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Open Day Scooter Center

The time has come, our #OpenDaySC is just around the corner, save the date: September 14, 2024 and if you have a parts market or a stand, please register. 

Highlights Open Day SC

• Groovy scooterist sounds
• Free test bench use on our P4
• hot snack 
• Cool on and off the counter
• Gasoline talks and scene news

An afternoon with friends at friends!

We look forward to seeing you,
Your Scooter Center Team

save the date open day

This was the last Open Day-September 2023

Rental: Scooter Center
Kurt Schumacher Str. 1 in 50129 Bergheim-Glessen.


Last weekend (22-23.06.2024) the annual excursion “VESPA L'OUTSIDE” of the VSCK (Vespa Scooter Club Kemper). It was the 17th edition of this event, where the almost 40 members of the VSCK meet to ride the roads of the region.

This year it was organized on the Crozon peninsula with departure via Rosnoen.

The programme included a reception at the Domaine du Seillou, which ended with a barbecue in the evening, and on Sunday there was a descent after breakfast for the bravest.

We thank Patrick André for sending the photos and congratulate the VSCK on this meeting.


grossglockner lui

Scooter Italiano organized an exclusive event for Lui and Lambretta J, but it was not just a meeting, it was a incredible adventure on the highest mountain in Europe: Großglockner.

We had the opportunity to sponsor the event from June 28th to 30th, a rally that included two nights' accommodation (in a hotel in Dobbiaco), breakfast, lunch and dinner, various gadgets, entrance tickets, assistance and luggage transport.

We thank Bruno for the photos and share one of the most beautiful moments here.

the incredible journey poster
Canada Vespa Days 2024

Last 21-23 June  Canada Vespa Days were celebrated in Kingston, Ontario! This event was the first National Vespa event in Canadian History – or at least that anyone in attendance knew about! And Scooter Center was a proud sponsor!

Tickets were limited to 120 members of any official National Vespa Club. The event was sold out months ago! And almost 90 Vespas were proudly parked for everyone to see!

On behalf of the Vespa Club Canada (VCC), Jeff Schneider, President, and Julie welcomed all participants, who were happy to register, pick up their goodie bags and to check out the merchandise for sale.

Although this year's Vespa World Days could not be held there as planned, VC Canada proved that it could make it a truly international meeting. Participants arrived not only from coast to coast across Canada, coming from Comox and Vancouver, British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia, riders also came from the United States, Germany, Austria, Italy/Peru, and even the Philippines.

Jeff Schneider VC Canada

Participants were able to sign up for various rides, including a quick scoot around the town of Kingston, a ferry ride to see Wolfe Island by scooter, a ride along the St. Lawrence River to Brockville where riders were met by a local historian who explained the importance of Canada's first Railway Tunnel, as well as a scoot through the twists and turns of the countryside and a group lunch on one of the area's lakes. There were also group boat cruises through the waters connecting the 1000 Islands and a ride to a local brewery housed in a farm owned and operated by the same family for 8 generations. A gala dinner, complete with raffle prizes and a silent auction, concluded the first Canada Vespa Days event!

Scooter Center was invited, but this time we could only make our presence felt through some raffle prizes and silent auction items, as well as adding some items to the participant goodie bags. Until the next event…!

Vespa scooter Wideframe

In the Vespa racing world, everything has its place and the best example of this is the Wideframe Racer of the Nagy family.

Moritz, Julius, Manuel and our dear Andreas from @NagySheet roller have joined forces and Wideframe Scooter built for the racetrack that meets your demands for design and performance.

So far there are not many Wideframes that are used in circuit or sprint races. These few racers are often equipped with engine concepts from the 80s, as these are considered by the builders to be more powerful and reliable. Andreas' team took a different approach and crossed the original engine block with modern components to show that 50s technology can also have a place in today's motorsport.

The result is the “Flying Snail“, a racing snail with a modern chassis and the latest engine technology, which has already completed its first laps on the racetrack with great promise.

