With the idea of VWD 23 Visiting Switzerland had been on our minds for a long time, but only decided the day before, and Platónika and I set off from Cologne to Interlaken to finally do what Platónika was created for: Attending events and telling stories.

Day 1 on the way to the Vespa World Days 2023

Being a scooter with absolutely everything "new" (2021), it did not require major maintenance, nevertheless it is not superfluous, at least one spare, Olive oil, Train set Universal and spark plug to have.

After work at 18:30 I set off and after five and a half hours of motorway driving and 442km I arrived in Freiburg to meet Vespistas who were on the road.

And one of the problems with going out at night is the lack of light, but the LED headlights make a big difference.

Day 2 Interlaken country road

Already again with the Warrior Scooter Club united, we decided to drive the remaining 180 km through the beautiful countryside to Interlaken.

SC at the Vespa World Days 2023 Interlaken

VWD 2023

Vespa Museum

Here the crown jewels stood as one Vespa 98 (1946) and a 125 (1947) and the "Speedy service“, who looks at me Scooter Center remembered. 😉

The Vespa Gymkhana is a skill test consisting of a course with various obstacles that have to be overcome in the shortest possible time and was my personal highlight. what fun! but the friendliness and commitment of the volunteers dated Vespa Club Italy are second to none!

Real Scooterist!

Each club has its own history and I had the opportunity to know first hand clubs I never thought I would know: Vespa Club Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand and many others where I also found the honor, my beloved Vespa Club Colombia to represent!

The escadrille des cigognes

VESPIPAS da Capital do Vinho-Cartaxo

Vespa Club Albania


VC Colombia and Vespa Club Borinage

Vespa clubs

Vespa World Club – General Secretary

Board of Vespa Club Switzerland

Vespa Club Albania

Indonesia team

Vespa Club Zurich

Vespa Club Zurich

Vespa Club Palermo

Vespa Club Ticino

Vespa Club Italy

Vespa Club Ostend, Belgium

Austria Gleisdorf


Vespa Fan Club

Vespa Club Bern

Vespa Club Napoli

Vespa Club Loerrach

Vespa Club La Cote

Escadrille des cigognes

Vespa Club L'Aquila

SC was there!

We couldn't go empty-handed in the hunt for souvenirs, so we renewed the passion of some who have followed us closely over these 30 years and gained new enthusiasts!


Meeting friends, making new friends, representing Colombia at the presidential meeting for the first time, expanding my collection of treasures and, above all, strengthening the relationship of trust with Platónika are just a few of the many experiences that I remember.

but the return trip will be less and less fun. Almost 9 hours on the Autobahn home. Even though I have the best speed I've ever had! (I drive almost 120 km/h continuously) 🤩

Thank you everyone for this great experience!

Maryza & Platonica!

Platónika test drives after more than 7,000 km is more than completed, so here we go!

together with Scooter Center to Zell am See from 10th to 12th September 2021

Enough of mile munching going and leaving work from day to day. It's about time for those epic trips, meeting other Vespisti and collecting memories for a lifetime. The Vespa Alp Das will be the perfect start for new adventures!
In my personal ranking of events, VAD has a special place:

  • It was the second biggest event that I took part in. The biggest were the Vespa World Days in Celle, both in 2017. At the VAD I celebrated together with 1.000 Vespistas from 20 different nations.
  • It was the first meeting after I set foot on European soil.
  • It was the first time to see so many Vespas together, including the 60 oldest Vespas on the continent at the Faro Basso race.
  • It was also the longest event I have participated in, 8 days of non-stop fun.
  • The oldest Vespa I've ever ridden, the beautiful Vespa Super Sport 180 from Franz, which he kindly lent me.
  • The most beautiful landscapes that my eyes have seen.
  • In addition, it was the beginning of beautiful friendships, of which I have been able to continue reinforcing.

Back to the future

Now the reasons are others, I'm going to work there! As part of Scooter Center, which is the official sponsor of the event. The plan -for certain- is riding Platónika there. I'm getting ready to show you first-hand all this adventure, by now here are some good memories from 2017:


the good friends that I made

The Colombian representation!

Super Sport 180 of Franz


See you there!


7 On the Road – Vespa bgm Platónika project by Scooter Center

How we would say in Colombia: Now I'm on my Salsa "(what means I am in my element). I received Platónika with 18 km on the clock and exactly 15 days later, she had thousand kilometers more.

