Lambretta 100mph Bonneville World of Speed ​​Record

Chasing records with the Lambretta on the salt slope

Our customer Todd Rogers from the USA set out with his 225 Lambretta to hunt for records in Bonneville.

Do you still remember the film "with heart and soul" with Anthony Hopkins? Burt Munro (Anthony Hopkins) travels to Bonneville with his Indian Scout to take part in the annual high-speed race on the Utah Salt Flats. One of my favorite films, below you can find a teaser for the film.


Todd Rogers Lambretta Club USA

So our customer Todd Rogers has set off for Utah with his Lambretta World of Speed made. Here in Bonneville he wants to set a record with his Lambretta on the salt slope.

Todd Rogers from the Lambretta Club USA with his Lambretta


The right tires

During the preparations for the record attempt, there were problems with the tires. Todd has so far ridden tires with a “P approval” on his Lambretta.
But P corresponds to only 93 mph or 150 km / h and with these tires he would not have received approval for an official record attempt at over 100 mph.

Choosing the perfect tire was then relatively easy, after all, ours are ours bgm PRO SPORT tires, the only 10 x 3.50 tires with a Approval of 180km / h or 112 mph! In addition, Todd did not want to expose himself to any risk and so relied on the bgm PRO  Quality tires MADE IN GERMANY.




World of Speed ​​the film for a record attempt

Fastest Lambretta 100mph 162km / h in Bonneville Utah / USA bgm PRO Sport tires

The 100mph record in Bonneville with the Lambretta

Todd drove his 225 Lambretta (not a Streamliner !!), a very impressive 100,4203 mph, which corresponds to about 162 km / h. Todd holds the record for the fastest Lambretta in Bonneville!

Congratulations from all Scooter Center & bgm - team!



With heart and soul Trailer Bonneville

With heart and hand (The World Fastest Indian) 2007 speed record Bonneville




part of Scooter Center Being a team also means working with great people. Driving is even better than working! Passionate Lambrettisti sit in the office on both my left and right. So it was only a matter of time before I would go with one of them. Or rather with her, but she is not just any girl, she is: Yoleila (as she is known on Facebook) or Julia. She is president of the Lambretta Club in Germany, drives scooter races, collects old vehicles in their original condition, works as a graphic designer ... and I could go on with the list. That's why we interview them to find out their story, which we always love to hear.

The result was a very exciting project.

Stay until the end to find out what it's about;)


On the couch at Scooter Center | Interview Julia Spitznas - Marketing SC



Tool bag Moto Nostra oldtimer retro look

MOTO NOSTRA tool bag for e.g. Vespa & Lambretta

We have new ones Tool bags from MOTO NOSTRA on offer - and as usual at these times, there is a product presentation from the home office today!

Tool bag in retro style | Waxed canvas

For example, for classic vehicles and oldtimers that want to be on the move with style when storing tools, we offer this practical tool roll. Of course, they also go great with a modern Vespa GTS or a motorcycle.

Robust tool bag made of waxes canvas, a hard-wearing and water-repellent material. The tool bag has 5 spacious compartments with large sturdy zippers. So the tool stays where you left it. The many compartments create order and offer quick access in an emergency.

When rolled up, the bag can be securely closed with a wide strap and sturdy clip and compressed as easily as possible. The bag has three handles and two eyelets for fastening or hanging. Available in brown and black and soon also pre-packed with model-specific tools.


Tip: also order a bag for the lady in the house, because the bags can also be used stylishly as toiletry bags.

Vespa toilet bag

  • Tool roll with zippered compartments and buckle in Brown 
  • Tool roll with zippered compartments and buckle in black



You will find the appropriate emergency lamp here :
Video of the lamp:

Emergency LED flashlight / work light COB LED from MOTO NOSTRA



You will find matching bags from Moto Nostra here

Video MOTO NOSTRA bags:

New bags for scooters 🎥😮 Moto Nostra bags for scooters


bgm Classic scooter tires in the video

bgm CLASSIC scooter tires 3.50 / 10

In this video, Alex introduces you to the bgm CLASSIC tires before, a modern tire with a classic profile for scooters. So don't let the tread confuse you: at first glance, the tread is visually indistinguishable from the Vespa & Lambretta original equipment manufacturer tires of the 60s, but the tire is not just something to “drive up to the ice cream parlor” with the classic car.

