Clutch cover bgm PRO Superstrong for Vespa Largeframe (PX & Co.) – CNC machined

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It is questionable how long the supply of spare parts from Piaggio will be secured for some components. Unfortunately, the quality of the clutch cover from the original manufacturer has also fluctuated in recent years.

The clutch covers from LML were sometimes a resilient alternative, but unfortunately there is LML no more. and various attempts by other companies can be smiled at as a well-intentioned interpretation. The manufacturers Ramp and Silking should definitely be avoided here. Apart from the basic material, these clutch covers have nothing in common with the original.

Based on this drive, we have dedicated ourselves to creating our own clutch cover.


Specifications were that the cover, as always with many of our own developments, can be used with original parts and shows further improvements.

The clutch cover for Largeframe from BGM PRO Superstrong CNC therefore fits all couplings currently available on the market. Whether with 6 springs or 7 springs of the old design or the latest models with 4-disc CR pad material and enlarged CNC clutch basket.

One of the reasons was that the bar in the clutch cover had to be removed if the original cover for the CNC clutches had to be machined. Therefore, the BGM PRO SUPERSTORNG clutch cover has an adapted contour that allows the web again and thus supports the oil supply for the separator and the protected Ultralube principle of the bgm Superstrong clutches.

The inner contour was therefore determined and defined very quickly. A bigger challenge, however, was determining the position of the bleed screw.

The worldwide scooter riders network keeps hearing reports that the engines are pushing out oil through the vent screw. So we thought about whether there was a better position for the vent. Always under the condition that it fits on an original vehicle. The first attempt was to orientate the hole with the direction of rotation. A fatal misconception.

Although the slanted hole is in the opposite direction to the oil, significantly more oil is pumped out of the vent here.

After testing three alternative positions and designing the bore channels, we are almost back to the original position of the vent. However, the hole is located further out in the cover at a slightly different angle and therefore does not get as much of the flung oil. With this position it was possible to move a 221cc Malossi MHR engine with more than 9500rpm permanently with an oil filling quantity of 500ml without the oil being pushed out through the vent screw.

As a variant, there are also clutch covers for the older ones Largeframe models. Here the clutch cover is higher to create space for a PX clutch.

The old engine housings of the VNA to VGLB engines with their flat clutches are flatter in size than a Sprint or PX engine housing - the sealing surface for the clutch cover on the VNA to VGLB engines is therefore practically closer to the crankshaft. This residue is compensated by the BGM PRO SUPERSTRONG clutch cover and thus offers the advantage of using a normal PX clutch on these engines.

 Due to the dimensional adjustment in the clutch cover, there is no risk of the rear tire rubbing against the clutch cover. Due to the flat motor housing, there is enough space for the tire wall.

The matching clutch arm for the BGM PRO clutch cover has a double O-ring seal and the option of hanging the clutch cable in a position for shortened lever travel.

The inner position on the clutch arm is intended for the use of adjustable clutch levers on the handlebars, as these levers pull less than, for example, the standard lever on a PX.

The coupling arm is already provided with all clearances that are required for the use of reinforced couplings.

When manufacturing the clutch cover, we initially opted for CNC production from solid material. This means that we always have control over the material used and access to the material certificate. The high-strength material used and the CNC production, we can guarantee very low tolerances and consistent quality.

If you are now curious, you have to be patient. The final acceptance of the samples has been confirmed and we expect the delivery date to be in 2022.

Complete with clutch arm, the clutch cover will be under €200.

We will provide you with more information at the start of sales in the blog and in the shop.

Have a good trip