Vespa GS Highlights

  • Front fork SKR shortened
  • bgm Shock absorber shortened
  • Laptimer Alfano
  • Magura HC1 brake pump
  • RPM brake caliper with AF Touring shock absorber mount
  • Gafler Wave brake disc
  • PMT slicks on bgm Tubeless rim

Engine Concept

  • GS150 engine block reworked
  • Quattrini M1XL cylinder
  • Carburettor 30mm Dellorto
  • Crankshaft Kingwelle
  • Clutch KingClutch
  • Ignition Pinasco

The goal

The 10h endurance race in Magny-Cours (27-29.9.) to survive without any accidents.


It's interesting to see first hand how these ideas come to life. Thank you for letting us be part of this process and we look forward to seeing how it continues. In the meantime, we hope Team Nagy has lots of fun with the "new" toy.

33. Eurolambretta

From June 14 to 16, 2024, the national Lambretta clubs met near the Magny Cours racetrack for the annual EL.

Around 1.200 participants celebrated the best scooter in the world for four days. The Lambretta Club France put on a great event on a perfect site. The LCGB had by far the largest contingent, with around half of the participants. 60 participants traveled from the Lambretta Club Germany.

Thanks to the custom show, dynamometer, workshop, film screening, ride, chopper custom show, food trucks (from oysters to kebabs to India), DJs, live music and an excellent gala dinner on Saturday evening, there was not a single minute of boredom. 

At the Eurolambretta Market we met many good friends:

  • Marco has the Rimini Lambretta Center and Casa Performance Products presents.
  • Sam from Lambretta finder not only offered used original parts for sale, but also put them to the test.
  • Lambretta Club Spain has made our mouths water with more goodies. Is there something new soon here comes
  • Lambretta Club Belgium
  • Lambretta Club Scotland with advertising for the 34th EL in Scotland
  • Lambretta Club Germany has promoted the Lambretta Offroad Cup massively and well. There is here at the place more information coming soon.
  • Jaime Supereibar has, after various parts and the standard reading on Eibar Lambretta, conjured up a film out of the hat. More on this soon.

Scooter Center / bgm status

We are always happy to support this legendary Lambretta meeting. A sure bet at every Eurolambretta was our friend Andy from Andy Francis Scooters. He often secured support with spare parts on his own. As this is no longer possible due to the restrictions imposed by Brexit, we decided at short notice to try it. So we booked around 150 kg of spare and wear parts and packed them pre-sorted into the delivery van and set off early on Friday morning. Enough to deliver the first spare parts on Friday as well as our new Lambretta bgm catalogue to distribute.

After a short night in the van, we head straight to the Lambretta spare parts service on Saturday morning. It was exhausting but also great to see so many old and new friends again. The only downside was that the time was far too short.

We would like to thank all participants and especially the Lambretta Club France for the great organization!

See you in Scotland 2025!

Ves'part des Anges

The last weekend (May 24/25.2024) took place the first event of the Vespa Club Cognac: Ves'part des Anges

They started off on the right foot by creating this beautiful graphic and choosing an amazing name, inspired by the small amount of the cognac that evaporates from the wood in the barrel, this loss of liquid is known as that “part des anges” (the angel's share).

They welcomed old people scooters from France and Europe to discover the region, a tour through the vineyards, the heritage and the gastronomy of Cognac.

Véronique Chenu, President of the Vespa Club of Cognac tells us a little bit about it:

“Our event ended with an extraordinary weekend, our participants are delighted, walks, restaurants, tasting, concert, great, thank you Scooter Center for the participation, each #RealScooterist had their welcome bag filled with treats…”

Thank you for letting us participate and we wish you many more editions of Ves'part des Anges, cheers!

200 Fari Bassi Scooter Center

The Vespa Club”Vespa vintage car friends MunichAfter a long tradition like in 1996, 2001, 2006 and 2010, this year the 5th World Vespa Meeting took place with 200 Fari Bassi for a magical event Traffic center of the German Museum .

The first day at #200FariBassi was great!

Image Gallery

200 Fari Bassi Expo

German Museum Transport Center

The impressive collection of Robin Davy, which we already have in the video: “Meet Robin Davy's Vespa collection in detail” was presented in the rooms of the museum. Toys, Vespas and other curiosities provided a nice setting for the meeting.

