Clutch puller and clutch compressor BGM PRO Vespa Largeframe, Smallframe

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The clutch tool for Vespa

Our new clutch tool is also a clutch puller for the Vespa Largeframe and a clutch compressor for large and Smallframe. This super small and practical helper in Workshop quality should not be missing in any vehicle tool kit or workshop!

Fast, safe and gentle dismantling even of stuck couplings!

bgm clutch puller clutch puller (15)

The so-called 6- and 7-spring clutches of the Vespa Largeframe Models are still attached with a castle nut.

Often, however, this screw connection is not up to the power transmission.
This often results in the crescent wedge shearing off and the clutch hub twisting on the crankshaft. “Secured” in this way on the stub shaft, the entire clutch cannot be easily detached from the crankshaft as usual after opening the castle nut, but in most cases offers bitter resistance.

Tip: Should you continue to drive one of the 6- or 7-spring clutches, you can attach the clutch our special nut with hexagon head use. Handling is much easier and safer than the conventional castle nut.

Clutch puller for Vespa Largeframe

Our bgm PRO puller convinces even very unruly clutches and makes it easier to remove.

bgm clutch puller clutch puller (2)

The usual use of heavy equipment, large levers that damage the sealing surface for the clutch cover, or even the processing or destruction of the entire clutch with massive use of tools, is no longer necessary.

The puller off high strength steel engages in the clutch basket, wedges itself securely there and pulls the clutch hub off the shaft.

bgm clutch puller clutch puller (17)

Clutch compressor for Vespa Smallframe and Largeframe

The little helper can also be used as a Clutch compressor for changing the linings and springs for Largeframe and Smallframe Use couplings.

bgm clutch puller clutch puller 002

Thanks to its small design, the practical tool fits in every overhead locker. We no longer drive without ...


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