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There are only two original ignitions for the Lambretta lui and Junior series: one for all models with 50 cc displacement 4-pin ignition system from Dansi and for the models with more displacement (lui 75 and J100-125) one 6-pin Ducati ignition.

The power output of both ignitions is very manageable: the Dansi ignition is included 6V / 18 watts and the Ducati version at least with it 6 V / 33 W .

The 50s models have - in a negative sense - absolutely minimal electrics, which usually don't even have a brake light. An upgrade is impossible due to the non-existent performance of this Lambretta alternator.

Comparison of the power output of the ignition systems

Ignition Ducati 6-pin J 100, J 125                  6V / 33W

Ignition Ducati 6-pin lui 75                        6V / 33W

Ignition Dansi 4-pin J 50, lui 50                  6V / 18W

Ignition Vape lui 50-75, J 50-125           12 V / 110 W

vape 80 watts, consider 2.000 U / min

vape 110 watts, consider 6.000 U / min

This means that the new lui and Junior Vape ignition is a more than contemporary update 12V and 110 watts Perfomance. In addition, there is the unbeatable advantage of everyone electronic ignition: There are neither capacitors that burn out nor breakers that are subject to wear. Maintenance work and a weak ignition spark are a thing of the past.
Due to the very high ignition energy at low starting speeds, the vape ignition offers better starting behavior. The CDI is suitable for all original and tuned engines with a static ignition timing.

Thanks to the 12 magnets in the magnet wheel and the 9 coils on the ignition base plate, a high current output is available even at low speeds and the flickering of the light when idling is no longer present. The maximum output of the alternator is 110 watts.

This means that the models with 50 cc displacement can also be perfectly upgraded to the features of the larger models such as high and low beams and a brake light. Additional consumers (USB socket, exhaust gas temperature and the like) are of course no problem either.

The ignition magnet wheel is one-piece, manufactured to a high quality and balanced. The fan blades are CNC milled. The design of the fifteen fan blades has been optimized for higher cooling performance. The weight of the magnet wheel with fan blades is 1,2 kg.

Weight of the pole wheels in comparison

Flywheel Ducati 6-pole (Innocent number 00840134) J 100, J 125 1,35 kg

Polrad Ducati 6-pole (Innocenti number 00860038) lui 75 1,35 kg

Polrad Dansi 4-pole (Innocenti number 00860030) J 50, lui 50 1,4 kg

Polrad Vape with CNC milled fan blades lui 50-75, J 50-125 1,2 kg

Here we have put together the essential components - in addition to the ignition - for converting the on-board electrical system from J 50 to J 100 / J125:

A special feature of the J50 models is the limited space available with the original 50 rear light. A flat LED universal rear light can be the solution here.

When upgrading the lui 50 to lui 75 electrics it looks like this:

The lui 75 terminal board is - so far - only available for the original contact ignitions. When converting to electronic ignitions, all plug connections should be bridged together so that regulated 12 V is available across all of them.

Only green must not be combined with the other colors; here the engine is switched on and off.

The 6 volt horns/buzzers can be retained on all models. However, it is important to avoid honking in the future, otherwise the component will be damaged.

Lui and Junior Vape Ignition:

Holding plates:

While news for the more modern scooters is currently being presented at the EICMA, last weekend at the Mostra Scambio (November 3rd - 5th, 2023) there was long-awaited news for many Lambretta friends.

The lui 75 is by far the most complex Lambretta exhaust to produce, but also by far the one that works best on the lui models. (Resonance systems are left out.)

Lambretta lui exhaust – the structure:

And here again in a beautiful drawing from the classic:

In addition to the complicated interior, there are two heat shields screwed onto the outside and a chrome finish on the exhaust itself. An effort that is second to none and really makes reproduction a challenge.

Our surprise in Novegro was all the greater that two Italian manufacturers presented the exhaust as a reproduction.

The structure looks plausible:

We have ordered the systems and as soon as they have received their chrome bath, they will come to us and will be available in the shop.