Book presentation

During our visit to Robin's collection he told us all about his new book, which was launched on Saturday and will hopefully be available in stores soon.

Sticky also has with his book Manual for Wideframe took part in the event, which you already have in ours Find online shop.

Scooter Center on the dealer mile

On the dealer mile there were vintage scooters for several thousand euros, badges and technical innovations for them Wideframe.

We were with our beloved ones    bgm 8 inch tires & the new bgm touring box for the Wideframe Models represented.

At our stand we welcomed new customers and also loyal regular customers who came with us Scooter Center Antiques such as the 15 year anniversary T-shirt in top condition were surprising. Of course we rewarded this loyalty with one 30 years Anniversary T-shirt.

Exhibitors Scooter Center

Concours d'Elegance

Faro Basso's exhibition had a special ingredient with the Concours d'Elegance, as we were able to learn first-hand the history behind these works of art.

Vespa 98 – engine 125cc

has the first license plate and was registered in August '47.

ROD Model Douglas 1953

The first owner gave it to him on the condition that he would continue to use it and take it to events like this.

He got it with all the original parts, even the tire inflator.

Swiss model

Vespa Queen

From Düsseldorf from Hoffmann Works

Vespa 125 U -1953 (Utilitarian)

One of the most exciting stories was how he was able to find the only previous owner of his Vespa via Facebook.

This enabled him to purchase the last missing original part for his vehicle.  The license plate!

He also received a photo from the previous owner (1970's) with the Vespa from times long past. He recreated this in a wonderful tribute as a thank you.

Vespa VN2T 1956


He and the Vespa are from Vespa Club Pordenone and the Vespa is the famous model from the film “Vacanze di Roma”.

He is the oldest member of the Vespa Oldimer Friends Munich.

Vespa acrobatics

Robin Davy is still the mastermind behind the acrobatic Vespa team and the presentation was impressive and entertaining as always!


The Corso was a wonderful experience, in just 6 kilometers you could experience the history of the Vespa yourself, as the parade was led by the Faro Basso, followed by the models that followed it.


Coming Soon!

We would like to thank the Vespa Club “Vespa vintage car friends Munich“Congratulations on the perfect organization of such a large event and thank you for the opportunity to be there and sponsor part of the event.

It all started with the decision to choose an exhaust for the 1000km trip of our GTS Keyless 2023 and we went for the Malossi.

We took the opportunity to stop off in Bologna to visit Malossi on the way to the Pontedera Vespa World Days, where I was able to see what is behind the brand, and it is impressive, all the scooters were beautifully presented in an enviably clean workshop, and walking around the huge site we even picked up our order on the way to Germany, making us feel at home.

visiting @malossispayt #malossi #gtsmalossi

There we were invited to their event, the timing of which coincided perfectly with our return of the VWD to Germany, this time in Modena. The event took place on 21.04.2024 at the Autodromo di Modena and consisted of two main parts:

Miscela Day

Some of the things we found at this meeting were the Dyno, dj set, Contest of ugliness and arrogance where the only rule is to be yourself, a simulator: Moto trainer and a pit walk to make the speed experience closer, the shop, food and drinks, and even a tattoo area with flash designs by Malossi.

It's amazing how the atmosphere of speed and performance is in the air, an event that left us amazed and with a wide participation, from children riding their bikes on the rear wheel, to the most professional on the track, to those who bring their uniqueness scooter designs to show them off to the connoisseurs.

Miscela Day program

Malossi trophies

in the 37th edition, we had the opportunity to live closely the experience of a scooter race with Joe Shack, all the tension before and after the race, the physical and mental preparation and the support of a great team, which together, will define results in the seconds that these races last.

In the boxes you could also find it Malossi Racing Academy with the Italjet Dragster 200cc.

in short, an event that speed lovers have to experience once in their lives.

youtube trophy

Scooter Center at Pontedera

Vespa World Days Pontedera 2024 was a dream, but for us it started much earlier. The first task was preparing the scooters. We arrived with two GTS, a GTV and our Ciao.

