Clutch spring bgm Pro XL for bgm Superstrong clutches

From now on everyone will bgm Superstrong clutches with our new bgm Pro clutch springs equipped.

Of course, the bgm Pro XL springs also fit into all common Cosa clutches from Piaggio, MMW and Newfren.

The springs are made in Germany from the material Oteva70®, a material that is specially designed for high dynamic loads, blocking resistance and high frequencies.
Due to its properties, the material is usually used in high-quality valve and suspension springs.

In the case of the Vespa clutch, this means:

- practically no tendency to fatigue, the tension of the bgm Pro spring remains constant.

- bgm Pro springs are block stable. This means that even if the spring is repeatedly compressed to such an extent that all coils lie on top of one another, the spring returns to its original length when the load is removed.
The preload is retained.

Our bgm Superstrong clutch, equipped with bgm springs, is also resistant Largeframe Motors that deliver over 25Nm of torque to the road surface via the rear wheel.


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