Thanks to modern tire development Made in Germany and high-quality components, the bgm CLASSIC is a very high-performance tire for everyone of life Lean angles, that is obviously also part of his Speed ​​release of up to 150km / h and the Reinforced marking to recognize.

Order your new bgm CLASSIC tire here

Tire fitting Vespa / Lambretta

We have tips for you on fitting tires on a separable rim, such as that found on a classic Vespa or Lambretta: Vespa tire assembly


The new Scooter tires from bgm!

#bgmtyres bgm Vespa & Lambrett tires

Digital degree disk -TSR Buzzwangle

Digital degree disc TSR Buzzwangle

Determine ignition timing and steering angle

Set Vespa ignition / Set Lambretta ignition with the digital degree disk -TSR Buzzwangle Ignition and Port Timing Tool- used to digitally measure the ignition point and the control angle on 2-stroke engines (BZZKIT1)

TSR buzzer

The BUZZWANGLE tool is designed to be able to determine both the ignition point and the control angle of a two-stroke engine (e.g. Vespa / Lambretta) in a very simple way. The device measures 360 ° with a resolution of 0,1 degrees. That is ten times more accurate than with a conventional degree disk!

The kit consists of a screw adapter for the most common pole wheel threads. The magnetic buzzer tool is placed on this adapter.

The screw adapter fits the following models:

  • “L” M27x1.25 - suitable for LAMBRETTA Innocenti (models LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP, J, Lui, A, B, C, LC, D and LD) and MZ vehicles
  • “V” M28x1.0 - suitable for almost all Vespa Largeframe and Smallframe Motors with pole wheel thread. Also for Piaggio / Gilera 125-180ccm Maximengines and SIP Vape ignitions.
  • “VT” M27x1.0 - suitable for Vespatronic retrofit ignitions. Can also be used for many classic 2-stroke motorcycles, e.g. Yamaha RZ350, RD350, RD250, RZ250, BANSHEE. Also suitable for GAS GAS motorcycles and Hondas that have a Kokusan ignition.
  • "P" M24x1.0 - suitable for Parmakit retrofit ignitions, also suitable for Aprilia RS125 and 50ccm engines from Kymco, MBK, Peugeot, Honda and Yamaha / MBK (Minarelli)



To do this, screw the piston stopper into the spark plug thread and turn the piston with the pole wheel against the stop. Now unscrew the adjusting screw of the piston stop until the piston just barely runs against a resistance. Now place the buzzer on the adapter screwed into the pole wheel thread and set it to ”0”. Now turn the pole wheel in the opposite direction until it runs against the stop of the piston stop again. Halve the value displayed by the device and turn the pole wheel again in the other direction until the halved value is reached. That's it: This is the exact top dead center!

How to use Buzzwangle Tool for ignition timing


Once the top dead center has been determined, a corresponding mark is made on the pole wheel and the motor housing. The BUZZWANGLE is now set to ”0” and the number of degrees before top dead center is displayed by turning the pole wheel. Once the desired value has been reached, the final marking for flashing is applied to the motor housing. To do this, simply transfer the previously set marking of the top dead center from the pole wheel to the motor housing. Now this marking can be done with a running engine Strobe flash lamp be checked and, if necessary, the ignition setting corrected until the marking on the pole wheel and the motor housing match.

Buzzwangle - Ignition Timing and Strobing - the Fastest Way


To do this, the BUZZWANGLE is placed on the adapter, the channel to be measured for the piston is blocked with a thin sheet of a feeler gauge and the tool is set to ”0”.
Now turn the crankshaft in the opposite direction until the piston hits the blade of the feeler gauge again. The tool now shows the exact control angle of the measured channel (minus the path blocked by the feeler gauge blade).

How to use Buzzwangle Tool to calculate 2 stroke port timing


Instructions via PDF: Buzzwangle digital degree disk

Vespa bag retro


New, improved and still beautiful version available: Vespa leather bag / top case 2020

To the new bags

Our alternative top case: the classic bag for Vespa & Co.