The competing product from Tutto Lambretta was available for purchase and our exhaust is currently still in Dortmund. (Thanks Corina & Marco for the transport.)

As soon as the others are here, it will be put to the test.

A big thank you also to Dottore Markus for his translation skills in Novegro!!!

Stay tuned!

GP 200 electronic seat

Of the Lambretta dl 200 or called GP 200 in England there were roughly 9.400 units built. Unknown is the quantity of the dl and GP 200 electronics that left the factory.

In our history for every model, we can find this quote in the dl / GP model history section:

“But the ultimate improvement for the DL 200 was the introduction of an electronic ignition, which was developed in co-operation with Ducati. The DL 200 Electronic is easily recognized by a sticker on the legshields. The GP 200 electronic for the English market also has a specific seat. This newly shaped seat with its structured cover is a clear reminder of the 70s sports car interiors. Unfortunately no production numbers of the Electronic are known, as it was produced from 1970 onwards alongside the standard version with points ignition.”

Vittorio Tessera of CASA LAMBRETTA and MUSEO SCOOTER & LAMBRETTA fame takes a closer examination of the quantities of the dl and GP 200 electronic build in the brilliant: 

A must read for any Lambretta nut!

Our red bgm CDI unit was meant as a homage to the original electronic ignition. But the seats for the Lambretta GP 200 electronic had always been rare as hen's teeth.

With a growing demand, we started to look into having these seats remade. Easy was to source the company to do that. Whom else to trust than our Italian artisans to have them Handmade in Italy.

The hard task was to get the project started with one good sample. Luckily we find help from our friend Martin Robinson from England who dropped off on his way to the Milano-Taranto Race not one sample, but three original seat frames and two seat covers. Now the detective work in England, Italy and Germany started and we looked into sizes, measurements, angles and materials.

We are more than happy with the outcome and can offer complete seats and seat covers directly from the SC shelf. We had them made with the factory original black stitching and a vintage version with white stitching. The original black cotton lisle fades out over the decades. Something we looked into earlier in the SC blog: 

Available NOW OR SOON

Seat bgm PRO Lambretta GP 200 electronic

Black                                                  BGMGP200E


  Vintage black with white stitching                           BGMGP200EV

 Seat cover bgm PRO

Lambretta GP 200 electronic

Black           BGMGP201E

 Vintage black with white stitching                BGMGP201EV

Lambretta rear shocker

In 2008 –fifteen years ago- we released one of the very first bgm PRO Lambretta products our rear shocker.

Over the years it got some upgrades and refinements, like rubber bushes for the mounting points. And also some first off ever things like the very clever height adjustment. Copied by many others. The second version of the BGM7772 Black edition was introduced already in 2010 and was so good that we left it untouched until last year.

We had been in contact with Rob Gray of @kickbackgarage fame anyway, then and now. As he offered us his help on redefining the settings of our rear shockers, we did not hesitate one fraction of a second.

The combination of a Lambretta riding suspension technician was hardly to beat, so we provided samples, drawings and everything else he needed and Rob started his mission in improving the setup.

Some new shims and new rebound needle later…

… Rob was happy and did a back to back test against the previously favored rear shocker. And this is Rob's direct comparison:

This super-clever refinements of a real suspension professional lead to a strictly limited edition:

Rob Gray Kick Garage

“The other shock is good but the bgm sample I have followed the road better than it.

 The other is slightly overdamped and still skips and jumps on the road even when set up correctly as high speed compression is too harsh.

 The new bgm has gained some really nice mechanical grip with my mods.