Excited because the spring is arriving, I started to ride, and even prepare a Moto Nostra Kit for better touring:

Fly screen with black brackets


rear rack


But with this German weather you never know .. Indeed the following week it started to snow… But that wouldn't stop me, so I protect myself against the nasty cold and go on.

Photos and videos come and go, but still, I think, I am beginning to miss something, the reason of why I fell in love of with this scene: That's right! The Vespisti.

Without any meeting in sight, "I will roll with my team mates" I thought, so I turn my head around in the marketing office, where I am, and I only saw two Lambretta people...

And well ... why not?


Did you miss a chapter? here you find the complete story:

Platónika project - the complete story - Vespa PX bgm 177 by Scooter Center


Excitement is unstoppable when the final result is just small step away. Especially, if it is a bureaucratic step… Even I have a Colombian driver's license for more than 10 years; Germany requires a theoretical and practical test. So as soon we started the project, I began to study all the 800 questions for the theoretical test. After I mastered that, it was about time for the practical test. This happened at the same time when Platónika was ready for the TÜV (German type approval) to sort out the paperwork. Both (she and I) are very happy with the paperwork.

On her side, she registered the replacement of her old, rusty PX frame (pictures) along with her performance upgrades, but the license plate was still missing and one day before my test, she looked like this:

So my hopes of driving her right away were gone.

However, Alex and the work team surprised me, fixing the last details and doing the paperwork on their own, picking me up once I passed the test.

Building Platónika took almost a year, record every single step, the pandemic, among others, delayed the project, but the long-awaited day arrived.

6 Ready to roll Vespa bgm Platónika project by Scooter Center

The truth is that this story does not end here the next thing will be to know the European scene in her company, testing all the top components that she got. All kind of tests and adventures will be recorded and told.

Let us hope that these strange times of social distancing will end soon and we regain lost hugs, the shared routes and the contact with the asphalt, which is what fuels this passion.

See you on the road!

Maryzabel & Platónika


To put our feet on the ground is itself a statement! A reaffirmation of our identity: Scooter boys & girls, Mods, Racers and travelers know that their ideologies and beliefs land on accessories, which will become symbols of their most intrinsic qualities.

This is how Platónika takes this great step forward, after spending months in the air, preparing as the ideal Vespa, she descends, to finally touch the floor of the garage that equipped her with symbols of safety, style and fun. Being the first to integrate the last bgm releases:

5 Down to earth Platónika Vespa PX bgm 177 by Scooter Center

The shock absorber set bgm PRO SPORT bgm7741BKTS

Which in spite of their high load capacity are very light, thanks to the high material quality and the length can be adjusted, this is beneficial to driving stability, top speed and last but not least to the appearance.


The set wheel and rims sport tubeless  black matt bgm - bgm35010SLKB

Tires design with V shape for steering much better into the bend and offers more contact area when leaning and rims which its weight saving improved noticeably the response behavior of the chassis.


Brake caliper and bracket BGM Touring


With 4 pistons greatly improve the hydraulic transmission ratio and the braking force (with the same lever force) is increased.


Break caliper bracket bgm 


and the Premiere, the brake caliper bracket for bgm, Platónika is the one that will put to the test, but soon you can be the pioneer of this German Technology.


These are undoubtedly highlights that do not end the adventure of the building, but start an experience on the roads of the world.


Artist: Sunsearcher

Title: Flamenco Rhythm

Album: Sunsearcher Spirit

License: CC-BY-SA

Once the essentials are ready, it 'time for the visuals, where each details let us see, what will be soon oone of the few Vespas made with absolutely all new parts, which didn't come from a factory.

But words are unnecessary, when we can see the work and the result, of hours in the workshop, where the good mood has always been there 'cause building it has been almost as fun, as will be to ride it.

4 Perfection is in the details – Project Platónika Vespa PX bgm 177 by Scooter Center

For now, the moment when Platónika stands on her own two feet is getting closer.

Details search:

Glove box LML- 5050038L

Grips-PIAGGIO - CM08380KT

Footboard stripes set – 5821017

Cable set -BGM ORIGINAL - bgm6412n

Mudflap - 15769690090

Side panel rubber trim set - BGM -  7676534

Fuel tank -PIAGGIO- Vespa PX (since 1984) - autolube version - Ref .: 5250011

Fuel tap wrench BGM - BGM3035

Mounting kit for handlebar base - 3333483

Brake and clutch lever set -BGM PRO CNC- disc brake (GRIMECA) - Vespa PX (1998-2003), LML Star, Stella - matt black - BGM4551KT

Platónika details


Artist: DJ Freedem

Title: Cutting It Close

Like Mary Shelley's famous story (Frankenstein), maryZabel would also combine parts of differents origins to bring a legend to life.