The Moto Nostra Vintage suitcase bag is the ideal one Alternative to the top case. The stylish bag trumps with a great look and also offers a lot of functionality and a surprising amount of storage space with compact external dimensions. Now available in brown, black and blue. Also a great one Gift idea for scooter drivers!

Moto Nostra Scooter Bags for Vespa Topcase Bags for Vespa & Co.

classic bag as an alternative to the top case

Great retro scooter bag for the luggage carrier

The top case alternative with style fits perfectly for all classics and vehicles with a retro look and is an additional great eye-catcher!
The bag is stable even without filling and is also water-repellent.
The scope of delivery also includes a rain cover in case you are on tour in the rain for a longer period of time.

  • Material: water-repellent nylon
  • Side compartments with sturdy zip
  • Rain cover included
  • Practical carrying handle
  • Top stylish retro look in vintage style
  • Easy assembly using the straps on the luggage rack
Order here now

Easy to mount on the luggage rack

The bag is very easily attached to the bag with mounting straps (detachable) Luggage racks or a luggage rack.

Roller luggage rack


Top case pockets

Lambretta World Rally with Scooter Center

This weekend it went for that Scooter Center Team to Monza / Italy to set up our stand at the 70 ° Lambretta Anniversary World Rally.

The venue was in a class of its own and should be known to everyone: Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the Formula 1 track!

VIDEO 70 ° Lambretta Anniversary World Rally Monza

70 ° Lambretta Anniversary World Rally Monza

Fortunately, we missed the hail showers on Friday and arrived in Monza on Saturday morning with the best Italian weather. the Scooter Center / bgm booth was an immediate crowd puller.

The trip on Friday went to the former Innocenti factories - and some Lambretisti, armed with screwdrivers, bought souvenirs from the former factory premises?

Saturday noon the highlight of the event: around 500 scooters were free to drive on the racetrack for 2 hours.

Overall, the organization was perceived by some of the participants as a bit chaotic - but let's be honest: we love Italy for that, in the end everything worked out and we have another favorite spot in Italy.

Nice video about the legendary Isle of Man Scooter Rally

Scooter Center with a bgm stand at the Eurolambretta

The LCD (Lambretta Club Germany) really celebrated its 50th birthday: Eurolambretta 2016 in Geiselwind!

Of course we were there and presented our latest bgm developments to the Lambretta world. In the best weather we had a lot of interested visitors at our stand and great discussions with our customers.

We were there with an exclusive preprint of the new bgm catalog and a large selection of Lambretta parts. Directly at the stand and in advance with our Express service directly at the event, we were able to help some guests who had traveled far. Here are our impressions of the great event:

Video Eurolambretta

Photos Eurolambretta

bgm Lambretta engine

bgm cutaway model Lambretta engine

We asked our friends from the Rimini Lambretta Center to give us a bgm cutting motor as a demonstrator for our high quality bgm Lambretta parts to build.

The Team of Dean Orton received all the necessary parts from us, which were first disassembled and cleaned in an acid bath. In over 40 hours of manual labor Then came this masterpiece, which we present to you here in pictures and video.

Video Lambretta engine

Photos bgm Lambretta step model engine

experience live

On our Scooter Customshow in Cologne we were able to present the engine for the first time. Missed the show The next option is ours Scooter Center ClassicDay on June 11th in Bergheim Glessen.

Scooter Center Classic Day 2016

Scooter Center Customshow 2016 the video

Video Scooter Center Custom Show 2016

What a party! We recorded a 12 minute video here all day. We hope you like the video. Please give us a like and / or comment on the video on Youtube.

The Results the Scooter Customshow and many photos you find here Customshow 2016 photos

After the show is before the show - the preparations are already underway. 2017 will be a big year:

  • 25 years Scooter Center and
  • 10 years Scooter Center Custom show!
Exhaust -BGM PRO Clubman V3.0- Lambretta series 1-3 - unpainted Item no. BGM2105U3

Exhaust -BGM PRO Clubman V3.0- Lambretta series 1-3 - unpainted

Article no. BGM2105U3

This is the V3.0 version of our bgm PRO Lambretta Big Box. The extensively revised version of the Lambretta exhaust system now has better insulation in addition to the familiar mechanical damper of the V2 version. As a result, the exhaust is now even quieter. All plug connections on the exhaust have been further strengthened and optimized. The bracket to the engine has been significantly revised. The result is now a wider range for adjustment and optimal adaptation to your scooter / motor setup.