 These are the highlights of the new shock:

  •   Can be set up quite firm without being harsh for faster engines or 2 up.
  •  Rebound control is not just better, but also easier to set up.
  •  The damper shaft might be thinner than on other dampers, but this is good because it doesn`t displace as much oil. This means the oil will not overheat and there is more space for more oil. (win win)
  •  Can be used on Series 1 and 2 and Series 3 without compromising on the stroke length.
  •  The use of more but thinner shims gives more control and the added bonus of pyramid shim stack is that they are progressive. This means that if you hit a hard square edge you automatically have firmer high-speed compression control. A faster movement on the shock gives more support through-out the shock stroke.
  •  We have cured the top-out issue! Yay! No funny noise and better rebound damping.
  •  Because of the shim stack configuration, we do not need to use progressive spring rates. This gives the illusion that the stroke is longer than it is and although we can use the full stroke, it doesn`t bottom out harshly.
  •  I recommend 15-20% say when setting up the shock, and I also recommend just 2-5 turns on the spring preload. 2 =75kg rider 5 =110kg rider. A spring always behaves better under less preload. I used 3 turns but backed it down to 2.5 (82kg with gear) I also have rebound set at 14 clicks from fully open.


At the time of writing five of these only are left and all of them come or came with this note from Rob:

“Thank you for purchasing, what I believe is the best off the shelf, rear shock for your classic Lambretta scooter.

I have combined my knowledge as a suspension technician and scooter rider to enhance and improve the overall ride characteristics.

Only after countless hours of real world, riding on some of the worst Scandinavian back roads was I happy with the final result.

The magic carpet ride quality is sporty but with fantastic small bump compliance.

This gives great mechanical grip, comfortable and confidence inspiring handling.


Enjoy and Happy Scootering.

Rob Gray

- Kick Garage

As the limited Series is gone or will be gone shortly we are happy to announce that this improved inners are available from now on in serial production:

For all the lui – vega – cometa afficinados, we offer the silver / chrome ones in a set with the reduction bushes by our friends from Casa Performance / Rimini Lambretta Center:

Rear shock absorber bgm PRO R12 V3
Silver Edition RGS 300-310mm - Lambretta LUI, VEGA, LUNA, COMETA 

Toptul tools for scooter drivers - tools for scooter repairs & workshops

Toptul tools for scooter riders

We have received a large delivery, so popular TOPTUL tools are available again.

TOPTUL tools for scooter riders

Scooter Center TOPTUL shop

TOPTUL has been manufacturing high-quality tools for over 20 years and is absolutely unbeatable in a price / performance comparison. TOPTUL products have been in daily use on Vespa, Lambretta & Co. for years and are always convincing.

As an example, let's just mention the finely divided toothing of the ratchets. The solid and robust design with 72 teeth achieves a stitching of only 5 degrees (1/72 turn). This means that work can be done precisely and without repositioning, even in very tight places, with little working distance for the ratchet. It goes without saying that TOPTUL tools meet or exceed the common standards such as DIN / ISO / ANSI. The in-house quality control is very strict and is expressed, for example, in an individual measuring protocol enclosed with each torque spanner with regard to the measuring accuracy and the release behavior. From our own experience, we can recommend TOPTUL products to every “intensive wrench user” with a clear conscience.
Buy TOPTUL now hereDirectly to the product in the Scooter Center Shop

These are the highlights from the video:

  • Socket set (ratchet box) -TOPTUL 1/4 ″ - 4mm-14mm + bits - 49 pieces Article-No .: GCAI4901

And nice are still the sets, like this one:

  • screwdriver set -TOPTUL Pro Series- 20 pieces Article-No .: GZC2005
  • Sea ring pliers set -TOPTUL- 4 pcs Article No .: GPAQ0401
  • All key set -TOPTUL- 1,5mm, 2mm, 2,5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm - 9 pieces Article-No .: GAAL0916

TIP: Then you have everything new, uniform and in an appealing look in one go! You can also find more recommendations for TOPTUL here on our Scooter Center Blog: All Toptul tools for scooter riders are available in our TOPTUL store

On the couch at Scooter Center. An interview with Julia Spitzna

Being part of the Scooter Center team means to work with great people. Better than working is riding!

On my left and right side at the office, I have passionate Lambretta aficionados. Therefore, it probably was only a matter of time before I ride with one of them. In this case with her, but she is not just any girl, she is Yoleila (at Facebook) or Julia.

She is the president of the Lambretta Club Germany, scooter racer, almost a collector, crazy for the original scooters and parts, graphic designer and I could keep going…

That is why we interview her, to listen to those stories that we love to hear.