Platonica Platónika is made of a chassis from the last production run of the LML factory. The factory that sadly went bankrupt in 2018 and of which we bought the last production run of frames.

(look here our visit “before the final end”)

Back to the plot one of these sets is used to replace the old and rusty Vespa chassis, from which it adopts its soul by rewriting the frame number.

The intrinsic values ​​are determined mainly by the bgm PRO range of parts. Like the latest version of the bgm PRO stator plate, that includes as one of the nice details, the degree reading on the base plate to make timing adjustment much easier. The silicone wiring guarantees greater protection, duration and extreme resistance to temperature.

Let there be light!

And the light was made, embracing the modernity, with the high-power LED headlightof Moto Nostra. Which luminosity is three times higher (1300 lumens, instead of 400 of the usual bulb) with a much lower consumption (20W instead of the usual 35W).

Expose it to a spark of life with direct current, would take a considerable amount of time -7 months to be exactly- where Mr. Stroh and I, his faithful assistant, dedicated the limited hours available to such a noble laboratory.

3 She's Alive! – Project Platónika Vespa PX bgm 177 by Scooter Center

With the shell ready, it is time to take care of the details, including all the rubbers, rivets and accessories find their place.



Artist: Kevin MacLeod - Title: Georges Bizet: Habanera - Album: Classical Sampler - License: CC-BY

Original Audio movie "The Bride of Frankenstein" TM & © Universal (1935)




Who, What, How PLATONIKA?

We know that ours Platonic project is taking a little longer than we thought.

But we continue to work hard behind the scenes. And we used the project to make some SC tutorials for you.

Due to various inquiries about who Maryzabel is and how she came to us, Alex asked Lanz for an interview on the couch at the Scooter Center.

Just like every Vespa has its history, every female Vespa rider and of course the male counterparts have their history too. And one thing is always interesting, how did you get to the Vespa. And why of all things to ride a scooter. And just then it becomes clear that maybe it is the Vespa that brings us together. And that this is more important and stronger than the things that could separate us.

Although those who follow us here in the blog or on other channels already know something about me, we have fulfilled the wish to tell a little bit more about me and the Vespa and also Colombia. A country that many people surely only know from the media and the Platónika project. But that is also a country that beats in 2-stroke.


On the couch at Scooter Center | Interview – Alex & Maryzabel Vespa Platónika


Let me introduce you to Vespertine. My first love, the first scooter I bought and will keep for all my life. After her came “la pelada” another PX from 1994, but I am not a collector, so my ambition is to have no more. Although here in Germany it is very good for me to have something to drive. So now we will build up a platonic love and with time we will see what comes ..


deep knowledge

I am in the very lucky situation to have direct contact to the developers of the BGM range of products in SC. So I was in the position to get first-hand experience advice from the guys who build the first prototype of the cylinder kit that makes Platónika's heart now.
All of the SC staff is driven by their excitement for scooters. They are using it for decades and really know what works for what reason. Combined with 27 years of experience as one of the leading scooter shops in the world they have a second to none experience. And with the bgm range they create products of unique quality.

The products!

Like the Cylinders BGM PRO 177  that would give life to the engine.
An overheating, a braked piston or broken piston rings, will be a thing of the past, thanks to its modern design and materials, whose resistance is unequalled and for a very reasonable price.

Or the BGM PRO BigBox TOURING Exhaust,
which traditional appearance fooled me. Without looking like (neither visually nor by hearing it) Its performance easily overcomes the competition in the touring category.

Knowing that a fraction of millimeters makes the difference Crankshaft BGM Pro Touring  corrects the long timings of the Italian crankshafts, achieving an incomparable smoothness and stability at low revs but enduring an engine power up to 20 HP.

The best thing is that these products are evolving; if you also want to know these and more details firsthand, don'Don't miss the tutorials and reviews that are on the way.

2 The Heart – Vespa Platónika by Scooter Center

Jahzzar - Railroads Whiskey Co
Artist: Jahzzar
Title: Railroads Whiskey Co
Album: Home (Excerpt
License: CC-BY-SA

And last but not least
Rene Winkler from Scooter Center
Song: code-red-no-clean-sweep-master-5



In the last episode of Platónika we showed you what kind of parts has been selected.

