake

  1. Why you should definitely rebuild your brake: Porco Nero Vespa GTS brake
  2. How you can mount the brakes: Installation in the video Porco Nero Vespa GTS brake

Vespa brake conversion Porco Nero bgm

Designed for all modern Vespa GT GTS models

  • For front and rear wheels, with and without ABS.
  • Precisely matched to the GTS brake pump: for a braking point that is easy to dose.
  • Shorter braking distances - compared to the series, but also to competing accessories
  • Completely CNC-milled: weight saving meets high rigidity without any torsion.
  • Hard anodized in black, red, gold, silver, blue: no fading, easy to clean.
  • No adapter required: the brake calliper is screwed directly onto the standard bracket.
  • Suitable for 12 and 13 inch rims.
  • Equipped with sintered brake pads: for a very short braking distance and good feedback.
  • Low-friction brake pistons: for excellent braking performance, linearly adjustable.
  • Special seals: An inclined rubber lip ensures that the brake pistons run smoothly and guarantees full braking power - even in the long term.
  • Including TÜV certificate

Vespa GTS brake with TÜV certificate

Here we offer you the TÜV certificate for the Porco Nero Power / Spiegler brake for download:

The brake fits the following models

Note: The brakes do not fit the GTV and GTS SeiGiorni models with the headlight on the fender. These vehicles have an independent ABS system that is purely mechanically (space problems) not compatible with the Spiegler / Porco Nero Power brake caliper.


bgm PRO variator for Piaggio Quasar engines, e.g. Vespa GTS

The bgm PRO V2 variator for Vespa GTS in the test

Our bgm PRO Vario for the Vespa GTS models is very popular. In this beautiful video Marc von tests Scooteria the bgm PRO V2 variator on his Vespa GTS.

“A cheap and effective tuning measure for all Vespa Gts 300 drivers. I compare it with the performance of the series variator of the Vespa Gts 300 in the city, on the country road and the motorway. "Marc, Scooteria

Conclusion of the test

  • Sportier: faster and higher in the speed range
  • Much higher speeds
  • Greatly improved acceleration
  • Much more aggressive driving performance
  • Without annoying noises
  • +5 km / h top speed 125 km / h according to GPS with 13 "rims without disc

Buy the bgm PRO Vario-Kit here


Video variator test

BGM Pro V2 Sport Variomatic Test Vespa Gts 300


BGM2311V2 variator

BGM2311V2 variator

How do I install the bgm PRO variator on a Vespa GTS?

Installation of the bgm PRO V2 variator in the Vespa Gts 300 hpe Supertech. Marc from Scooteria is at Cafe Racer 69 and Micha from the Cafe Racer 69 team explains very sympathetically and in detail in 25 minutes what needs to be considered when installing a Vario.

There are also tips, such as using the bgm Vario on your new GTS to use the old one GTS vario cover can drive, which many find more beautiful.

Buy the bgm PRO Vario-Kit here

Variomatic test

You are not sure yet? In this video Marc tests the variator in detail and shows the effect of the bgm PRO Sportvario in a driving test.

Video installation instructions Varioamtik Vespa GTS bgm PRO

BGM Pro Variomatik Vespa Gts 300 – installation


Vespa GTS animation oil level sight glass

New oil pan with sight glass for VESPA GTS

With this practical oil pan, you always have control over the engine oil in your Vespa engine. Already available for the new HPE / models without a connector for the dipstick and soon also for the older HPE models with an dipstick connector on the oil pan.

I think this part is brilliant - I could have come up with the idea, but Peter von Jack fox had the idea first and implemented it perfectly.

Bushing fox oil sight glass Vespa GTS

Instead of measuring the oil level using the dipstick, all you need to do now is look at the sight glass

  • Do I still have enough oil?
  • I risk ggs with the next trip. a major engine failure?
  • With this modified Piaggio oil pan you are on the safe side!