Vespa GTS Keyless 2023

Moto Nostra indicators: MN633KTB

bgm rims: bgm7660

Luggage carrier: MN2001

Mirror: MN1409

Passenger footrest adapter: MN1061

Luggage rack access: MN1063

Vario lid cover: MN3070

Sump: MN1071

Brake lever set: bgm4513

bgm shock absorber: bgm7756B

Malossi exhaust: M3218960KO

We start a trip of 1300 km destination Pontedera! #vespaworlddays2024

The journey is the destination, which is why I have dedicated myself to traveling to the most beautiful corners of Germany.


The Scooter Center Team was waiting for me so I had to hurry and that was the best decision because we took advantage of the opportunity our friends from Malossi to visit and they helped us with the 1000km service of the GTS.

visiting @malossispayt #malossi #gtsmalossi


Vespa World Days, Pontedera 2024

The event was organized in record time and Pontedera was chosen because of the 140th anniversary of the Piaggio factory. The Vespa Clubs of Pontedera, Florence, Pisa and other locations have come together to support the logistics required for an event of this magnitude.

All Vespas are beautiful

Although we know that the customization options of a Vespa are unique, at a meeting with more than 15.000 Vespas there is something to see for every taste.

#RealScooterists everywhere

We find scenes like from a Renaissance painting. how we saw several Vespisti repairing a Vespa, a beautiful couple from Greece with a sticker showing them as they are or the clever choice of costumes for the parade (Corso). The #Realscooterists don't lack creativity.

The highlight was undoubtedly the commitment of Pontedera and all the surrounding villages. The shops were decorated with Vespas and all the residents greeted with applause and smiles the kilometer-long line of Vespas that filled Tuscany with Vespa charm for over three hours.

On the first day we were able to take part in the tour of the beautiful village of Lari, which was a gastronomic experience. We could also Nicola Limpennatore in the Vespa Village, who performed his incredible feats on a Vespa.

Of course, I am personally very proud that Latin America is made up of a large group Vespa Club Mexico, VC Argentina, VC Puerto Rico, VC Chile, VC Peru, the two-stroke movement MCL2T and of course the VC Colombia is represented.

the next  Vespa World Days will take place from May 1st to 4th, 2025 in Gijon, Spain and we will follow the preparations closely.

The first February weekend of the year is an absolute must for everyone Real Scooterist at. The Scooterist Meltdown in Kalkar is an all-inclusive weekender in a class of its own. Depending on the package you book, it ranges from five days to just one nighter or the big custom and dealer show on Saturday.

The program is designed in the best Scooterist tradition. The nighter starts on Friday at 20 p.m. and Saturday at 19 p.m. In 3 locations (Main Room, Indie Room & Ska Bar) you can dance to the finest Northern Soul, R'n'B, Ska, Reggae, Madchester & Brit Pop and alternative tunes until 3.00 a.m. You can also chill out or bowl in the hotel bar.

Live bands on both Friday and Saturday round off the program.


On Saturday there is traditionally the big custom and trade show during the day. And this year it completely broke the mold with 70 exhibitors from all over Europe. There has never been so much going on and we can judge it quite well, as we were able to be there with our SC stand at nine out of ten Meltdowns.

We were able to exchange the hottest news and the latest gossip in the scene with around 2.000 visitors, customers and friends throughout the day. And one thing is already certain: next year is definitely booked!


Thank you very much and congratulations to the Scooterist of 84 crew on turning ten! 

Meltdown 2024

One of the most important scooter celebrations on this side of the planet will take place in Kalkar from February 1 to 5, 2024, an event celebrating its 10th year and as usual, Scooter Center will be present with a stand and great prizes.

The tenth episode of this legendary scooterist weekender in the surreal setting of a former nuclear power plant will be very special – watch this space!
For now, here is some key info:
• 3 TOP live bands from the UK
• 3 niters, 4 floors (Traditional Scooter Sounds, Indie, Live Music Area, Ska Bar)
• International top DJs
• Large Dealers Market & Custom Show
• Horse Power Shoot out
• On-site facilities like bowling alleys, pool tables, bar mile and more!