Now it's time for some visual petting!

To my surprise and during the same day I suddenly had a whole scooter in boxes, ready to be assembled. A big thank you to the more than effective team in the warehouse here.
But ... what do you do when that desired package arrives? Exactly, unpack everything.
That is how it turns out with thousand of pieces all over the floor and we have no option but to accept the #tetrischallenge, see here the video of this exploded view in real life.


Exploded view Vespa px bgm 177 – Project Platónika by Scooter Center

Artist: Juanitos
Title: Exotica
Album: Exotica
License: CC-BY



Hello I'm Maryzabel and I do part of the Scooter Center team. In the SC Newsblog I will show you my adventures here and give you a look behind the scenes.

How do build a complete Vespa from scratch


1 The Wishlist – Project PLATÓNIKA Vespa px bgm 177

To build a complete scooter from single components is not an easy task and you need a source, or a shop in this case, with a strong search function and good data base.

Luckily there is a list with the components to complete the Frame LML Star listed on product page of the shop: https://blog.scooter-center.com/vespa-lml-rahmen-teileliste/, this helped us to create ours, with the specialties of BGM and Motonostra.

You can see the Platónika's wishlist here, with its hundreds of parts

Platonic Wishlist

The wishlist in the shop is also the perfect Trojan horse to share your wishes for Christmas, as it can be simply sent out by mail.

For the engine treatment I asked the SC technicians for their advice for the perfect touring engine that is reliable, powerful, a pleasure to ride and also not too thirsty.

And they helped me to add the other parts to my list that already contained the Cylinders - BGM PRO 177/187cc, The  Seat-BGM PRO SportTouring and the Shock absorber -BGM PRO SC F1 SPORT.








Hello I'm Maryzabel and I do part of the Scooter Center team. In the SC Newsblog I will show you my adventures here and give you a look behind the scenes.

My final trainee step brought me to the technical department. So I had to put away the notebook and put on the work gloves. Additionally to the technical work, I also want to do some video footage on the work that we do.
One idea of ​​me was to restore a Vespa Smallframe so that I get back on a Vespa gain instead of using the public transport. With everyone very passionate about scooters, they instantly liked the idea. After some head scratching about the state of mine Smallframe, the technicians came up with another idea. Why not build a scooter from scratch. ALL YOU NEED for that is here and the plan was to use one of the LML frame sets and combine it with an engine with the full bgm treatment. The imagination started and everyone was hooked by the idea.
So we are now not only going to build the Vespa of my dreams, we will also do un-boxing videos, reviews and tutorials.

And for sure we will show you the build of the Vespa step by step. She wants to be a platonic love.
Here we have the teaser of things to come.

TEASER – Vespa Project Platónika – Building a Vespa PX bgm 177




Off to the Promised Scooter Land by Vespa and Lambretta

We love Italy and recently toured beautiful Italy. Italy is obviously the birthplace of Vespa and Lambretta. VW bus with Vespa and Lambretta in Italy-sc

And how could things be any different: More than 23 years ago story of Scooter Center has begun right there, at Lake Garda in Italy. Which should be the case for anyone part scooter shop.

Malcesine vespa lambretta italy-sc

Malcesine is located in the midst of lovely olive groves on the eastern shores of Lake Garda. It was right here that Oliver Kluger bought Scooter Center's very first scooter (a Vespa Rally TS 125), which was then sold to “Mod-Volker” from Cologne. Volker is still driving this excellent Vespa, he was our very first customer and is loyal to us. vespa Primavera ET3 Italy

Scooter Center – spare parts, add ons and tuning parts for scooters

Today we are rather focusing on spare parts, add ons and tuning parts for scooters. However, we are sometimes offering used Vespas. Scooter Center Italy

Used Vespa

Recently we received a large delivery of uses Vespas. But first of all we need to gain an overview.

We will keep you posted.

The reasons for the last trip to Italy were two extraordinary missions:

  1. The most ugly Lambretta in the universe
  2. The most beautiful Vespa on earth

... to be continued

Bon voyage - Dean comes with the BSG Corse bike to visit Scooter Center

Dean Orton, the main man behind Rimini Lambretta Center, came to visit us for a couple of days. On his way from Italy to Venlo Scooter Run and afterwards to the Harz ring for the ESC race, he came to visit his old friends here. The reason for Dean's days off from work was to give the BSG corse engine a proper test ride and thrash it as hard as possible.