Because through this simple one Tuning trick for Vespa GTS The annoying, time-consuming and imprecise checking of the oil level using the dipstick is no longer necessary. A quick check before the tour is now done by simply looking at the oil sight glass.

Black or silver?

We offer the oil pans in the following colors, always with us: black anodized sight glasses!

How is the oil level read?

The dipstick does not fall away, it is still there for you to check the oil level. The middle of the sight glass shows you the maximum oil level. The sight glass also functions as a spirit level. To read it, it is best to place your GTS on the stand, make sure it is on a flat surface. According to Peter, whether the engine is warm or cold is irrelevant, it doesn't matter much when it comes to the Vespa oil level!

TIPP: Compare the oil level with the oil dipstick the first 2-3 times, this will give you a better feeling for the oil level in the sight glass! With you it could then for example look like this:

Vespa GTS animation oil level sight glass

NOTE:  The oil lamp on the Vespa is an oil pressure control. In practice this means: when the lamp comes on, the engine is usually already down. (If the oil pressure loss is due to insufficient oil quantity)


New original Piaggio oil pan

Only NEW ORIGINAL PIAGGIO oil pans are used for the production, which are laboriously reworked on the CNC milling machine for the installation of the oil sight glass.

What's in the box

  • New, original Piaggio oil pan - CNC milled and provided with a sight glass

We also recommend the oil and the oil filter to change, that's what we have to do practical inspection kits.

Installation instructions

The installation of an oil pan is easy, but you should work cleanly. Here we have information about Vespa GTS oil pan and assembly


CONCLUSION: Oil level check for Vespa GTS hpe made easy!


Moto Nostra luggage rack Vespa GTS hpe

MOTO NOSTRA luggage rack Vespa GTS HPE front

This is our new innovative luggage rack for the new GTS models. This MOTO NOSTRA Vespa GTS luggage rack for the front offers you two great advantages:

  1. Assembly without drilling = reversible
  2. 90 ° contact surface = deep luggage & headlights are not covered


Moto Nostra luggage rack Vespa GTS hpe

Easy assembly without drilling

The luggage rack is simply hooked onto the leg shield with the two straps on top and fixed to the frame with the special angle plate supplied. In addition, the luggage rack is supported by rubber buffers on the frame and thus offers a very high level of security.

When unfolded, the carrier platform has a pleasantly flat angle. This means that even a larger piece of luggage can be transported without covering the headlight.

We produced the MOTO NOSTRA luggage rack in three versions:

The assembly is quick and easy! Our assembly instructions will help you, they are easy to understand and are included with the product.

You can of course also get the tool from us: TOPTUL tool shop

MOTO NOSTRA is an Scooter Center Brand!


Assembly instructions in the video

In this video we introduce you to our MOTO NOSTRA front luggage rack for the Vespa GTS HPE models.

Luggage rack FRONT Vespa GTS hpe MOTO NOSTRA assembly instructions 🔧 ❤

Download the manual

Of course, you can also download them from our shop. Or right now here:


Tool bag Moto Nostra oldtimer retro look

MOTO NOSTRA tool bag for e.g. Vespa & Lambretta

We have new ones Tool bags from MOTO NOSTRA on offer - and as usual at these times, there is a product presentation from the home office today!

Tool bag in retro style | Waxed canvas

For example, for classic vehicles and oldtimers that want to be on the move with style when storing tools, we offer this practical tool roll. Of course, they also go great with a modern Vespa GTS or a motorcycle.

Robust tool bag made of waxes canvas, a hard-wearing and water-repellent material. The tool bag has 5 spacious compartments with large sturdy zippers. So the tool stays where you left it. The many compartments create order and offer quick access in an emergency.

When rolled up, the bag can be securely closed with a wide strap and sturdy clip and compressed as easily as possible. The bag has three handles and two eyelets for fastening or hanging. Available in brown and black and soon also pre-packed with model-specific tools.