Optimized bracket:

Buy the Lambretta Big Box exhaust here

Lambretta Clubman exhaust bgm PRO Big Box 3.0

With the BIG BOX Clubman, Mark Broadhurst made full use of his experience in 2-stroke tuning. With the BigBox, Mark has managed to create an exhaust that is visually not far removed from an original Lambretta Series 3 exhaust. Mark managed to fit the performance of a resonance exhaust into the big box. In terms of performance and speed, our Clubman is on the level of the legendary but unfortunately no longer available MRB Devtour exhaust. With the bgm Lambretta Big Box V3.0 you will find high torque, a wide power range and a very pleasant noise level. Many features are available for the first time in series production:

Advantages of the Lambretta Big Box V.3.0

  • Performance like a resonance exhaust
  • Quiet
  • Larger volume of the exhaust body
  • More ground clearance
  • Outlet socket for round (TS1 & Co.) and oval (RaceTour, Mugello, Standard, ...) outlet
  • The outlet, manifold and body are suspended from springs
  • Reinforced at all critical points
  • Suspension like the racing exhaust for perfect and tension-free assembly
  • Can be dismantled without having to remove the right footboard or the cylinder hood
  • Well thought-out design that works


The gloves for screwing scooters:

Fine knitted glove BGM Protection

Fine knitted glove BGM Protection

A breathable back of the hand ensures extra comfort.
100% nylon fine knit for a perfect fit.
The PU coating ensures optimal grip and a high sense of touch.
At the same time, it protects the palms from dirt and oil.
Ideal for work that requires a high level of protection and good tactile sensitivity at the same time.



Vespa scooter mounting stand

Scooter repair stand Cheap adapters for Lambretta and Vespa Smallframe individually available

For the Vespa assembly stand V2 -PX GARAGE Nienburg- are now additional brackets suitable for Vespa Smallframe (V50 / PV / ET3) and Lambretta (S3) available. Are you looking for a maneuvering aid for scooters for parking, parking and maneuvering? Maneuvering aid for scooters

Assembly stand for Vespa Largefame, Smallframe and Lambretta

Secure hold and flexible working on your scooter. For this you need:


Quick and easy assembly - secure hold

The additional brackets for the Work stand are cheap as well as easy, fast and safe assembled.

Adapter for mounting stand Lambretta 3331044LS3

Vespa mounting stand holder Smallframe 3331044VSF (

Holder Vespa V50

At the Vespa Smallframe V50 / Primavera / ET3 etc. the holder is easy to use at any time and secures your scooter against accidental tipping over.


Holder V50_2

It is also possible to clamp the holder to the frame strut. Certainly the better choice for work on the vehicle that requires a little more effort.


V50 clamp holder


Adapter for Lambretta series 3

The holder for the Lambretta rear is designed so inconspicuously that the small holder can simply remain directly on the vehicle.

Holder Lambretta

The holder is hardly noticeable under the frame.

Bracket Lambretta_3



Thanks to the fixed screw connection of the holder, your Lambretta is also guaranteed to stand securely with the assembly stand.

The raised hindquarters even make work on the running boards and the exhaust system much easier.

Bracket Lambretta_2


Thanks to the additional holder for the Vespa Smallframes and Lambretta, the assembly stand does not have to be modified and can be used for almost any scooter at any time.

Inexpensive mounting stand for scooters

Alpen Custom Show 2015

We were at the Alpen Customshow 2015 Innsbruck

The Contact with our customers is very important to us. Such is the tradition of great own Scooter Center Events like our own Scooter Custom Show SCOOTER SHOW and the Classic Days very big. the Support the scene is a matter of course for us, so we support a lot of scooter meetings and are also at many events with our own Scooter Center / bgm - Stand represent. So we went to the last weekend too Alps Customshow of our friends from Tyrol.