As a result, A very exciting project is about to be started,

stay tuned until the end to find out where it is all about;)

On the couch at Scooter Center | Interview Julia Spitznas - Marketing SC

Classic Castrol collection and embarrassing sponsorship request at Castrol

Castrol Classic Merchandise

We offer a high quality range of classic items, from oil cans / oil jugs to magnets and wall signs, all with the iconic 1946 Castrol Classic branding. Whether in the workshop or at home, our nostalgic range combines both retro style and functionality. Including workshop accessories, clothing and more, there's something for every classic car owner or enthusiast.

Castrol Classic Merchandise not only for Vespa & Lambretta fans

Whether as a gift for an enthusiastic scooterist or as a present for yourself, you will find the perfect something in our range!

Buy Classic Castrol Collection here

The idea of ​​castor oil

Castrol was founded by Charles “Cheers” Wakefield under the name “CC Wakefield & Company”. In 1899, Wakefield left his job at Vacuum Oil to start his own business selling lubricants for railways and heavy machinery. In the early 20th century, Charles developed an interest in two new motorized vehicles: the automobile and the airplane. His company began developing oils for the new engines. These oils had to be thin enough for cold starting and at the same time thick enough to function at high temperatures. The company's researchers found that the problem could be solved by adding castor oil, a vegetable oil made from castor seeds. They called the new product " Castrol ". Used in 1919, John Alcock and Arthur Brown Castrol oil on the first non-stop transatlantic flight in history.

Heiko's idea with Castrol sponsorship & fast to slow

CC Wakefield not only invented a new type of motor oil, but also a new way to attract potential customers to his product: sponsorship. The Castrol name appeared on banners and flags at air races, car races and speed record attempts. Over time, the brand name of the motor oil became far better known than that of the company's founder / company. This circumstance led to the renaming of "CC Wakefield & Company" in 1960 to Castrol Ltd.

I have been riding Vespa and Lambretta for over 32 years. It all started with a red Vespa PK50S, which, bought second-hand, was already waiting in my parents' garage for my driving license. But it quickly was too slow for me. The first tuning measure was to fit an expensive 50km / h exhaust. But it didn't do much good, the moped boys were still flying past me left and right. So I sold it and became interested in a black PX 80 Lusso, which was very expensive in insurance at the time. During the test drive, the gears always flew out. But I was happy to have my mother so far as to be allowed to buy me this scooter…. besides, my father was on a business trip and didn't know anything about the new "80". So: now or never! So the scooter was bought with this “little hidden flaw”.

ROLLERSHOP, Scootering & Mods, Scooterboys and Scooter Scene

We all know what was wrong with the engine: the reason for the uncontrolled gear changes, what the worn “round” gear shift cross. The nearest Vespa dealer wanted DM 700 for the change, but that was out of the budget for my skilful scooter update. I got in touch with other scooter riders. One of them had been skateboarding for the last week and was now suddenly motoring on a brand new Vespa PX 80 Lusso. A month later I met him again, sitting in a suit and polished leather shoes on his Vespa, now plastered with mirrors and chrome parts. The next time I met him, half of his scooter was missing and on his head too. Instead of fine leather shoes and a suit, he was now wearing red boots up to his knees, camouflage trousers and a bomber jacket. On his head, all that was left of his “popper mane” was a little horn of hair that fluttered listlessly in his face after he had taken off his helmet. Somewhat irritated, I asked him if he had had an accident with his scooter and why he looked so funny. He said he was now Scooterboy and the scooter was a CutDown! He had probably discovered it before, for me it was new at the time: the MOTORETTA, the Scootermag and still in black and white. And so the evil took its course. Now the 80s also became too slow for me somehow, schoolmates with DT, RD, MBX & Co and even some mopeds were faster than me. So if I change the gearshift anyway and take the engine out and disassemble it, I might as well make the bike a bit faster… In the meantime I had also discovered the ROLLERSHOP catalog and SCOOTERING. I was so fascinated by the custom paint jobs in the glossy magazines that I sat down in my 80s “children's room” and dreamed of great paint jobs and scribbled a few of them on paper. Yes, laugh, these are my collected works:

Castrol sponsoring with the “Castrol Vespa Racer

So somehow my dreams regarding the custom paint job didn't really come true, so I later took the initiative and asked Castrol for a sponsorship. To be honest, I'm a bit uncomfortable about this right now: I was quite sure I had done this at the age of 16. But according to the date of the letter to Castrol, which I found in my “Scooter Scene box” , I was already a bit older and at that time already doing my community service.

