Test bench runs, diagrams, experiences and results

Polini has redeveloped the proven Polini banana and given it a new look. What the new banana or, according to the new Polini nomenclature, the "original" exhaust can do; I took a look for you. From a purely visual point of view, the new original banana differs significantly from the design of the older vintages. The body is thicker in terms of material...

Part 5 for stage 4 Luckily, as with so many things in life, everyone has their preferences...More speed and more peak power or more torque at low speed. That's why I'm looking for more in today's part... But not peak power, but by rev range and torque. The "tractor engine" is sought. In part 4 with ...

In the fourth part of our little blog series we make the following changes to our test engine:

The cylinder is raised at the base with two 1mm spacers by a further 2mm compared to level 0.5. This changes the steering angle of the transfer channels from 124° to 126°. The outlet is adjusted to a control angle of 190° by milling. In addition …

Lambretta exhaust test Big Box Reso racing exhaust

Lambretta exhaust test Big Box Reso racing exhaust

Lambretta resonance exhaust and Big Box prototype test
A Lambretta exhaust test: the new and upcoming Lambretta Big Box is currently in production. A delivery date is unfortunately still unknown.

The Lambretta exhaust systems in the test
Before we sent the final sample to Spain, the new box was put through its paces again. Lambretta exhaust...

Test stand fun 2017

Test stand fun 2017

It's that time again on January 28, 2017!
In beautiful Styria (Unterlungitz 109, 8230 Sankt Johann in der Heide) the popular and well-known PRÜFSTANDSGAUDI 2017 will be held again.
The strongest scooters in Europe
The strongest scooters from an international starting field such as Austria, Germany, South Tyrol, Italy and many others compete in a duel in various ccm classes. Screwdrivers of all categories and ...

Test Pinasco cylinder Vespa Wideframe

Test Pinasco cylinder Vespa Wideframe

Vespa Wideframe Tuning
The Vespa Wideframe-Models are enjoying increasing popularity.

In addition to more and more replacement parts, there is also vigorous development in the area of ​​increasing performance.
So far, existing cast iron cylinders have been rebuilt in order to wrest a little more performance from them with a lot of effort.
New Pinasco Faro Basso cylinder
Pinasco will soon be offering an aluminum cylinder with 160ccm for the old Vespa engines with 3 studs...

On Saturday, December 5th, the Scooter Center the people of Düsseldorf created their own Open Day to unwind. With a slimmed-down program of the Open Days, things got down to business in a much more intimate setting. The weather gods played along this time and the sun was already shining at 9 a.m. when it was time to leave Düsseldorf. ...

dean orton lambretta scooter center

dean orton lambretta scooter center

Bon voyage - Dean visits this Scooter Center with the BSG Corse Lambretta
Dean Orton, the founder of the Rimini Lambretta Center visited us at Scooter Center. On his way from Rimini via the Venlo Scooter Run to the ESC race at the Harz Ring, he also stopped by for a few days. ...

Vespa touring exhaust

Vespa touring exhaust

New Vespa touring exhaust
Today we received the first production sample of the BigBox Touring for the 200 Vespa PX engines.

The normal process of a sample test includes, in addition to evaluating the appearance and fit, runs on ours Scooter Center P4 dynamometer.

As we noted in a previous post on this Vespa exhaust, the BigBox Touring is...

Vespa Smallframe Polini Evo 133

Vespa Smallframe Polini Evo 133

Vespa Smallframe with Polini cylinder over 20HP

Today our customer John was again with his Vespa Smallframe on our Scooter Center Test bench.

More power for the Vespa
During his last visit, he asked us what changes he could still make to his engine in order to find a little more power.

After briefly discussing how...

Vespa 235cc

Vespa 235cc

35PS and 34NM to start with

Over 235ccm on a CNC motor housing are also more of the exception on the test bench for us.

Few enthusiasts dare to take on such a financial and mechanical challenge. The outwardly rather inconspicuous, silver Vespa PX, hides the technical eye-catcher under the right hood.


The engine, machined from solid aluminum, is equipped with a ...

Vespa PX80 cylinder Malossi 139ccm tuning performance km-h

Vespa PX80 cylinder Malossi 139ccm tuning performance km-h

Vespa PX 80 with Malossi 139ccm cylinder
In many cases, the TüV requires a performance report to enter changes to the engine.

In addition to the 135cc DR cylinder, the Malossi cylinder with 139ccm is one of the most popular cylinders to give the small PX a boost. So also in this case, our customer Timur needs such a diagram for ...

Cylinder POLINI 133ccm Evolution membrane ESC version

Cylinder POLINI 133ccm Evolution membrane ESC version

Polini 133cc Evolution membrane

From 2014, a standardized package is permitted in class 1 of the ESC. The direct-suction Polini Evolution cylinder, modified to the ESC version, serves as the basis for this package.

The one-size-fits-all solution with the Polini 133cc Evolution membrane may only be used in class 1 of the ESC and with the intended exhaust. To …

Polini 221cc cylinder
Update: Malossi MHR 221ccm cylinder for Vespa PX 200 available Malossi MHR 221ccm cylinder

As with the new Malossi Sport and MHR cylinders, we are also devoting ourselves to the details of the Polini 221ccm cylinder for 60mm stroke crankshafts. We had already measured timing & co for the Polini 221 cylinder for the Vespa here: …

Vespa exhaust Exhaust bgm PRO MB Big Box Prototype

Vespa exhaust Exhaust bgm PRO MB Big Box Prototype

Vespa exhaust bgm PRO
NEW: Vespa BigBox Sport sports exhaust
Today we proudly present you the first pictures and the first results of test runs of our new bgm PRO exhaust systems for the Vespa.

The Vespa Big Box exhaust has been developed in close cooperation with MB in England and is also the result of more than 20 years of scooter ...

Small selection of Keihin needles

The trains were installed quickly and we are looking forward to the first runs!
The engine came to us with jet nozzles: without a needle, with a 50 mm auxiliary nozzle and 150 mm main nozzle.

The needles in particular are the sticking point when it comes to tuning. Picking the supposedly right one from a seemingly endless range of carburettor manufacturers is often quite difficult or better...

Here is the evaluation of our P4 duel.

The target was to beat the 29,9 HP mark. Set from a gray cast iron Polini 133 with 54 mm bgm crankshaft, carburetor Keihin PWK35AS and fire magic exhaust.

With 29,3PS, Jonas just missed the mark. Close behind with 29,2HP is Matthias with his 133 Polini rotary valve engine.

By mutual agreement, we, Jonas and ...

On Friday the 14.12th of December was the first day of our X-Mas duel.

Despite sub-zero temperatures, some performance seekers came to our test bench.

For refreshment, hot coffee with a shot and warm pretzels were available in our workshop

To begin with, we would like to briefly introduce you to the engine that needs to be beaten - the duel class, Vespa Smallframe, max. 140ccm, ...

At the end of the year we let it rip again. On the last two Fridays before Christmas, December 14th and 21st, 2012, we invite you all to join us again in Glessen from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m. Waiting for you:

· Test bench competition in different classes

· Steaming coffee with a shot

· Warm pretzels

· Solid engines

· 20 % in store sales …

Our test engine ran warm and the spraying with a secondary nozzle 48/160, air correction nozzle 160, mixing tube BE3 and a main nozzle of 140 seems to work for now. Now we can do the first runs to measure performance.
To do this, the overall gear ratio in 3rd gear is first measured 2-3 times on the P4. In our case, there is a consistent overall translation...