IMG_9967-alpen-customshow-innsbruck-2015 IMG_9955-alpen-customshow-innsbruck-2015

After an arduous journey with over 800km, lots of traffic jams and holiday traffic, we arrived in Innsbruck in beautiful Tyrol with the best weather!
Stop - I think we have to clean up here first:

“Alpen Customshow”, “beautiful Tyrol”, “best weather”... NO, unfortunately the custom show did not take place in a mountain hut with cow bells ringing. After all: thanks to Innsbruck's great location, there was still a mountain panorama: as soon as you step out of the event hall:


No vacation in Tyrol

And of course it wasn't a vacation either, it was hard work, because we had made every effort to use the huge storage space of the long van effectively and loaded the cart full of scooter parts.


But thanks to the many helping hands of the Mountainmen scooter club, our van was unloaded very quickly. So we were ready for the rush of visitors right on time for the start of the first Alpine Customshow in Innsbruck.


We had a lot to do all day and enjoyed the many interesting conversations with our international customers

  • Germany,
  • Österreich,
  • Italy and
  • Switzerland is very happy.

This weekend, they are special to us. often noticed by very young Vespa drivers, some of whom bought from us with their parents. This is how we imagine family shopping together on the “long Saturday” :-)
It's nice to see that the long-term support of the scene pays off and that young, enthusiastic Vespa and Lambretta drivers are also joining us!

Speaking of the “long Saturday”: the customshow lasted until 20:00 p.m. - a long and exhausting day, which we had a lot of fun.


We had promised fair prices and many scooterists have on Scooter Center Stand made real bargains. Thanks to our mobile payment terminal, customers were also able to go along with ease Credit, debit cards and even PayPal pay, which was very well received. We have several boxes of those new bgm catalogs distributed, costly merchandise, benches, tires, rims, helmets, ignitions, small parts etc. and were very happy to be able to drive home relatively empty.

The storm on the BigBox

A very special kind of rush surprised us in the late afternoon:
We have had some of our new bgm PRO BigBox Sport Vespa exhaust systems for the whole day Vespa PX 80-150 and Vespa PX 200 / Rally 200 sold, but suddenly the demand exploded and we sold two huge boxes of BigBoxes within a very short time. Only later it turned out that outside on the test bench an exhaust test took place. The operator of the test bench had tested a lot of exhaust systems here and of course the performance of the BigBox had convinced everyone here. The performance-oriented Vespatuners took advantage of the favorable opportunity and bought a new BigBox directly on site at the fair price.


Thus the bus was loaded relatively quickly and the stand was quickly dismantled. Many thanks again to our friends Andy, Stoffi and Zini, who helped us with the tent dismantling and with whom we spent a nice evening at the evening event in the Weekender.

Photos Alpen Customshow 2015

In between we found time to take a few photos of the event and a small video:


Video Scooter Custom Show 2015

Countdown for the Scooter Customshow 2015

SCOOTERSHOW 15 in Cologne on March 21.03.2015, XNUMX

The countdown is running - only 4 weeks left to Scooter Custom Show 2015 - of the SCOOTER SHOW'15 in Cologne.

Super Customscooter at the start

We received a lot of great registrations again and will be sending out the first invitations in the next week. The free registration for Customscooter and dealers remains open.


Large range of scooter parts

We will also assign and plan the dealer stands in the coming week.


Your visit is worth it!

The tickets for the custom show cost only 5 euros, which is a very cheap entry price for a show that makes the heart of every scooter driver beat faster.

Scootershow 15 tickets Admission tickets Scooter Customshow

Scooter custom show ticket


International participants

Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, last year even from Moscow. The Scooter Customshow attracts exhibitors and visitors from whole Europe. We are also on an international mission: this weekend we are first on the Alpen Customshow in Austria / Innsbruck, because we also have exhibitors from Austria at our custom show this year. Then we go to the custom show in Belgium / Antwerp and then we're in Italy / Rimini at the RLC OpenDay.

See you :-)


Video Scooter Custom Show 2015

Scootershow´15 video

That's a little taste of that Scooter Center Scooter Customshow 2015: SCOOTERSHOW'15

Free registration for custom scooters and dealer stands, used parts market here: Scooter Custom Show 2015

Vespa in summer

Today is the shortest day of the year

Mostly no snow yet, but still: cold. Wet. Winter. Your scooter is likely to be parked in the dark garage or basement for the winter.

It's just before Christmas - but that doesn't really comfort the real scooterist about the fact that now is not the best time to ride a scooter! In this deeply sad time we want to give hope to the scooter driver in you and show light at the end of the long winter tunnel.