Unfortunately I don't have the drawings of my“Castro Racer"With 20 hp and targeted 130-140km / h anymore. I must have enclosed the drawings with the letter to Castrol, Motorsport Department. I found this test printout with corrections from the letter. But I certainly didn't write to UHU and NUTELLA, MÜHLEN KÖLSCH? Maybe! I don't know any more… But the gentleman from Castrol was very nice, invited me to the IFMA in Cologne and, after a short conversation in the Castrol truck, pressed a few Castrol stickers into my hand. If anyone from Castrol is reading along here: my offer still stands! This is my Augsburg Vespa T4, for example:

Classic Castrol Store

You don't need to write sponsorship requests for our Classic Castrol merchandise, you can now get the cool retro Castrol Racing products at a great price in our Classic Castrol Store: Classic Castrol products Classic Castrol products

Buy Classic Castrol Collection here


New carburettor connection rubbers from bgm PRO

In countless long and short distance races and test kilometers the 12mm wide hose clamps from ABA SAFE have proven their worth. The ABA Safe ™ clamp uses the elasticity of the intake rubber and protects this relatively soft rubber hose from damage. The clamping force is increased at the profile beads, there are no sharp edges and the 12mm wide clamps fit tightly without stressing the carburettor connection rubber.

bgm carburetor connection rubbers for 12mm ABA Save clamps carburetor rubbers Vespa & co.

We have now developed new bgm connection rubbers that are wide enough to neatly accommodate these 12mm wide hose clamps.

Carburettor connection rubbers bgm PRO

Carburettor connection rubbers bgm PRO

Another advantage is that ours bgm connecting rubbers from the carburetor to the intake manifold are made of a very oil and petrol tolerant material. This makes the carburettor connection rubbers a highly reliable and durable part on your scooter.

Available sizes & conversion rubber

  1. 28.5 mm connecting rubber carburettor / intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 28.5 / 28.5mm
    • Polini CP
  2. 30 mm connecting rubber carburettor / intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 30 / 30mm
    • Dellorto PHBL
    • MikuniTM 24
  3. 35 mm connecting rubber carburettor / intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 35 / 35mm
    • Dellorto PHBH 28/30
    • Dell Orto VHST 24-36
    • Dell Orto VHSH 30
    • MikuniTM 28
    • Mikuni TMX 27/30
    • Keihin PWK 28/30
    • Polini 28/30
  4. 40 mm connecting rubber carburettor / intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 40 / 40mm
    • Mikuni TMX 32-35
    • Keihin PWK 33-35
    • Koso 28-34
  5. 35 / 40mm Conversion connecting rubber carburettor / intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW = 35 / 40mm
    • 35 mm
    • 40 mm



  1. The carburetor and intake manifold should be thoroughly degreased before fitting.
  2. The 12mm ABA SAFE hose clamps should also not be overtightened.
Lessmann brushes Made in Germany

Not all brushes are the same!

You probably have a classic steel brush in your tool kit. Such a DIY store all-round brush is practical and has many areas of application, but with little effort it can be even better: Here I show you 4 small wire brushes from LESSMANN (Made in Germany) for special applications that make it easier for you to work on your scooter during repairs and maintenance!

LESSMANN brush logo

1. The File Cleaning Brush

Steel brush for cleaning files.

Steel brush for cleaning files. You don't have to buy a new file if it no longer has the expected effect, cleaning the file is often enough! This special brush from Lessmann is suitable for cleaning the strokes of metal files so that the cutting effect is fully available again. The file cleaning brush is particularly suitable for removing chips and strongly adhering metals such as copper, brass, bronze and aluminum.

