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Evo retrofit electric scooter

Evo Retrofit

Hated & bashed by die-hard 2-stroke fans, enthusiasm increases among those who were allowed to test drive them - we're talking about classic Vespa scooters, which are equipped with electric motors from EvoRetrofit Scooter Center Open day for test drives were available.

EvoRetrovit has managed to design an electric motor that fits plug & play into the original frame of a classic Vespa - and that with a TÜV certificate! An old 50 with 45 km / h approval can then even drive 55 km / h with the new drive. The batteries are removable and easy to charge at home or in the garage.

Interview video with test drives and visitor comments on the electric Vespa

Electric Vespa from ÉvoRetrofit at Scooter Center OpenDay Interview | Test | voices

Evo retrofit electric scooter


The évo conversion kit for the Smallframe-Vespa is the first Electrical conversion kit with TÜV. Available in a complete kit for many models. The conversion is easy and reversible, the frame is not destroyed, everything fits plug & play! The team is currently working on a version for the Largeframe-Models: prices, dates and more Info wanted ?