Polini has redeveloped the proven Polini banana and given it a new look. What the new banana or, according to the new Polini nomenclature, the "original" exhaust can do; I took a look for you. From a purely visual point of view, the new original banana differs significantly from the design of the older vintages. The body is thicker in terms of material...

Part 5 for stage 4 Luckily, as with so many things in life, everyone has their preferences...More speed and more peak power or more torque at low speed. That's why I'm looking for more in today's part... But not peak power, but by rev range and torque. The "tractor engine" is sought. In part 4 with ...

Video Tutorial
Many bgm innovations were part of our Platónika project, in this video you can see the disc brake and the brake caliper mount in the bgm tutorial.



Our professional brake caliper mount from bgm PRO Made in Italy enables the radially mounted BGM PRO 4-piston brake caliper to be fitted, which, with fine dosing, enables braking values ​​at motorcycle level.

The brake caliper mount is for Vespa ...

The limit with conventional Bilux bulbs on most scooters is a headlight bulb with 45/45 W. The ignitions, which usually have an output of 80 W to max. 120 W, do not provide more. The luminosity is measured in lumens under 400. The LED headlight has a three times as ...

Platónika test drives after more than 7.000 km more than completed and off we go!

With the Scooter Center off to Zell am See from September 10th to 12th, 2021
Slowly it is enough just to clock up kilometers on the way to and from work. It's time for longer distances with Platónika and our trip to the Vespa ...

Motovespa air filter element bgm PRO

Motovespa air filter element bgm PRO

Air filter insert BGM for Motovespa air filters
With many Motovespa Largeframe The identical air filter inserts are installed in the models.

Often the important component to protect the engine is missing or is no longer in a usable condition. That's why we have the Vespa for the Spanish license builds Largeframe Models manufactured a high-quality air filter insert.


Air filter fleece bgm PRO for Motovespa Largeframe
High-quality filter fleece from Marchald (Italy), manufactured ...


As we would say in Colombia: “I'm in my salsa *” (that is, I'm fully in my element). I received Platónika with 18 km and exactly 15 days later, she had a thousand km more.

Excited because spring is coming, I started driving. And I even got one for touring...

Vespa GTS animation oil level sight glass

Vespa GTS animation oil level sight glass

New oil pan with sight glass for VESPA GTS
With this practical oil pan, you always have control over the engine oil in your Vespa engine. Already available for the new HPE / models without a connector for the dipstick and soon also for the older HPE models with an dipstick connector on the oil pan.

I think this part is awesome - on ...

Vespa Wideframe Tuning

Vespa Wideframe Tuning

bgm SUPERSTRONG Vespa Wideframe GS
The proven bgm SUPERSTRONG clutch is now also available for the Vespa GS150 / GS160 and SS180 models.

Ready-to-install coupling for your Wideframe Vespa
The bgm PRO coupling is delivered ready for installation. The scope of delivery includes

the assembled coupling,
a new lock washer,
Clutch cover gasket and
Crescent wedge

We also recommend replacing the pressure plate and the separating mushroom at the same time, here in ...

Platonica 5
Putting your feet on the ground is a statement in itself!

A confirmation of our identity; Scooter boys & girls, mods, racers and travelers know that their ideologies and beliefs end up in accessories that become symbols of their very own qualities.

So is Platónika taking this big step after being in the air for months and…

Setting the ignition Vespa with a stroboscope ignition pistol

Setting the ignition Vespa with a stroboscope ignition pistol

Adjust the Vespa ignition - but do it right!
Correct ignition timing is important for the thermal health of the engine:

Longevity and
full performance

If you tune your Vespa, rebuild the engine or rebuild it as part of a restoration, you should not rely on the existing markings on the engine housing, the flywheel and the ignition base plate for ignition adjustment, but measure yourself ...

Arrow exhaust Vespa GTS test & installation

Arrow exhaust Vespa GTS test & installation

ARROW exhaust systems available for Vespa GTS
With us you can now get ARROW exhaust systems again.

You may have noticed in our Vespa GTS - Custom Special that most custom scooters from CafeRacer 69 have an Arrow exhaust system installed. This is certainly not without reason, the Berlin Vespa Customizer team knows what it is doing!

See for yourself, Scooteria has...

When the technology is in place, it's time to tackle the visual down to the smallest detail. Details that let us recognize the Vespa, which is built entirely from new parts and will be one of the few that does not come from one of the factories.

All words are superfluous when we can look at the result of...

Vespa PX LED headlight animation

Vespa PX LED headlight animation

Vespa PX LED headlights
In this Vespa tutorial video we show you how our Vespa PX LED headlight is installed for the Vespa PX. The MOTO NOSTRA HighPower LED headlight itself can also be installed in other vehicles (Lambretta, Vespa GTS, Sprint, Rally), with the supplied vehicle-specific frame, the installation of the Vespa headlight is as ...

Oil pan Vespa GTS black

Oil pan Vespa GTS black

Install black oil pan Vespa GTS
Why convert a Vespa GTS oil pan?
In this post on Vespa GTS conversion, we have shown you some great examples of custom and tuning on a Vespa GTS.

Often it is the details that make a successful renovation with a coherent overall concept.

A nice detail on modern Vespa scooters is, for example, a black oil pan. We …

The Vespa engine - the heart of Platónika - received the desired control angles of the crankshaft in the last post
Adjust cylinder overcurrent channels in the motor to optimize performance
Vespa Tuning: Before the complete assembly of the engine can be done, all the work that generates chips has to be done. Only then can the housing be cleaned.

These include here in the next…

How do I mount the tires on a Vespa / Lambretta?
Using our bgm Classic tires as an example, we show the correct assembly of the tire (split rim).
1. Reduce friction 
The inner tube is subjected to flexing when the tire rolls off, so it makes sense to use talc to reduce friction on the inside.
The white powder reduces friction between...

Our video and blog today is about measuring the inlet angle, also known as the inlet timing.
The inlet angle should move in a certain range which is given in degrees crankshaft. As a fixed point, the measurements always start from the top dead center, or TDC for short.
The intake area is therefore divided into the values ​​"before TDC" and "after TDC" ...

How do I measure the pinch edge on the cylinder head?
In our second tutorial we describe how the pinch edge is measured and adjusted on a bgm177 cylinder. The process can of course be used for all other cylinders, but the dimensions can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer or the desired application of the cylinder and differ from our dimensions in the video.

For the …

How are stud bolts installed on a Vespa?
As part of our Platonika project, which we are putting on the wheels together with Maryzabel, we are also preparing many important assembly steps in videos as tutorials.
Our first tutorial shows the important differences between the different types of studs and the correct assembly.
Common questions such as

"Which …