2. The rust eraser brush

Rust eraser with steel bristles from the German quality manufacturer Lessmann

High quality rust eraser with steel bristles. The brush is ideal for careful restoration of your vehicle with original paintwork on which parts of the sheet metal have rusted and which should not be sanded over the entire surface. Keyword: O-paint restoration. With the rust eraser, oxide particles can be removed effortlessly, even on surfaces that are already scarred. The bristles on both sides have different thicknesses for precise work. Afterwards, the area can be passivated with a suitable agent (eg multifilm). CONCLUSION: Great little tool with great effect and fun factor

3. The steel brush for the rough stuff

Steel brush for removing coarse dirt such as rust.

This quality steel brush is particularly suitable for removing coarse dirt such as rust. It is not suitable for use on surfaces made of plastic, aluminum, copper, etc.

4. The brass brush for spark plug cleaning

Brass brush for cleaning the ground and center electrodes of spark plugs.

Brass brush for cleaning earth and center electrodes of spark plugs. Since brushes made of steel unnecessarily roughen the surface and thus new dirt adheres even better than before, a brush made of a softer material than steel should always be used for cleaning spark plugs.

LESSMANN quality brushes | Made in Germany

Lessmann brushes

At Scooter Center you get Lessmann brusheswhich we have found to be particularly suitable and tried and tested for everyday use in the workshop and for repairing / tuning scooters. A small brush like this can be very helpful and really make it easier for you to work cleanly on your scooter / Vespa / Lambretta etc.!

Hose 3.00 10

Vespa & Lambretta Smallframe inner tube 3.00 x 10 bgm PRO

We have chosen a very high buty content for the new bgm PRO inner tubes in favor of better quality and higher safety and therefore a separate tube size for tires up to 3.00-10 and 90 / 90-10 = Vespa & Lambretta Smallframe. Other inner tubes with a lower butyl content have more flexibility due to a higher rubber content. They serve a wider range of possible tire sizes (up to 130 / 90-10), but as a major disadvantage, poorer air tightness and puncture resistance must be accepted.

Our bgm PRO hoses are manufactured to our specifications especially for the needs of Vespa and Lambretta scooters. The butyl content is over 55%, which makes them extremely airtight and absolutely reliable. The high butyl content makes the hose more expensive to produce, but the result justifies the expense! Nevertheless, we offer this high-quality hose at a great price:
Buy Smallframe inner tube here

Fitting instructions Fitting inner tube & tire

TIP: Our bgm PRO scooter inner tubes can be used in many vehicles with 10-inch tubular tires. When mounting, insert the tires at the bead with mounting paste and dust the inside of the tire with talcum powder. The mounting paste ensures the correct end position of the tire while the talc minimizes the friction of the inner tube. This maximizes the safety and life of the inner tube. Instructions for fitting Vespa tires

Tutorial How to assemble the bgm CLASSIC tires for Vespa


Tool bag Moto Nostra oldtimer retro look

MOTO NOSTRA tool bag for eg Vespa & Lambretta

We have new tool bags from MOTO NOSTRA on offer - and as usual at these times, today we have a product presentation from the home office!

Retro Style Tool Bag | Waxed canvas

For eg classic cars and oldtimers who want to be stylish with their tool storage, we offer this practical tool roll. Of course, they also go great with a modern Vespa GTS or even a motorbike. Robust tool bag made of Waxes Canvas, a hard-wearing and water-repellent material. The tool bag has 5 spacious compartments with large sturdy zips. So the tools stay where you put them. The many compartments create order and offer quick access in an emergency. When rolled up, the bag can be securely closed with a wide strap and sturdy clip and compressed to be as handy as possible. The bag has three handles and two eyelets for fastening or hanging. Available in brown and black and soon also pre-packed with model-specific tools.

