ContiMove365 roller winter tires available

contimove365 Vespa

ContiMove365 Roller Winter Tire is now with Scooter Center delivery

With the new ContiMove365 Scooterists get a balanced, sporty and reliable tire that is also optically great all year round!

ContiMove365 scooter winter tires Vespa

ContiMove365 - The All season tires with the reliable grip behavior.

  • Due to the M + S marking according to the StVO, it is also approved for winter operation.
  • Deep-reaching pairs of sipes for secure grip on wet and snow-covered roads.
  • Exemplary water displacement through wide drainage grooves.
  • Excellent cold running performance for the best grip behavior even when used for short distances thanks to the innovative silica mixture.
  • Both sporty and comfortable driving behavior.
  • Optimized rolling resistance.

ContiMove365 roller winter tires - from now on at Scooter Center available:

Deep link to your new winter scooter tire:
ContiMove365 3.50 - 10 M / C 59 M TL M + S
ContiMove365 100/80 - 10 M / C 53 P TL M + S
ContiMove365 120/70 - 10 M / C 54 M TL M + S
ContiMove365 120/90 - 10 M / C 57 P TL M + S
ContiMove365 120/70 - 12 M / C 58 P TL M + S
ContiMove365 130/70 - 12 M / C 62 P TL M + S
ContiMove365 130/60 - 13 M / C 60 P TL M + S

Further dimensions will follow in 2014.

The ContiMove365 scooter winter tires are available at Scooter Center.


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