CHAPTER 6 Project Platónika - Let's get started


I'm so excited I can't wait when the end result is a “small” step away ... a bureaucratic step.

Although I have had a Colombian driver's license for more than 10 years, a theoretical and practical test is required in Germany, so: As soon as the project started, I started learning all 800 questions. After I passed it, I also took the practical test. And the Platónika got its approval from the TüV. Both she and I did an excellent job of the paperwork.

The Platónika have registered to replace their old, rusty PX frame, along with their performance improvements, but the license plate was still missing. And the day before my exam, it looked like this:

So my hope for a ride was gone.

However, Alex and the work team surprised me, they had taken care of the details to pick me up on the day of the exam.

Platónika's construction took almost a year. Every single step has been filmed, the pandemic and so on and so on has prolonged the process, but the long-awaited day has finally come.

6 Ready to roll Vespa bgm Platónika project by Scooter Center


But this story doesn't end here. The next will be to get to know the European scene. And I'll try out all the TOP components she got. A wide variety of adventures and tests are filmed and told here.

Let's hope that these strange times of social distancing will come to an end soon, and we can bring back the lost hugs, shared routes and contact with the asphalt, and we can live out that passion again.

See you on the way!

Maryzabel & Platónika

Platonic parts