Tip: also order a bag for the lady in the house, because the bags can also be used stylishly as toiletry bags.

Vespa toilet bag

  • Tool roll with zippered compartments and buckle in Brown 
  • Tool roll with zippered compartments and buckle in black



You will find the appropriate emergency lamp here:
Video of the lamp:

Emergency LED flashlight / work light COB LED from MOTO NOSTRA



You will find matching bags from Moto Nostra here

Video MOTO NOSTRA bags:

New bags for scooters 🎥😮 Moto Nostra bags for scooters


Scooter Center Voucher

The Scooter Center Voucher - a gift for scooter drivers

Especially now, just before Christmas, a great thing for large and small gifts: the Scooter Center Online voucher:

Dancing, singing, painting - in person or contactless - the last minute gift for those in a hurry

After payment has been made, you will receive the voucher immediately as a PDF sent. the Scooter Center Voucher is valid immediately and you can use it right away face-to-face or contactless hand over. You have various options for this, leave yours Imagination & Creativity run free or just use ours finished voucher for example:

  • Print out, fold and in the envelope hand it over personally or by post
  • Voucher directly by email or forward messenger
  • Copy the voucher code from the voucher and via messenger / mail send out
  • Print out the voucher and do it yourself paint / design
  • Copy the voucher code from the voucher and make your own voucher
  • Memorize voucher code and sing on the phone
  • Memorize voucher code and audition
  • ...

Scooter Center Voucher

A great gift! For the simple process, please note the following:

  • Only one voucher can be redeemed per purchase
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • Please choose a direct payment method such as PayPal or credit card. If you pay for your voucher with the payment method “prepayment”, the voucher will only be sent after the money has been received on our account.
  • Scooter Center Online vouchers can only be redeemed in our web shop.
  • No bonus points are credited for purchasing a voucher.

How is the Scooter Center Redeemed voucher?

The voucher becomes easy In the shopping cart Redeemed. Only one voucher can be redeemed per purchase.

Scooter Center redeem voucher

Arrow exhaust Vespa GTS test & installation

ARROW exhaust systems available for Vespa GTS

With us you can now get it again ARROW exhaust systems.

You may be with ours Vespa GTS - Custom-Special already noticed that most of the custom scooters are from Cafe Racer 69 have installed an Arrow exhaust system. This is certainly not without reason, the Berlin Vespa Customizer team knows what it's doing!

Make yourself a picture Scooteria made a nice comparison video here and compares the original Piaggio Vespa GTS exhaust with the ARROW exhaust:

Test ARROW VS. Vespa GTS exhaust

Buy Vespa GTS Arrow here

Gianelli & ARROW story

Giorgio Giannelli founded ARROW SPECIAL PARTS in 1985 and very successfully built racing exhaust systems for professional competition. In the 4-stroke and 2-stroke area, drivers won world championships in various classes with the Arrow exhaust systems.

In the meantime, Gianelli brings the know-how gained from racing with Arrow to the streets and offers exhaust systems for the Vespa GTS, for example. The sound, workmanship and performance make it the best for many Exhaust for the Vespa GTS. Of course available with E-marking and approval!

ARROW installation in the video

Buy Vespa GTS Arrow here
Luggage compartment cover glove compartment flap Vespa GTS

Luggage compartment cover glove compartment flap Vespa GTS

With our MOTO NOSTRA brand, we now have these great luggage compartment covers in our range. Within a few minutes you can customize the Vespa to your liking or install a replacement for the original maintenance hatch.

Instructions for installation and presentation of the flaps:

Maintenance cover for Vespa Gts 300 Moto Nostra chrome

Buy your flap here

Available variants of the GTS luggage compartment cover

Article no.: Color Price
MN4910CA carbon style
59,90 €
MN4910CP chrome
55,90 €
MN4910GBK shiny black
48,91 €
MN4910BK black Matt
48,91 €
MN4910UP unpainted
38,89 €

Select Vespa GTS maintenance hatches here