Clutch pinion BGM pro Vespa Cosa2, Vespa PX


Clutch pinion -BGM PRO- Vespa PX, Vespa Cosa 2, with 23 teeth and 24 teeth

From now on we have new ones for you Vespa clutch pinion bgm PRO in program.

14.10.2014 059


The pinions meet the highest quality standards

We attached great importance to the selection of the material, the production and the final remuneration and testing of the pinions.


15.10.2014 020

Vespa pinion with 23 teeth and 24 teeth available


At the moment we can provide you with the pinions 23 teeth and 24 teeth, suitable for that Primary gear of the PX200 with 65 teeth.

BGM6524S (3)


So that the annoying counting of the teeth is no longer necessary and it is clear which primary gear the pinions fit on, we have provided our clutch pinions with clear identification.

Superstrong clutch with new pinions

Of course we have bgm Superstrong clutch 23 teeth and 24 teeth already upgraded with our new pinions.



Vespa gear ratio

In the graph below and the associated table, we have the possible variants of the translation shown.

The combination of the primary 24/65 and a short one fourth gear of the T5-125 with 36 teeth is particularly interesting for drivers of High torque
Engine concepts with BigBox exhaust systems and the Polini 221 and Malossi 221. With this translation can the top speed increases and
the gangway connection from gang3 to gang4 can be made crisper.

RED: 23/65 - gear 4 - 35 teeth // GREEN: 24/65 - gear 4 - 36 teeth


bgm 23 bgm 24

Tab bgm 24 bgm 24



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