BSG Corse Lambretta test riding

dean orton lambretta

The testing of the engine is done in the proper way, just the way it will be used by a common rider. First of all the scooter is packed with Dean's mod tat and additionally with:

  • a second expansion chamber to be tested
  • a bag full of spares and
  • camping gear for Venlo.

Then the bike is thrashed about the motorways and country roads across Europe (Rimini, Italy - Austria - Germany - Venlo, Netherlands). His test ride also took him to Scooter Center Cologne and to the Harz ring for the ESC race.

80mph - restricted to 50hp

This is real testing over a long distance with sitting happily at 80 mph all day and plenty of throttle left to easily hit 95 mph and all this with a very short gear ratio of 4.9.

The 305 cc barrel on the CNC machined casings is restricted by the programmable ignition to 50 hp. Unrestricted it gave a 63 hp at the Rimini Lambretta Center dyno.

Scooter racing at the Harz ring

At the Harz ring this weekend there will be held the next ESC race. Dean met the Casa Lambretta racing team last night. Today the first testing of the Casa race bikes will take place and the last preparation before the races will be done. The Casa Lambretta race bikes feature the Casa Performance range as well as some BGM parts that are used on these bikes. We were happy to supply them front and rear shockers, The Silent blocks as well as ours BGM Superstrong Lambretta clutches for the bikes.

Our first time!

Even if we know each other for decades and the shops were founded roughly at the same time, we haven't managed to visit each other's shops until the year 2015. dean orton lambretta dean orton lambretta

On the 25th of April we were invited to the Open Day and shop opening of the new Rimini Lambretta Center premises. This weekend was one of the best ever, with a stunning shop, loads of food and drinks and the test riding of scooters that made history – like both Innocenti twin cylinder prototypes- and bikes that probably will make history – like the BSG 305 cc one

Here is the video of Philipp riding the BSG Corse Lambretta

On monday we finally had the pleasure to welcome Dean at our place! It was a pleasure every single second and a lot of piss taking has taken place. After a first tour through the shop on Monday and even some business talk we had dinner together and the stories never ended. While Dean quotes our Generation XI Smallframe Wasp as the most beautiful object in the universe, he can't be stopped to let us know that the look of the BGM Lambretta Test Bike is the shittiest Lambretta he ever came across. A theory we are confronted with from the first day Dean saw the test bike at the 2ndnd edition of the Riva del Garda Customshow in 2013. To stop this, we will send the test bike over to them to have the optics matched to the perfectly working engineering of it.

dean orton on a lambretta

on tuesday Dean tested the bike in the rain on the beautiful routes around Cologne / Bergheim and came in for the traditional afternoon tea and some more stories and ideas about how to improve Lambretta parts.

On Wednesday the plans were to do another tour and take some pictures of how we proceed orders to show them at home. This has been missed though, because we wanted to see how the BSG engine performed on the dyno with the different pipes Dean had with him. Sadly we ran out of time and hadn't the chance to put the Big Box on the 305, to modify an U-bend for the exhaust stub took too long and lunch was waiting and afterwards Dean had to leave.

We send our best regards to all the staff at Rimini Lambretta Center and to Vittorio and his race team and keep our fingers crossed!

Sunday we have bee at the Customshow in Antwerp. With first rays of spring sun and a deep blue sky, lots of people turned up with them scooters. Everyone was in a very relaxed mood.

At our stall we gave away ours Vespa catalogs, showed some nice and upcoming bgm parts and were very pleased, what nice customers we do.

The scooters on display were from all fields of scootering. From modded up PK's to stunning original condition bikes to full customs everything was there. The parts fair was massive and lots of bargains have been made. The SCK Shop demonstrator won three trophies: BEST VESPA CUSTOM, BEST ENGINEERING and PUNTERS CHOICE. The PUNTER CHOICE made our day and it was very nice to see that the people like it too.

thanks to the LCD for doing our stall and the advice for the frits. And a massive thank to the organizers for doing this very special and nice show! Next year we will be back!

Something nice we want to share with you! The first dyno run of the Polini 130 EVO engine. This was the first ever dyno run and before it was fitted to the chassis. The carb was set up, but not fine tuned.
Our thanks go to Thomas the Second. He did the video in his spare time. Shortly he will join the Scooter Center Team and we are looking forward to have him on board!

This weekend we are looking forward to the Antwerp Customshow! We will do a stall there and bring it SCK shop demonstrator with us.

We can't wait!