You have to go over 7 bridges, seven tips to get over this winter:

1. Motivational video

2. Summer is definitely coming

Things are looking up: today is the shortest day of the year - that is, the worst is over and summer is coming! How about a new Vespa cup for hot tea or coffee while summer is still a long time coming. A new Vespa bath towel would also be great when summer finally arrives - it also looks good in the sauna during the already tense waiting time.

Vespa cup and Vespa towel

3. Become a scooter superhero now

Get your scooter out of the basement now and make it a custom project for the SCOOTERSHOW'15! This is the real one again Scooter Custom Show 2015 on March 21.03.2015st, XNUMX in Cologne

Scooter Custom Show 2015

4. Appearances are deceptive

Your motto is more like “Chrome won't bring you home”? Then now is the best time to have an engine overhaul on your scooter. With the Scooter Center Exploded drawings you can find the spare parts for your scooter quickly and easily! Select the scooter model here or visit all of them exploded.

5. Let it shine

But something for the optics: Paint care with our new ROTWEISS paint care products

Red and white paint care

6. Hard scooter boys

You don't even know what I'm writing about here? Are you always happy because you ride your scooter all year round? My advice: bgm PRO stainless steel rims and good winter tires. This is how you get through everywhere: Sticky is with them Vespa rims raced through the desert.

Vespa rim 0397

7. Christmas with friends

Now at the latest - when it comes to the desert - you should be warmer. But let's get back to the harsh reality: winter. Consecration! So to create a little Christmas spirit here too, you can visit our Advent Calendar look for bargains (TIP: also retrospectively) and a super cool one Bell Custom 500 jet helmet win!

We wish you a great Christmas time with friends and family!

Your Scooter Center Team


Vespa Lambretta Classicday 14 video

Thanks for a great day with you guys!

Wow - that was awesome. It's great that so many of you came here with Vespa and Lambretta - and this year even the weather played a role!

We have a little video and lots of photos from ClassicDay´14 for you:


Tin scooter Quarettt with Vespa and Lambretta tin scooters

Your tin roller in the new tin roller quartet

Tin scooter Quarettt with Vespa and Lambretta tin scooters

The quartet for Vespa and Lambretta fans

All the data and facts of this great Vespa quartet are researched with a lot of passion, the quality of the images increases steadily and the design surprises again and again with beautiful ideas. The mixture of the personal touch, integrated pun and the popular Kerresinhio style is appreciated by the Scooterists, who are becoming loyal, returning customers - now beyond the borders of Europe. The quartet for tin scooter fans: Vespa and Lambretta drivers!

The Blechroiller Quartet is currently available in version 2 “The legendary wasps sting again”.

The philosophy of the Kerresinhio Quartet is that each game is limited and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a good cause. The first edition is already completely sold out. A few of the second edition are still available here: Vespa quartet
The Uniqueness is guaranteed, as each quartet is personally hand-numbered before it is sent or sent to the Stores is delivered.

version 2014

Kerresinhio is currently working on a new edition for 2014 and needs Your help:

“Aaaaaaaaaahoi,“ Das Blechroller Quartet - Edition 2014 ″ is in the starting blocks…. This time we have the following motto: ALL AGAINST ALL ... It stays that way, SWITCHING PLATE is MANDATORY !!!! Vespa and licensed buildings, Heinkel, Lambretta, Dürrkopp, Zündapp, Schwalbe,…. And we're looking for EVERYTHING again, whether original or custom style, small or Largeframe, Fuffi or PS Monster Deluxe, Racer or Daily-Cruiser…. So now you have another chance that your scooter will be one of 32 inmates in the quartet. CONTACT INFO:… first of all, a picture and a short introduction are enough for us! So far so good, world championship & rolling greetings, Crew Kerresinhio ” Kerresinhio



[youtube] dTYH7XsH7aI [/ youtube]

This is the video of the Scooter Center Vespa & Lambretta Classic Day 2013.
The Classic Day '13 took place with us again on Scooter Center Store in Bergheim-Glessen near Cologne.

We were very happy about the many visitors, customers and friends!

Many came by scooter despite the weather forecast. An event is only as good as its guests - and we had the best! We liked it so much - we could spend another Classic Day with you next weekend.