Tip: Also order a bag for the lady in the house, because the bags can also be stylishly used as a toiletry bag. Vespa toilet bag

  • Tool roll with zip compartments and buckle in brown
  • Tool roll with zip, compartments and buckle in black


You can find the emergency lamp here: Video of the lamp:

Emergency LED flashlight / work light COB LED from MOTO NOSTRA



You can find matching bags from Moto Nostra here Video MOTO NOSTRA bags:

New bags for scooters 🎥😮 Moto Nostra bags for scooters


Vespa & Lambretta Thailand Bangkok
Vespa & Lambretta Thailand Bangkok

Delivery mission with Lambretta TV 175 and Vespa GTS in Bangkok

Travelogue Thailand, Bangkok 2018

It is January 2021 and we are still missing the lifestyle associated with our chosen way of life. No runs, no nighters, no racing and sometimes it feels like no nothing than Covid. So, the other day we were discussing in the Skype lunchtime meeting the subject of our business travels.

We did a lot and most ended up being sweaty and covered in dust and grease or over tired on some motorways with a hangover on our way back.

One of the ultimate highlights of all Scooter Center travels has been the one to Bangkok in 2018. We had the plan to visit the dealers over there and get a better feeling for the scene in Thailand. We are in general very far from being hypercritical and see the positive things rather than negative things. A lot of the complaining in the western hemisphere is not very objective and the usual prejudice when it comes to Asia is - let us face it - copycats.


Buddy Seat Lambretta Garage

We were really looking forward to see what would be waiting for us. Our first stop after we landed was visiting Buddy seat Lambretta garage. A fantastic place with frame and fork jigs and an unbelievable level of artisanship. Starry-eyed as we are, we simply tried to find the place ourselves. The try was without any success and we had to ask a taxi driver to call the shop to find it. As things were not easy, the shop owner itself came to guide us. And hey presto, we are in town less than two hours and are escorted by a Lambretta TV 200 to the shop. Not a too bad start for the seven-day business trip. The language barrier was sadly there, but the gestures between some Lambretta nuts worked well and we made the conversation this way.

[modula id = ”100205 ″]

Lambretta Thailand Cafe

As we do not want to bore you to death with every single detail, we make it short. Our second stop was the Lambretta Thailand Café that hosts as well as the Lambretta Thailand Shop of our good friend Toon, he speaks perfect English and took care of us for the rest of our stay in BKK. He really made the business trip to the perfect holiday at least for Philipp. Maybe even Ulf.

[modula id = ”100211 ″]

Delivering scooter parts in Bangkok with Lambretta TV 175 and Vespa GTS

Besides our daytime entertainment in visiting dealers, Toon showed us all the cool places.

The places he brought us to deeply impressed us and showed at the same time how passionate and obsessed the folks over there are with anything Vespa and Lambretta.


Delivery mission

[modula id = ”100214 ″]

Scooter collectors

The collectors we have visited are really a class of their own and bound to them scooters and their pristine original conditions. Have a look at the funky accessories.

[modula id = ”100216 ″]

Ratchada Night Market

Another great highlight and a place where we could have stayed for eternity is the Ratchada Night market. A place with a few small Lambretta shops, lots of vintage car shops, vintage stuff and clothing. Cafes, bars, amongst others at old American fuel station (demounted in the States, brought over and re-assembled) and loads of other bits to see, eat and drink.

[modula id = ”100218 ″]

GO TO SCOOTER meeting in Bangkok

Also the place where the GO TO SCOOTER Runs take place and that is our ultimate dream for the post Corona time to be there. Check it out on Youtube:

Goto Scooter V6 2019 ตลาดนัดรถไฟศรีนครินทร์ Ohhoโตล้อ10"





All photos

Here you can find all the pictures from the trip.

Modern Vespa dealer


Big Daddy Moto Club


Mr Balon

M autopart

Lambretta and Vespa dealers

Ouch Vespa

Buddy Seat Lambretta Garage

Downtown Machines

Lambretta Resto

Lambretta Crafts


Lambretta Thailand Shop & Cafe


Lambretta Delivery Missions, Streetlife & Collectors

Delivery mission 1

Delivery mission 2