The weekend package is sold out since month, BUT you can join the show on Saturday for the massive Trade & Customshow and / or the Nighters (without booking the hotel). All details you can find here

The International Custom Show is another highlight! It also takes place on Saturday and the best custom creation will be judged by an International Jury.

This is the link where all your questions will be answered, or at least most: 

Specials at our stand

signing books at Scooter Center Exhibitors

The Complete Spanner's Manual: Vespa Wideframe Engines

By Martin 'Sticky' Round

This will be the first opportunity anyone has to get a copy in the hand. Tracy and Sticky will sign on Friday 3rd at 11am.

Shortfacts -World Premiere at Scooterist Meltdown:

Where?        Scooterist Meltdown at Scooter Center stalls
When?          Saturday 3rd February 2024 – 11 a.m. – 12 p.m

What?           World premiere, signing and selling of the limited hardcover.

Half past the bar

We will have our merchandising to raise for the cause of “at half an hour at the bar”

See you on Saturday the 3rdrd of February for the ultimate MELTDOWN!

The 10th anniversary of the Scooterist Meltdown in Kalkar will bring exciting news to the Vespa world. Sticky will present on Saturday the 3rdrd of February to the world public brand new The Complete Spanner's Manual for Vespa Wideframe Engines


The day before -Friday, 2nd of February- there will be the exclusive chance to meet Sticky & Tracy for a sneak preview of the book at Scooter Center. Between 10 and 12 h you have the chance to buy one of the strictly limited hard back covers and have them signed in the shop.

Here you will find all the information of the game changer in the world of Lambretta and now finally Vespa manuals. 

Short Facts –Sneak preview @Scooter Center:

Where?        Scooter Center
When?          Friday 2nd February of 2024 – 10 a.m. – 12 p.m

What?           Sneak preview, signing and selling of the limited hardcover.

Short Facts –World Premiere at Scooterist Meltdown:

Where?        Scooterist Meltdown at Scooter Center stalls
When?          Saturday 3rd February of 2024 – 11 a.m. – 12 p.m

What?           World premiere, signing and selling of the limited hardcover.

The Complete Spanner's Manual: Vespa Wideframe Engines

By Martin 'Sticky' Round

The book contains 210 pages of instructions on how to run, service and repair Wideframes built in Italy (Piaggio), Spain (MotoVespa), France (ACMA), Germany (Hoffmann and Messerschmitt), England (Douglas), Belgium (MISA) and even the illicit copies made in Russia (Vjatka).

Now, with more Wideframe engine parts than ever being remade, and this book in hand, there has never been a better time to revive that old Vespa.

Rhine Switch Old Switch Event

A good friend of the house: Rhine counter VC Cologne  celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2024 and Kris, the president, invites us to a big event!

In 2014, three Vespisti from the Rhineland in the Alps were sitting in their van at night on the way home from the Vespa World Days in Mantova, Italy, and were so enthusiastic about the huge Vespa meeting that they quickly launched a new Vespa Club - the Vespa -Club RheinSchaler Cologne! A club for Vespa enthusiasts from Cologne and the surrounding area. 

After ten years The three boys have now become over 100 Vespisti and Scooterists. Colorful, diverse, open, crazy and Rhenish-friendly, people have been meeting on Sundays at 16 p.m. on Cologne's Rudolfplatz since the beginning to chat and plan trips.

Rhine switch DGR 2021

Vespa Babbo Rhine switch

Every year at least one longer tour is undertaken together and since the beginning the annual organization of the pre-Christmas Vespa charity campaign has been “Vespa Babbo” has now become a Cologne tradition and is known beyond the city limits.

Vespa Babbo

10 year club anniversary

In 2024 the club will look back on many wonderful years with many tours, meetings and activities and will celebrate this from 24.-26. May 2024 in cooperation with the Motorworld Rhineland at the big anniversary meeting at the historic Butzweilerhof Airport with:

  • exits
  • Make decisions
  • Party
  • SlowMo Race
  • Raffle
  • and come-together!
Distinguished gentleman ride at Motorworld

The Rhine Switches invite all scooter drivers to attend.

For more information visit